Dashcam Video CLAIMS to Show Tactical Nuke Detonation in Ukraine

Dashcam Video CLAIMS to Show Tactical Nuke Detonation in Ukraine


From Hal Turner. It LOOKS as if it is in Ukraine and the Russian voice says “vzryv” (explosion). I don’t know what the FIRST explosion refers to.

Video below was uploaded to Bitchute today purporting to be dashcam footage from Ukraine, allegedly showing the detonation of a SECOND tactical nuclear bomb. 

In the video, ANOTHER mushroom cloud, seen to the right, was ALLEGEDLY detonated just prior to the bright, white, 8 second long flash, seen during the purported SECOND detonation to the left.

There is no doubt that the bright, white, flash lasts about eight full seconds.  Whatever exploded, and wherever the explosion took place, it was clearly a massive blast.   

But at this time I cannot confirm this took place in Ukraine.  I cannot confirm this took place today.   I cannot confirm any aspect of the video — at all.

Given the military situation in and around Ukraine, readers should draw their own conclusions as to the validity of this video.


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Ukraine Nuked? China Shows A “Mushroom Cloud” Over This Region In Moon Rover Background Image

Why has China put a Mushroom Cloud Over The region of Ukraine on the Background Image for it’s Moon Rover? With all the tensions surrounding this area of Ukraine right now, it makes one wonder if China is telegraphing a future event like this. After closely comparing the region to Google Maps, The Mushroom cloud looks to be coming from the exact region of Ukraine! Even if it didn’t start there, it’s rather obvious the explosion ring on the ground covers Ukraine and the Black Sea! You can see the other bodies of water up to that point. Is this China’s Subtle Warning as what is to come on the World Stage in the not too distant future?

One thought on “Dashcam Video CLAIMS to Show Tactical Nuke Detonation in Ukraine

  1. this is all miss information and fake news, that first video is an old one not even related to ukraine and the second one is so obesely fake that i wonder why its on this site at all, all the people that made this article brain dead or something? all this article does is spreading fear and miss information

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