Death and injury at Wellington hospital from the vax

Death and injury at Wellington hospital from the vax

In New Zealand the censorship of information about those who have died or injured from the Pfizer mRNA jab is so complete we have no reliable data to go by so we have to rely on anecdote.

This story, related to me by a friend parallels a similar story coming from Newcastle, NSW Hospital and is shocking.

As this is happening people are being told elsewhere in the same hospital they have to be vaccinated if they have a condition like cancer because “their immunity is low”.

The evil of this is hard to understand and that there should be people who follow orders and partake in such evil.

My source (whose identity is protected) had a conversation with a neighbour and asked how she was.The neighbour, a nurse,  said she had been really busy.

“With covid” she asked.

“No, the vaccinated

She said it was so busy that people were queuing outside, down the ramp because there was not enough room for people to be seated.

Nurses were going round to check why they were there

90% were there for chest and heart related conditions and were vaccinated.

She related that a surgeon had collapsed whilst doing surgery. When they took him for x-rays he died on the x-ray table.

Another anaesthetist had another adverse effect but did not die.

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