Deaths in New Zealand are up 20% in 2022

Deaths in New Zealand are up 20% in 2022

I have not been sure who Peter Halligan is, other than he writes an interesting substack. He describes himself thus:

Global traveller, retired earliest opportunity, anthropogenic climate change denier, hater of socialism and fan of as small a government and least taxes as possible.

Fast take on Ardern’s legacy to New Zealand – a cull of the over 60’s – two thirds of those male – NOT saving grandma and killing grandpa?

Using data from the below, I thought I’d have a play around with the mortality data:

You can find the statistics HERE

The number of annualized deaths in 2022 (annualizing the data to September 2022) is a whopping 20% higher than the annual average number of deaths over the 2015 to 2019, pre-pandemic period.

2021 was just 6.5% and 2020 was lower than the prior 5 year 2015-2019 calendar year average.

A few caveats that may or may not have a material impact on the findings.

1.      I calculated the annual average number of deaths per cohort for the five calendar years 2015-2019 and used the annual average as a benchmark.

2.      I annualized the data to September 2022

3.      I expressed results in 3 distinct periods – 2020, the first year of C19, with no injections, 2021 the rapid roll-out of injections with C19 present and 2022, the year of fully injected  with C19 present.

4.      These are not age standardized mortality rates per 100,000 (or person years) in each cohort or at the total level.

5.      The benchmark includes the 51 killed in the Christchurch mosques on 15 March 2019.

Using data from here, there were 30 C19 deaths in New Zealand in 2020,  29 in calendar year 2021 there were 2,900 to 30 September 2022 and 3,500 for the full 2022 calendar year.

So, having said, here is a summary table of how 4 high levels age cohorts fared during the whole period of the pandemic by gender. For New Zealand’s population of 5 million (multiply these numbers by around 68 to get to US equivalents (

For example, the total increase in deaths over the 2015-2019 period would be around 544,000 more deaths in the US – compared to 1.1 million deaths (mis-)classified as C19 deaths amongst around 1.5 million extra deaths over the pandemic period in the US.

The first question that leaps out is “how many were prioritized for C19 injections and died with 28 days of being injected?” – note that, according to NZ government and Pfizer “officials”, injections of New Zealanders do not take effect for 28 days, so any deaths or injuries occurring within those 28 days are not due to the injection.

More than 90% of deaths reported to VAERS occur within 28days – malicious fraud by the NZ government and Pfizer “officials”.

Back to the table, females under 60 saw a marginally positive reduction in deaths over the full 3 year period of the pandemic compared to the average annual number of deaths over the pre-pandemic period of 2015-2019.

Males under 60 saw higher numbers of deaths than females, though not significantly so over the full 3 years compared to the pre-pandemic 5 year period.

Significant increases in the numbers of deaths occurred in the over 60’s with older males suffering particularly badly.

Over the three year period of the pandemic (with the annualization of the 9 months of 2022), New Zealand suffered more than 8,000 more deaths than during the annual average of the 5 years preceding the pandemic.

Almost two-third of the deaths that were higher than the 2015-2019 annualized average were males.

(Note, New Zealand was taking around 60,000 immigrants a year during the 5 year benchmark period prior to the pandemic).

For you data “wonks” out there, here is the base data, recast over age cohort and sex, together with the 2015-2019 benchmark calculation.

First the ladies:

Now the gentleman:

And the total (assuming that there are none of the other 57 genders hidden elsewhere in the official data set).



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