Deaths in New Zealand

Deaths in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fascinating real-world experiment on vaccine safety.

After locking themselves out from the rest of the world and thereby strictly eliminating Covid as a variable, they went about with a mass vaccination campaign.

What did we learn?

Well, not very unexpectedly they had a surge in all-cause mortality in the 60+ cohort that almost perfectly correlates with vaccine delivery intensity. More jabs = more deaths and fewer jabs = fewer deaths.

It deserves to be looked into more carefully, but responses from New Zealand’s health authorities indicates that maybe they don’t have any such interest.

No surprise there.

Further, we’re being “trickle truthed” as the world comes to the realization that not only don’t two jabs work very well against omicron, but neither do three jabs and now four jabs.

While the U.S. mainstream media still hews to a stale campaign of trying to whip up more concern and fear over omicron, even the CDC has had to admit that omicron is a lot less deadly and far milder than delta.

The narrative is now fully shredded, but the agenda marches on.

But for how much longer?

People are waking up and the first large demonstration in the U.S. is planned for Jan 23 from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln memorial. Begins at 11:30 a.m. EST.


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2 thoughts on “Deaths in New Zealand

  1. I looked further into the all-cause mortality for the over 60s and, not surprisingly, the curve of deaths shows roughly the same trajectory every year. It so happens that the over 60s vaccinations peaked around the same time as their deaths normally peak. The correlation is thus not causation. It’s really sad that so many people desperate to find the ultimate proof that vaccinations are deadly were taken in by this blatant cherry picking (why not look at other years, why not look at other age groups?) and did not feel the need to look into this further.

    1. Why don’t you present your evidence?
      But then, if i think you might be who I think you are (and not some ordianry Mike off the streets) then you never ever feel the need for that – EVER.

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