Debbie Sane Progressive’s final rant

Debbie Sane Progressive’s final rant


If you’re going to have a revolution 

let it be the Revolution of the Mind,

to be able to think outside of the lies and the constructs 

that they have baptized into the public & citizenry 

infected like a virus 

so that we literally do not have the ability 

to think outside the way we are directed.

We are in a Cage of our minds right now.

And you break the Cage of the mind 

and you break the lie, 

The whole thing stops! 

It is that simple!

It’s that simple. 

—Debbie Sane Progressive

Debbie’s Last Rant: 7/6/2018: 

The control of language. “Like a virus”. #SaneProgressive This was Debbie’s final rant which she Livestreamed months after announcing. she was quitting. I think it is amazingly prescient and speaks to the problems we are facing today. 

Here is the full 1hr version, with no added music and minimal effects.

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