Deconstructing the presidential “debate”

Deconstructing the presidential “debate”

 This was a pretty good assessment of last night’s unpresidential debate.  Yes, it was extremely undignified.  Trump is a four-mouthed boor who lies in a way that self-aggrandising narcissists do.  But, listening to VP Joe Biden I would say that he is a Living Lie.

I have compassion with anyone who is suffering from the early stages of dementia but he has no business standing for president.

It remains a mystery why they chose a dotard as candidate when they could have chosen someone like Bloomberg who, at least, still has his marbles.

It all reminds me of the dying days of the Soviet Union when Brezhnev was so far gone he did not know which city he was in. When he died he was succeeded by Andropov who died within months of kidney disease only to be succeeded by Chernenko, who went on to die within months.  The CPSU went on to choose a young Gorbachev who went on to preside over the final collapse.

This undignified spectacle is the very stuff of collapse.


Today on TruNews, we discuss the aftermath of the first presidential debate and the key moments which contributed to the battle of belittlement and baseless insults which now characterizes America’s public discourse. We also address the question of whether Joe Biden cheated, with an illegal ear piece, crease-like wire, or snake like-rosary. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 09/30/2020

From the Duran

To watch broadcast GO HERE

Debate Recap: Trump, Wallace…and Joe 

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