Del Bigtree demonstrates how to deal with weasel presstitute

Del Bigtree demonstrates how to deal with weasel presstitute

Del Bigtree, with his usual panache, showed how you deal with a young, wet-behind-the-ears, weasel presstitute who goes on, having been trounced in the conversation goes on to  write a hit piece.


In the wake of another hit piece on Del, we’re sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how Business Insider reporter, Tom Porter, gathered information for his article. How much due diligence did he do? The answer may be surprising.

See the full interview here.

Watch what really happened when Del overwhelmed a mainstream reporter bent on writing a slanted piece on Del and the Informed Consent Action Network.

Here is Porter’s published article

How a New York billionaire-funded anti-vax group is contributing to the vaccine hesitancy that’s crippling the US recovery

  • The Informed Consent Action Network is one of the most influential anti-vax groups in the world.
  • The group has brokered ties with far-right Trump supporters in recent months.
  • It’s bankrolled by the New York philanthropist and billionaire Bernard Selz.

As part of his bid to encourage Fox News viewers to question the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, Tucker Carlson in June praised the work of an obscure campaign group named the Informed Action Consent Network, or ICAN.

ICAN is seen by many as a more extreme – and dangerous – organization that Carlson’s description let on.

It was one of the figures on the so-called “disinformation dozen” list cited by President Joe Biden’s administration as the main sources for anti-vaccination disinformation online, which Biden has called on Big Tech to combat.

ICAN is particularly notable, experts say, because it has actively courted conservatives and supporters of former President Donald Trump, whom multiple studies have shown to be the most reluctant to trust the shot.

Since being founded three years ago, the group has waged a media, legal, and online campaign to hammer home the theory that the damage caused by vaccines is being systematically suppressed.

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