Devastating news from Wuhan, China

Devastating news from Wuhan, China

now I am feeling great compassion for the Chinese people – not so
much for the government.

There is more to come.

of medical staff 

in Wuhan – many 

died,no one is removing 

order on 

verge of collapse

Via Godlike Productions,

January, 2020

speaker, will do my best to translate. If all of the pictures and
videos circulating on social media are true, (have contacts in
mainland that saw even small third tier city had suspected case,
emergency personnel in hazmat suit putting patient in ambulance )this
is a massive cover up and a humanitarian crisis on an extreme
scale… the world needs to know what’s really going on to help the
affected innocent citizens.


status of our medical staffs: afraid of changing protective
clothings, from noon to 9PM, everyone is scared of eating, drinking,
or use the bathroom in fear of taking off protective gears, everyone
is wearing their last set of protective gear, resources are very
scarce and almost depleted! Medical personnel are protecting Wuhan!
Whom will protect the medical personnel!


are on the verge of collapsing, outpatient department filled with
patients, some kneeled down on the floor and begging us to save them,
but right now there is no special medication to treat this virus,
individual can only survive with fighting with his/her own immune
system, our protective gears have been completed depleted, protective
cloth, face mask, hat, glove, full face mask, goggle have all been


has no high up in charge, not enough medical supplies, haven’t
eaten all day, many people died and no one is collecting/removing
corpses, no internet nor call signal, any doctors tried to quit will
have medical license revoked, what kind of fucking human would do
this!(implying doctor would lose license as punishment I think?)
Right now, my wife, sister, and coworkers are all at the verge of
collapsing/giving up/don’t know what to do, only doctors allowed
going home for Chinese New Year are emergency room doctors, Fifth
municipal hospital of Wuhan! Understand that everyone is celebrating
Chinese New Year, don’t want to bother you all, but, this situation
matters to every one, we don’t need people’s
encouragement/condolences, we need the whole country to know what’s
really going on in Wuhan!


all fighting colleagues, the current social order in Wuhan is on the
verge of collapsing, some infected patients have started attacking
hospital staffs in desperation, if anyone has any way to
informed/contact higher up, my suggestion is to send in military to
maintain hospital and social orders.


will take responsibility for the information I am sharing.


am begging everyone to please help citizens of Wuhan! I am a nurse,
my husband has been infected, what has been reported by news is
completely different from what’s really happening!!! My husband has
had fever for 8 days without improvement, CT scan is showing
noticeable infection of lungs! In the past 8 days, I’ve tried every
possible connections I have across all Wuhan hospitals’ colleagues,
but no one will admit my husband! Higher up informed all doctors to
deny acceptance of patient into hospital! Denied testing for the

Denied confirmation of patients whom have been infected! And
asked all medical staffs to sign Non-disclosure Agreement! I have
suffered massive emotional drain in the past 8 days. Hospital won’t
admit husband and too afraid to go home, going from hospital to
hospital in hope anyone would admit my husband! No one would admit
that he’s infected with the virus! I am almost on the verge of
giving up myself, fear that I won’t be able to handle it any
longer! Going from hospital to hospital, no open bed, medical staffs
overworked and still not enough, finally was able to get into
emergency department, but there is no bed/available staff or beds!
Still more patients are being transported in, sick or not sick all
congregated at the same place, everyone will be infected, if this
continue, everyone will die!!!!


cronoavirus# my aunt’s was placed on a bed in Hankou hospital since
yesterday noon, hospital is not letting anyone into the hospital
morgue, relatives have to contact funeral services and disinfect

passing last night at 1030PM, we’ve contacted funeral services, it
is 1PM today and they still have not came to transport her body,
because there is only one available that’s going around the whole
city collecting the deceased!! 

Because this is the only one that has
the capacity to disinfect !! Yesterday alone transported 50 corpses
!! Going from hospital to hospital to collect bodies!! My heart is so
broken, infected collapses and died and there is no one removing
them, hospital refusing to let anyone into the morgue, when can we
give them a proper burial. I am really scared myself too, dead bodies
just left on beds, temperature inside the hospital is high, more
people will be infected, this situation is definitely not just my
aunt’s family, hospital is the biggest infected place!!!!!! Us
little citizens are the most pitiful, no body will take us in, and
have no idea what to do!!!!!

to op from someone below: Just received news that my aunt jumped off
a building and killed herself, just happened now. She contracted the
coronavirus, but no hospital would admit her because there’s no
bed, just prescribed her some medications and come back to check
later, but she’s having serve breathing problem……….

translate videos when I get home later.

am not trying to spread misinformation, I merely translated these, so
make your own judgement…given I have people I care about residing
in China, I have to look at this as the worst case scenario and
prepared them the best I can whether these information circulating
social media are true or hysteria or fake. If anyone want proof, I
can upload face masks receipt purchased last few days (~200) as well
as postal office receipt showing they are enroute to China.

my two cents and hope more people can see the truth for themselves
and help the poor souls infected and unaware of the situation in

about the long post.

speed to everyone dealing with this unfortunate event….

is actively deleting posts now. You can see it in real time.

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