We can see it coming towards us like a freight train.

Eventually the unvaccinated will not be welcome anywhere, all in the name of protecting the health system.

A “vaccinated economy” is being prepared which will aim to “lock out” dissenting voices and choices


  1. All lies…from the start. This is not a pandemic, and never has been, its a plandemic, orchestrated by governments – bankers… globally. $$$. Many, many decades of dumbing down society globally… MSM, government propaganda, brainwashing, mind-control …and here we are…what a mess…people cannot think for themselves any longer…well done governments – msm. Mission accomplished. Same mess here in Canada… just self-absorbed, brain dead zombies , sheep all around me. This will not change unless we rise up, so if you really love, and/or want freedom you have 2 choices –  non-compliance or fight back with controlled anger, organized violence because its only going to get worse….look around…its here, NO freedom. Its now us, free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector, small business, libertarian’s …vs them, rats, snitches’, Karen’s, all people in government = PS parasites, unions = police = bylaw… all lying scum bags…$$$…Wake up, rise up, unite free thinkers, freedom lovers, private sector…unite, plan, train, mma, boxing, guns, weapons…fight back or else.


    So go get the vax, get 3, 5, 10, 20 jabs…the more the better you sheep, zombies…and wear your mouth diaper, all day long, in bed, while driving, walking…lollllllllll….all the power to you, but do the rest of us a favour, F off, mind your own business if we decide not to. My body, my choice…your body, your choice…makes sense hey rats, snitches, you government cunts?…now F off….leave us alone…we want nothing to do with you people period. This government = banking controlled shutdown is not ending folks, why? UN – Agenda 21/30, NWO, The great reset…IMF, WHO, central bankers / planners…go do some research …all planned. The lowest of the low in society, just greedy $$$ braindead orders takers… = police = military = all governments = bylaw = doctors = nurses = teachers …..greedy public sector parasites, ps unions…just follow the money folks. They do not care, as they ALL get full pay in government to screw with us daily…while they close our business, fine us, put us in jail, bankrupt us, gut the private sector, remove all rights, lock us in our house… This is a complete government = police takeover, plain and simple – getting rid of cash, surveillance state, digital currency, tracking everything we do, no privacy, no freedom, no property rights…. Control, control – governments now running everything moving forward.


    You want freedom? Then fight for it. Its the only way. Find like-minded people asap, and lots of them. Solution’s ? Well many…here are a few…1 – Eliminate most government = less problems…no debt, no stress, no fake lockdowns, no plandemics…a healthy private sector, an open free market…freedom, free speech…GUNS and lots… 2 – Time to bring back weekly public hangings…on Sundays, it would be fun…sell tickets, pay down/off the debt…would sell out weekly…every week we get to watch several of these scum bags in government = police hang…lolllllllllll., lots of fun, joy, sunshine…drinks, BBQ…all positive…lollll.. 3 – Rise up, wake up, unite, large, very, very large groups, organize, plan, buy guns, lots…be real MEN, women, fight back against the real enemy here = governments = police = bylaw = MSM…,they created and are enforcing all of this scam, fraud, shutdown, lie… arms out, train daily, mma training, boxing, bats, weapons, guns, ammo, lots…do not comply…FIGHT back…My body, my choice, F off lying scum bags. Revolution calling. Breathe MF = heal…check out of the system…or fight back.

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