Did a Chinese Spymaster Defect?

Did a Chinese Spymaster Defect?

I am starting to warm to N.J. Nyquist.

He is a deep thinker and I think it would be a mistake to ignore what he has to say.

Much of his ideas come from his interactions with Soviet defectors and I am still dubious about their claims which, in my mind gives far too much credit to the effectiveness of the Soviet KGB.

However, I am more open to looking at information that is contrary to my previously-held beliefs.

Conventional methodology tends to regard a secret source as reliable if the information it provides is broadly compatible with other information openly available; conversely, a source reporting information that conflicts with the generally accepted view of the situation in the communist world may be discounted or rejected. In the absence of disinformation, this methodology would be valid. But the Shelepin Report of May 1959 marked the introduction of a systematic program of disinformation.


On 16 June a prominent U.S.-based Chinese dissident, Han Lianchao, passed along a rumor that Dong Jingwei, vice minister at China’s Ministry of State Security, had defected to the United States. The next day, Conservative media RedState claimed that Dong Jingwei had indeed defected to the Defense Intelligence Agency with information on COVID-19’s origins. China officially denies these reports and rumors. What is the truth behind this alleged defection? Here is my discussion with Cliff Kincaid on the subject.

Infiltrator – noun, a person who secretly becomes part of a group in order to get information or to influence the way the group thinks or behaves.



They look like you. They talk like you. It is assumed that they think like you. Only they are nothing like you. They are the infiltrators. Their job is to infiltrate an agency, a political party, a medical lab, or the White House. In fact, our society has been infiltrated at many levels; but who bothers to notice? Some infiltrators are assigned to approach important people: businessmen, politicians, broadcasters, high-level bureaucrats. If the person in question is important enough, infiltrators come up from the floorboards, through the ceiling, and from the four walls. It is infiltration by encirclement.

The infiltrator can be an FBI asset, a political operative, or a spy sent by a foreign intelligence service. There might even be infiltrators who are all three at once. While you go about your business, working for a better America, for fair and free elections, for truth in government, etc., the infiltrator has a different agenda. Aside from winning your confidence, the infiltrator is assessing your weaknesses, your gullibility, your knowledge. The infiltrator wants to know your level of situational awareness. In terms of assessing the ground, he wants to know three things:

  • Is there something you would cheat or lie for?
  • Can you be flattered or bribed?
  • What lies are you ready to swallow?

It is this latter point that they play off of; for if they know your blind spots, and they know what kind of information you are looking for, they can play to your biases. An infiltrator will feed you information for which you are grateful. But it is information that will either discredit you in the eyes of others, compromise you, waste your time, or lead you into danger.

When crafting a false narrative, the infiltrator does not work alone. He is supported by a network of experts and advisors. To attain credibility, the infiltrator also works with other infiltrators; that is to say, they work in groups or teams. They know that people will trust and believe a narrative that comes from multiple sources. Confirmation bias does the rest.

According to Wikipedia, confirmation bias “is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.” Confirmation bias includes “ignoring contrary information.” There is also another phenomenon which is more subtle. It is the feedback loop. When disinformation is passed by an infiltrator and people reject it, the infiltrator mirrors the disapproval registered by others and retreats. The unaccepted disinformation is then reshaped or repackaged in a way that the target audience will accept.

The greatest obstacle to the infiltrator is an honest person. There is an old saying that “you cannot cheat an honest man.” From the point of view of the infiltrator, there are two types of people: (1) there are people who think and ask questions because they care about the truth; (2) there are people who do not care about the truth, who willingly set questions aside, thinking only of personal gain. The infiltrator prefers the second type to the first.

The annoying child who asks his mother “why?” is trying to understand the world. The same thing can be said about adults who are always asking questions. The infiltrator does not like probing questions. Instead, the infiltrator creates a thick fog around himself. Everyone in the vicinity of an infiltrator thinks they know what is going on; but nobody can really make sense of it. The infiltrator likes obfuscation and sowing seeds of suspicion. The infiltrator wants to make people distrustful. Best to make them trust only the infiltrator and those who have joined the infiltrator’s team.

It is the policy of the infiltrator to kick truth-seekers to the curb. A great deal that happens in modern politics can be explained by a process that weeds out inquisitive, honest, and intelligent people. Thus, the infiltrator relies on teamwork. Infiltrators come not as single spies, but in battalions. Each works from a different angle. They pour the same lies into everyone’s ear. They initiate whispering campaigns. They invent derogatory information and assessments of inquisitive, honest, and intelligent people. They might attack the inquisitive person’s qualifications, loyalty, judgment, or sobriety. A bad word from two or three infiltrators and the inquisitive, honest, and intelligent people are not hired. They are not listened to. They are, in the end, ostracized. Who then gets hired? The unquestioning, dishonest, shallow people – the very raw material of the Deep State.

There is a curious sociological phenomenon that happens when a team of infiltrators goes to work. The target of their infiltration – whether it is the Oval Office or an intelligence agency – is gradually filled with unquestioning, dishonest, shallow people. It is no accident that most of America’s top officials fit this description. We saw, for example, General Mark Milley’s disgusting performance in Congress the other day. When questioned about indoctrinating the armed forces with Critical Race Theory, he forcefully asserted that Capitol Hill was stormed last January 6 by “thousands of people” trying to “overthrow the Constitution” because of “white rage.”

General Milley’s fawning defense of the Pentagon’s Marxist left drew the following commentary from Tucker Carlson: “He’s not just a pig, he’s stupid.” To be more precise in our analysis, General Milley bears the markings of someone beholden to infiltrators; for he blithely repeats enemy propaganda intended to divide and demoralize our country and armed forces; and he does so unthinkingly, knowing that his past promotions were obtained by a likeminded obsequiousness. It is a special kind of stupid to wear the uniform, with four stars on each shoulder, and mouth a communist mass line narrative. The question must be: Who promoted, from rank to rank, this four-star stooge?

The infiltrator’s job is to promote the incompetent, the obsequious and the cowardly. We all remember the slogan, “It takes a village.” In this case, “It takes a useful idiot.” The character of this sort of person is neither competent, outspoken, or brave. The infiltrator knows who to launch a whispering campaign against, who to praise and where to cast suspicion. If a person has a weakness for money, if his ego needs a boost, if he harbors inappropriate ambitions, the infiltrator can hook him, and reel him in.

Our society has been easy to infiltrate. This infiltration has produced, over many years, a peculiar moral deformity in our ruling class. Those who have an outwardly plausible appearance, but are without inner substance, tend to rise. Those who have principles, who tell the truth, are – all too often – the odd man out. We wonder why the country’s problems are not dealt with properly, why warnings are not taken, why the good guys always seem to lose. Well, I think – we need to look for the infiltrators. Yes, they are there. In fact, they are everywhere.


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