Did Pauline Schneider get sick of waiting for extinction?

Did Pauline Schneider get sick of waiting for extinction?

Quos Deus vult perdere, prius dementat

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad


I just got off watching 90 minutes of TruNews talking about the rank stupidity of the Left.

I do admit that if you play Russian roulette you have five chances out of six of surviving, the difference being, unlike with an experimental mRNA vaccine, if you don’t repeat the experiment the odds remain the same.

If you want to be stupid that’s your right and is best kept private. Flaunting it in a selfie video has a name.

Getting my first Covid19 Moderna vaccine at Walmart Pharmacy in Rutland Vermont. Quick. Painless. Will keep you posted on after-effects if any.
To whit.
Guy McPherson thinks people are stupid if they don’t follow him

7 thoughts on “Did Pauline Schneider get sick of waiting for extinction?

  1. I asked “Hambone Littletail” if doomers were really doomers if they took the shot. He gave a witty response which indicates to me that no matter how unpleasant he is, he still has a brain. Unlike this woman – I am sure the Prof must have taken it. He has moved al around the world and the US like some bewitched puppy. Look at the nutty way her eyes glare at you from behind the Love Mask. Pauline Project Love! LOL

  2. She posted on her channel – still no after effects! I pointed out that her body will be producing spike proteins for the rest of her life so there is plenty of time – I also put a link to this paper which argues that it is the spike protein which causes all the problems especially in the brain. No doubt my comment will be deleted and I’ll be classed as a hater. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33053430/

    1. No doubt! All of us who are not sychophants are traitors, liars or haters. We are in good company because, amongst others, Peter Wadhams is on this list.

  3. McPherson is like the pathetic professor in von Sternberg’s “The Blue Angel”, sucked up into a vortex of chaos where the rational mind is no longer in the pilot’s seat.

  4. The problem here is that his dogmatic dismissal of the lab leak hypothesis is itself unscientific. If you want to see a rational scientific assessment which casts doubt on the zoonotic argument, listen to Bret Weinstein for an example of it. Moreover, this dismissal objectively puts McPherson on the side of those scientists who may have been corrupted in their pursuit of or defence of dual-use gain-of-function research, in contrast to his stance against Michael Mann, for example, on abrupt climate change.

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