Digital Papers Please! Global Vaccine Passport Coming in 2023

Digital Papers Please! Global Vaccine Passport Coming in 2023

Rick Wiles has some important news headlines to share with you today, plus a new perspective on a old parable in the Bible.

First, Rick covers the globalists’ plan to rolling out the beast system with the World Health Organization’s blessing. He’ll cover the White House’s response on the G20’s announcement to rollout this global digital vaccination passport. Plus, Rothschild’s “former” employee Emmanuel Macron calls for the animals to be put in their zoo and for a single world order.

Later on today’s TruNews, Rick shares insightful perspective into the parable of the vinedressers, and explains how Zionists seek to steal the inheritance promised exclusively to the Son of God.

Rick Wiles. Airdate 11/22/22

One thought on “Digital Papers Please! Global Vaccine Passport Coming in 2023

  1. I wonder what will happen to the un-injected? No worries here!
    That Macaroon is married to his mother. Justin Trudeau said divisional, nonsensical statements about the “Trucker Convoy Protestors.” The media/courts are alluding to some connection with the “American Insurrection” … When they let reporters/protestors into the capital buildings. (Look over here!)

    Good luck to the Zionist’s, as they plot against The omnipresent/omnificent creator of the universe. (Not really) 103:52-End, Amazing ending!
    Sometimes Rick is a little over the top. (I get it. There are dark forces, some human.. he-he…) I love how Doc normally helps/adds scripture to their general message. Not to mention Doc is the “Brains.” No offense to Rick, but Doc reads the hard facts. They make a good team!

    Satan lost ~2000 years ago. (Since the beginning of time?) Even OuiJa board demons admit this!

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