Disappeared RT reporting on the Donbas from 2014

Disappeared RT reporting on the Donbas from 2014

That time when Slavyangrad was featured on Russia Today (RT), on TruthSeeker, and the Ukrainian and Western Nazis could not handle the fire. So they forced RT to take the episode down. I don’t think RT would back down now, the way they did back then.


“Preamble: This post was originally published on July 13, 2014. At the time, the pro-Euromaidan movement forced RT to remove this Truthseeker episode from Youtube. RT acquiesced, perhaps because some of the claims appeared outlandish at the time. One year into the conflict, the actions of Ukrainian military and the wealth of evidence documenting its atrocities have proven that RT’s qualms about the truth of these allegations were unjustified. The posting below appears unaltered from its original; the emphasis is on the video.

….A report by Fyodor Berezin on the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian soldiers in the village of Saurovka was read out during the broadcast.

Without further commentary, here it is, look for us at  04:50 and onward from there.”

One thought on “Disappeared RT reporting on the Donbas from 2014

  1. Thanks, I’m downloading this. I haven’t seen it. Good to re-cap, and reanalyze the conflict. Poor Babushka’s. Dehumanization has been in full swing for years.

    Unfortunately this conflict is aiding WEF reset. Contrary to Putin praising silly’s, who believe he is doing something against WEF. They can’t see the false dichotomy.
    The destruction of the “Western” economy is part of WEF domination plans.
    China is a dictatorship and Russia is an Authoritarian corporatocracy.
    Many clips with K. Schwab and V. Putin meeting at WEF. Recently.

    They mention the Rwandan genocide in the into… First thing I thought of was “Operation Crimson Mist.”

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