Discussion of latest events

Discussion of latest events

From Gonzalo Lira and friends.

I have not listened to this yet. Not enough hours in the day

The Roundtable: Open House

I would like to know what Alex and Alexander’s modus operandi is. What sources do they use get their information.

Do they read or write Russian (I am fairly sure that Peter Lavelle, after 25 years in Russia, does not).

Gonzalo Lira seems not to have either Ukrainian or Russian.

How do they manage to live there?

It is not a question of what they say but what they do not.

NATO Rejects Ukraine Membership Bid; UK Tory Government Heading to Oblivion

3 thoughts on “Discussion of latest events

  1. Hi Robin – Alexander Mercouris has said he reads news reports all day, as well as some kind of social media for the military in various countries. He certainly is knowledgeable. Here is a bio: https://alexander-mercouris.brandyourself.com/
    “Alexander Mercouris is a writer on international affairs with a special interest in Russia and law. He has written extensively on the legal aspects of NSA spying and events in Ukraine in terms of human rights, constitutionality and international law. He worked for 12 years in the Royal Courts of Justice in London as a lawyer, specializing in human rights and constitutional law. His family has been prominent in Greek politics for several generations.”
    I get the feeling these two are having fun! So much knowledge to share.
    Take care of yourself. You & your blog are a light in this world!

  2. The solution is obvious. Germany and Italy should leave the EU and Nato and become part of the Russian Federation. Then there will be plenty of gas and warm hearths and hearts. The alternative is disaster; economically, socially, and politically.

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