Discussion of the blowing-up of the Kakhovka Dam

Discussion of the blowing-up of the Kakhovka Dam

Ukraine or Russia? Who Blew up Massive Dam?

A huge dam in southern Ukraine, near the border with Russia, has been destroyed, flooding homes and sending water rushing downstream. Ukraine accuses Russia of blowing up the Kak-hov-ka reservoir, while Russian officials blame Ukrainian military strikes in the contested region.

The destruction could have widespread implications: flooding homes, streets and businesses; depleting water levels upstream that help cool Europe’s largest nuclear plant; and draining supplies of drinking water to residents in Crimea. Local authorities warned dozens of villages to evacuate as waters rose in the area around the dam. Residents in embankment villages were encouraged to move to safe areas, turn off electrical appliances and take important documents. They were also advised to follow instructions from rescuers and police. 

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 6/6/23

Some people find Canadian Prepper a little over the top.

For me it differs according to the day.

Like Hal Turner, he is good for headlines; unlike Hal , he apologises if he’s wrong. I think we need to look widely.


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