Discussion with David Pyne on war with China

Discussion with David Pyne on war with China

WAR WITH CHINA! We’re Running Out of Time w/ National Security Expert

In todays video we discuss how balloons are going to be used in WW3.

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February 11th Update: a U.S. fighter jet just shot down a third unmanned aircraft over Canada in a seven day period. It is unclear who the operator was for this Unidentified Flying Object but Russia and China are the prime suspects.

During a press conference held earlier this afternoon, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby revealed that a second object, was shot down by a U.S. Air Force fighter using an AIM-9 Sidewinder heat seeking air-to-air missile over Alaska today because it was flying at 40,000 feet and was assessed to pose a threat to commercial air traffic. This incident raises a number of questions. Why it was assessed to be a threat when it was flying north of the Arctic Circle along the coast of northeastern Alaska near the Canadian border east of Deadhorse Airport where few if any commercial airlines travel was not explained. Kirby said it is unclear whether this was another Chinese aerial vehicle or not. We know that Chinese military stratospheric balloons, such as the one that the U.S. shot down on February 4th, are produced in Hainan Island in southeast China. However, this one appears much less threatening as it is reported to have no discernable maneuvering system and no technology bay or potential weapons payload like the previous one that was shot down last week had. It was also reportedly much smaller about the size of a small car. Accordingly, it does not seem to have posed any discernible threat at all. Perhaps, the answer as to why Biden shot it down within twelve hours of it entering U.S. airspace is that it was ascertained not to be of Chinese origin.

According to an article in Politico, which I discussed during the interview, General VanHerck, who serves as commander of US Northern Command (NORTHCOM) stated, “The military is concerned the remnants of balloon’s payload could contain explosives or hazardous material, and wants to ensure the safety of the (debris recovery) site.” In addition, the balloon was as much as 200 feet tall, with a payload the size of a jetliner that weighed “in excess of a couple thousand pounds” not merely several hundred pounds as first reported. Furthermore, a recent Twitter video showed China testing hypersonic missiles from a similar stratospheric balloon suggesting that such an Chinese aerial vehicle could be used to launch multiple nuclear warheads over the U.S.

Previously, on February 3rd, I had a great discussion on the Tooele Happy Hour podcast addressing a range of topics including the Chinese military balloon that I had reported on earlier that day as well as the existential threat of EMP attack

Yesterday, the US State Department revealed that contrary to previous Biden administration statements, the U.S. was unable to jam the Chinese military balloon’s transmissions of sensitive military intelligence back to the PRC. Today, Congressman Michael Waltz (R-FL) stated on Fox News that not only did the Chinese balloon hover over our Minuteman III nuclear missile silos around Maelstrom Air Force Base in Montana and our B-2 Spirit stealth bomber base at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and “it hovered over the command and control center for our entire nuclear arsenal” at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, a fact I have not seen reported in any print media article to date.

The Pentagon attempted to salvage the remains of the balloon to help determine its true mission and find out what it was carrying as well as what sensitive intelligence information it may have relayed to China before it was shot down. However, the Epoch Times reported that the FBI Has Recovered ‘Extremely Limited’ Chinese Spy Balloon Debris. Michael Pillsbury, author of “The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower” reported on Fox News yesterday that the Biden administration is negotiating the return of the Chinese military balloon and censor package to China as I predicted they would in one of my previous interviews. I think the key takeaway here is that the USAF had the ability to jam the PLA spy balloon transmissions but the decision was taken by the Biden Administration to allow it to complete its mission and transmit sensitive intelligence regarding America’s nuclear silos and nuclear bomber bases back to China unimpeded for a full week. At the same time the administration falsely assured the American people they were jamming it and that it did not pose a national security threat. If the administration and Department of Defense are lying to us about that, it stands to reason that they are also likely misleading the American public regarding the true state of Biden’s war against Russia in Ukraine, which they continue to claim Ukraine is winning but which, in fact, it is losing badly and has likely lost three times as many troops killed and wounded in action than Russia. It was also revealed that Chinese military balloons have been spotted over forty countries and all seven continents. The Biden administration is reportedly coordinating with U.S. allies and partners to discuss how best to respond to this Chinese aggression.

During his State of the Union Address earlier this week, President Joe Biden made a number of false claims, one of the most notable of which is that he acted decisively to defend US national sovereignty at the State of the Union in shooting down the balloon after it had crossed over the entire country and completed its mission. This Chinese military balloon could have been armed with nuclear, biological, radiological weapon or perhaps even a hypersonic missile which could be used to conduct a super EMP attack over the center of the continental United States which could knock out the US electrical grid and critical infrastructure perhaps indefinitely. Next time it might be. General Phillip Breedlove, who previously served as the Supreme Allied Commander, Europe, warned on Fox News yesterday that the PRC may be trying to condition the U.S. government and public to get used to having Chinese military balloons penetrate U.S. airspace so that whenever they decide to employ them in a surprise attack, we will not be expecting it.

In related news, someone posted what was purported to be a live video feed of what appeared to be a joint Sino-Russian military operation employing dozens of Chinese military balloons being used to attack US coastal population centers, causing a public scare. However, it has since been assessed to be video game footage from the classic alternate Cold War history-themed computer game Red Alert 2 in what appeared to be part of a Communist Chinese information warfare campaign to intimidate and potentially blackmail the Biden demonstration to do their bidding as if they needed any further prompting to do so.

Obviously, this is just one of my attempts at humor but in some ways it mirrors reality given that the Ukrainian government disinformation video of a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 pilot known as the “Ghost of Kyiv” appearing to shoot down six Russian fighters in a matter of minutes and supposedly forty before he was shot down, which was widely disseminated in the Western media as a true story but the Ukrainian government subsequently admitted the “Ghost of Kyiv” didn’t really exist and they employed video game footage to create the perception that Ukraine was beating back the Russian invasion.

Let us hope and pray that this dark vision of a potential Sino-Russian invasion of the United States never becomes a reality by urging U.S. leaders to abandon the Biden/neoconservative policy of national suicide with their ever-escalating undeclared war against Russia in Ukraine and adopt the America First national security strategy I have been advocating including implementing my proposal for an immediate cease fire and armistice agreement ending the war.

I expect we will see a gradual Russian cyber escalation campaign against the U.S. since Putin continues to show surprising restraint in the face of increasing U.S. provocations but it is very possible the Russians might respond with a space warfare attack against all US satellites helping the Ukrainians at the onset of their expected winter offensive in the next couple weeks. That would send a powerful message that Russia won’t tolerate continued US military interference and its unclear to me how Biden would respond. If he responded with large-scale cyberattacks on Russia, it could potentially trigger a cyber tit-for-tat that could escalate all the way to a full-scale Russian cyber/EMP attack on the US homeland, resulting in the end of our great nation and the deaths of tens of millions of Americans.

Upcoming Media Appearances:

February 15th—I will be interviewed with Oksana Boyko, host of “World’s Apart” on RT International with the promise that my comments will be published unedited to millions of their viewers.

February 16th—Interview with Harrison Smith, host of “The American Journal” to discuss my predictions for the war in Ukraine, coming Chinese aggression against Taiwan and our prospects for avoiding another world war.

March 7th—I will speak to the Citizens for Constitutional Government in St. George, UT. (location TBD) My presentation is entitled, “How the U.S. Must Stop Provoking World War Three with Russia and China.”

April 6-8th–I will also be speaking twice at the Firm Foundation Expo being held at the Mountain America Expo Center (MAEC) 9575 S. State Street in Sandy, Utah. I will provide the exact speaking times as soon as they are finalized and will be sure to update all subscribers of “The Real War.”

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