Dmitry Orlov – propagandist for the CPC?

Dmitry Orlov – propagandist for the CPC?

Orlov on the 


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Have a look on this blog. I have given a lot of coverage to Dmitry Orlov over the years.  I have been increasingly concerned with his utterances over the years but this takes him over the line.

He is has long since put Peak Oil behind him to champion Russian oil interests (the West will collapse but Russia and China will remain strong); he is a majo0r climate change denier.

But now he is denying that there is anything to the coronavirus story.

This is today on Facebook.

has some ideas that do “blow my mind” but not in the way he

is from his blog.

I wonder if he “missed” this from Russian media.

Over 20,000 people, including over 6,000 Chinese citizens, are under medical supervision on suspicion of having come in contact with coronavirus-infected individuals, head of the Russian Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare Anna Popova told reporters on Monday.

“Currently, over 20,000 people are under medical supervision, including over 6,000 Chinese citizens. In total, 769 people have been taken to hospital for further tests since December 31, 2019. Out of this number, 97 people were diagnosed with influenza, while 121 had respiratory diseases of a non-influenza type,” she said.

All this makes him an ally of a president with a Fourth-Grade education (with no science).

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