Donetsk in flames from a barrage of explosions – The Russians talk about a Ukrainian military operation – Provocations? (video)

Donetsk in flames from a barrage of explosions – The Russians talk about a Ukrainian military operation – Provocations? (video)

They all returned to battle positions


10 April, 2021

We have an extremely serious incident with the smell of provocation in Donetsk as a fire broke out in a factory with food warehouses in the city center.

First information from the Russians speaks of a “series of explosions heard” before the fire.

It has already sounded the war alarm in Donetsk. Russian media talk about military mobilization as everyone has returned to the camps and are in battle positions.

The Russians will blame the Ukrainians

The Russians seem to blame the Ukrainian saboteurs as it is the factory that supplied meat to the city while it had large food warehouses.

In fact, some are already talking about drones that dropped bombs 

The incident raises suspicions as it comes at a strange time. The Zelensky-Erdogan meeting was over.

At the same time, Russia refused to attend the OSCE meeting on Ukraine, calling the case “over.”

If we now combine this incident with the cessation of water to the Crimea from Kiev, then it becomes clear what the Russians will officially claim.

What Russian media report

“A large fire broke out in Donetsk in a meat production and processing plant. The reasons are so far unknown, although eyewitnesses spoke of a series of explosions that preceded the fire.

Witnesses speak of bomb blasts heard clearly before the fire

The fire is raging on Ilyich Avenue in the Kalininsky district of the Donetsk capital.

The fire has covered a large part of the factory while the firefighters are fighting

Traffic has been stopped.

“We do not yet know if there are any casualties.”


Erdogan-Zelenksy declaration of war: Russia-Ukraine armed confrontation is inevitable – Putin decides to start operations

The Erdogan-Zelensky Council is over – What has been announced


10 April, 2021


Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

A declaration equivalent to launching an armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine was announced shortly after the end of the 9th High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council between Ukraine and Turkey.

It is noted that the Erdogan-Zelensky meeting lasted 3 hours.

Turkish support for the “Crimean Platform” plan for the restoration of the territories of both Crimea / Sevastopol and Donetsk-Lugask to Ukraine and the announcement of support for a “Ukrainian request for NATO membership” foreshadow war .

History will show that Ankara functioned as a Russian “Trojan Horse” leading to the dismemberment of Ukraine.

Because the content of the declaration with its goals and Erdogan’s statement that ” we are not turning against third countries” is not consistent.

The only questions are “when will the conflict start and how quickly will Russia clear its history with Ukraine?”

What Erdogan said

  • We support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have reaffirmed our strong decision not to recognize the annexation of Crimea.
  • We expressed our support for the Ukrainian efforts for international social mobilization on the Crimean issue.
  • We have stated that we support the Ukrainian initiative in the framework of the “Platform for Crimea”, which aims to bring the international community closer to Crimea. We hope that this initiative will have positive results for all the people of Crimea, including Ukrainians and Tatars.
  • We hope that the escalation in the territory that we have recently observed will end soon and the ceasefire will continue.
  • We hope that the current conflict will be resolved on the basis of the Minsk Agreements through dialogue.
  • Our cooperation with Ukraine is not an effort against third countries
  • Having in mind the issues of national defense and security, we started working in the form of 2 + 2 (Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs). Therefore, we will strengthen cooperation between our countries.


What Zelensky said

  • I’m glad to hear that Turkey ‘s stance will not change.
  • Turkey’s support for our sovereignty is very important
  • The views of Ukraine and Turkey on regional threats coincide
  • The defense industry is the driving force behind Turkish-Ukrainian cooperation
  • I am glad that the agreements with Turkey are successful
  • I discussed with President Erdogan that we will face the challenges in the Black Sea.
  • Joint efforts will be intensified to deepen cooperation and coordination between us in the fields of Economy, Trade, Tourism, Security, Defense Industry, Science, Education and Youth.
  • Coordinated steps aimed at restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders will continue, in particular with the integration of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, as well as the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk.
  • Joint efforts to improve the living conditions of Ukrainian citizens and especially Crimean Tatars who were forced to flee their homeland as a result of its temporary occupation will be stepped up.
  • We agreed on supporting Ukraine’s NATO membership and especially on obtaining a “Membership Action Plan” in the near future. We also agreed to promote the interoperability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the Allied Powers.
  • Negotiations on a “Free Trade Agreement” will be accelerated
  • Protect the human rights of all Crimean residents and release those illegally detained under international law, including Tatars.
  • Support for the educational activities of the Turkish Maarif Foundation in Ukraine.

Turkey’s “fire” response: “Blockade only on Russian ships – US can” break “the Montreux Treaty for” humanitarian reasons “

Intervention of a Russian ambassador and a Russian deputy foreign minister – Moscow is already talking about a violation!


10 April, 2021

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

Turkey responded to yesterday’s interventions by Putin himself and the Russian Foreign Minister who demanded that the Montreux Treaty be observed. A while ago, the Russian ambassador to Ankara and the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister also intervened.

In total we have 4 Russian interventions at the highest level in 24 hours. 

Ankara invokes the letter of the Montreux Treaty to appear as “neutral” which simply observes what is provided.

He says he can only block US ships from Russia if war breaks out with Ukraine. He justifies the US by saying that “American ships can cross the Straits” if they invoke humanitarian reasons because of Ukraine “.

Recently, the Russian ambassador to Turkey also intervened on the issue, asking to know when the “American ships will leave the Black Sea”.

Russian sources say Putin’s intervention in Erdogan yesterday was just that:

Violation of the Montreux Treaty either by the stay of American warships in the Black Sea outside the time period specified in the Treaty or by the deployment of a NATO Fleet.

In both cases, Ankara justified itself in Moscow.

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Putin’s deadly warning to Erdogan: “You will pay a heavy price if a NATO Fleet comes” – Russia closes the border with Turkey!

After Putin and the Russian Foreign Minister, the Russian ambassador to Ankara also intervened

The Russian ambassador in Ankara asked to know the date of departure of the two American warships.

In particular, he asked to be informed about the passage of American ships from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea as stipulated in the letter of the Montreux Treaty.

An embassy official later said:

“The United States has fulfilled the procedures for entering the Black Sea as provided for in the Strait Treaty. “American ships will enter the Black Sea from the Mediterranean and return.”

Sources say that the two American warships will enter the Black Sea on different dates. Specifically, there is talk of entering on April 14 and 15 and leaving on May 4 and 5.

Intervention by the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister – Talks about violation of the Treaty and not only

“Russia is concerned about the increased activity of foreign countries that do not have a shoreline in the Black Sea,”Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksandr Grushko said in a new speech.

“NATO ship arrivals have increased, as has their stay in the Black Sea.

The responsibility for maintaining security in the Black Sea lies with the Black Sea States which have created the necessary tools, including the “Black Sea Economic Cooperation”.

According to the Montreux Convention, the US must notify 14 days in advance of the passage of ships through the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles.

“On Friday the 9th of the month, Turkey announced that it was notified of the passage of American ships on April 14 and 15, which will remain until May 4 and 5.”

It is noteworthy here that the Russians are talking about a violation of the Montreux Treaty due to the untimely notification of Turkey 14 days ago. The notification was made on the 9th of the month.

At the same time, the Russian ambassador’s statement on “Black Sea Economic Cooperation” and that the responsibility “belongs exclusively to these countries” is a mortgage for the future.

“Turkey can not close the Straits for humanitarian reasons”

Of great interest is an article by Erdogan’s media warning Russia and Putin that “the Straits will not close if the United States invokes humanitarian reasons.”

Specifically states:

“Warships of non-coastal states cannot remain in the Black Sea for more than 21 days.

The warships that want to cross the Straits must not have a total displacement of more than 15,000 tons, whether they are Black Sea states or not.

In addition, the Montreux Treaty prohibits the passage of aircraft carriers, although it does not explicitly state this. This is due to the displacement, over 15,000 tons.

Submarines can cross the Straits only for their delivery, either for repair or for shipment for repair. Foreign submarines cannot cross the Straits

Black Sea countries must notify at least 8 days in advance for warships to cross the Straits. On the contrary, the countries that do not belong to the Black Sea must notify 15 days in advance.

If there are no changes to the schedule announced in Turkey, this must be done 3 days before the crossing.

“Green light for humanitarian reasons”

Information is not required only for “humanitarian reasons”

According to Article 18 of the Treaty, non-Black Sea states may send warships without noticeonly for “humanitarian reasons”.

However, the displacement of warships sent to the Black Sea for “humanitarian purposes” should not exceed 8,000 tons.

Limits on the displacement of foreign warships

“The Treaty of Montreux provides for the intensity and duration of the military presence in the Black Sea.

The total displacement of ships not belonging to a Black Sea country is 45,000 tonnes and a single Member State may not exceed 30,000 tonnes.

“It is forbidden to cross for the warships of war countries”

“During a period of war, Turkey has the right to block the passage of warships.

This can be done either if there is a threat of war or if war has already broken out.

According to Article 19 of the Convention, in times of war, since Turkey is a neutral country, the right of free passage through the Straits is still valid for warships of neutral countries , in accordance with the previous provisions.

For warships of warring countries, passage is prohibited.

According to Article 20 of the Convention, in the event of war with Turkey at
war , the previous provisions do not apply and the status
of warships crossing the Straits is left entirely to the discretion of the Turkish government.

“As stated in Article 21 of the Convention, if Turkey is not
a country at war but considers itself directly threatened with war, then it can apply Article 20 by fully controlling the passage of the Straits for foreign warships.”

Turkey Stabs Russia in the Face

Hal Turner,

10 April, 2021

The government of Turkey stabbed Russia in the face today in two ways . . .

First, the Turkish government publicly stated “We stand for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We have confirmed our decision in principle not to recognize the annexation of Crimea.”

Crimea is not “annexed.”  In 2014, the people of Crimea, which was an “Autonomous region” in Ukraine, VOTED in a public referendum, to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia.  The vote tally was 96% in favor of leaving Ukraine!

The Referendum was conducted according to all international established norms, including paper ballots, clear plexiglass ballot collection boxes, citizens who voted had their index finger dipped in indelible ink to show they cast a vote.  The Ballot boxes were under video surveillance and there were outside observers at all polling places.

The West (i.e. NATO and the USA) claim the vote was “illegal” and they claim the vote was “rigged” . . . well, some people think they should know, given how THEY rigged (stole) the November 2020 Presidential Election here in the USA!

Nevertheless, the Russian Duma, their version of the US Congress, passed legislation accepting Crimea back into Russia and that’s that. Crimea is back home with Russia, some 54 years after then-Soviet Leader Nikita Kruschev “gave” Crimea to Ukraine.   For the prior 300+ years, Crimea was Russian.

The second way that Turkey stabbed Russia in the face today was its declaration that US Navy Destroyers would be allowed to enter the Black Sea for “Humanitarian” purposes, and that Turkey would not enforce the military vessel limitation of the Montreaux Convention upon such “Humanitarian” vessels; but WOULD enforce that same Montreaux Convention upon RUSSIAN vessels if war breaks out between Russia and Ukraine!

Some folks find it difficult to describe a US Navy Destroyer as a “Humanitarian” vessel.

Turkish Treachery

As history has shown time and time again, the Turks betray.  This time, they’ve betrayed Russia in favor of a broke, militant, Ukraine, whose military troops are encamped around Luhansk and Donetsk with NAZI Swastika Flags flying over the camps!

Intelligence video of a Ukraine Army camp outside of Luhansk, shows the Swastika flag flying prominently over the camp:

The Ukrainian Army is encamped, awaiting the order to attack Luhansk and Donetsk.   Thousands of Ukraine Army troops are in these camps along the border of both states, and at more than one of the camps, those Ukrainian soldiers are flying the Nazi Flag:

Here is the video from which the image above was grabbed.  This video, taken by Russian Intel, shows the flag flying over a Ukraine Army encampment.  THIS is who the US — or more accurately, the Biden Administration — and NATO, are backing!  This is what’s running Ukraine nowadays!

Someone should ask Joe Biden why he and his Democrat Party are cozying-up to actual NAZIS in Ukraine?   Maybe ask Nancy Pelosi in the US House of Representatives, or maybe Chuck Schumer in the US Senate;  Why are Democrats sending troops, and planes, and guns and ammunition to the Government of Kiev Ukraine, when that government’s own troops are serving under NAZI flags?

And what about General Mark Millie and the Joint Chiefs of Staff?  They’re all gung-ho to side with Ukraine; why are they siding with open NAZIS?

How about guys like Retired General Ben Hogan, who’s been all over social media whining about Russian Aggression . . . hey Ben, why are you trying to drum-up support for NAZIS in Ukraine?

Nice people, these Generals!

But who can blame THEM, when their own Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, supports Ukraine too?   Hey Secretary Austin: Why are YOU (of all people) supporting white supremacist, LITERAL NAZIS in Ukraine?  

Inquiring minds want to know!

As for so-called ‘Russia aggression” it ought to be clear to any rational person that the Russians see this as having to fight Nazis all over again. 

Can anyone blame Russia for standing-up to a Nazi Kiev government, which is trying to conquer Luhansk and Donetsk?   

US Embassy Attaché Colonel Brittany Stewart laid a wreath and paid tribute to the grave of Right Sector Neo-Nazi militant Vasily Slipak. Russia defeated Nazism in WWII, unfortunately it has to fight this ideology again 75 years later.

And here is that same military attache’ wearing a “UKRAINE OR DEATH” patch from the Ukraine Army, on her U.S. uniform, which, we believe, is against US Military regulations!

Readers should also know that this same Ukraine government CUT-OFF FRESH WATER SUPPLIES to Crimea by building a Dam across the freshwater supply canal!  They started with a temporary Dam as seen below:


And later completed the Crime against Humanity by erecting a permanent Dam to stop all water flow into Crimea:

Cutting-off water to people is not only a recognized Act of War, it is also a Crime Against Humanity, yet the US Government is backing this criminal Ukraine regime and sending our soldiers to salute their Nazi memorials.


Late last night, just hours after the Commander of Ukraine Armed Forces announced to Agence France Press (AFP) that Ukraine had decided against a forcible taking of Luhansk and Donetsk, meat processing and packing plants inside Donetsk . . . EXPLODED and burned down.

and here:

So it is clear that not only did Ukraine cut-off water to Crimea, they’re now cutting off food supplies to Luhansk and Donetsk.

What kind of MONSTERS infest the government of Ukraine that cut off water and food?  Who would do things like this to their fellow human beings?

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