Dr.Buttar’s warning on Marburgs

Dr.Buttar’s warning on Marburgs

We have confirmation from two different sources, and I’ve talked to one of those sources.

There is something that is in the vaccines that is being considered as a bio weapon-  (which is again, not a new term) – that this particular component within the vaccines that is almost like a payload.

The payload is like when there’s a detonation. You have a proper trailer and it’s got a bunch of dynamite or explosive on it designed to deliver a massive eruption or detonation to the computer because it’s not it wouldn’t be like a normal onslaught, but would be like a massive onslaught.

And, so there’s going to be a payload. It’s in fact a pathogen that will be activated by a sequence of 5g bursts – and these will be basically  16 to 18 gigahertz frequency and it will be essentially three bursts that will be sequential, and last a minute. These will be designed so that those bursts will actually create a signal that will release this payload that is within the hydrogel component of the vaccines.

What exactly is it that is supposed in there?

There three pathogens, (I am not 100% sure of what these pathogens are), but one of them is what they call the Marburg virus which is essentially a pathogen that mimics hemorrhagic fever. that creates hemorrhagic fever component is similar to that and reporting to the look that up it says another 20 to 22% to up to a 90% mortality and Google says it’s at 88% mortality, meaning that out of every 100 people to get 88% or 8800 will die.

Now, that’s designed to justify once next that release is taking place and it’s that signal that signals the 5g towers, signals this release. If you take that back, it’s a sequence of predestined, last admitted, and it’s using the 18 gigahertz frequency or maybe it’s a 16 year specifically, but that’s it’s between 16 and 18.

And will cause the hydrogel to release this payload off of virus and viral load. And they’re supposed to be three different types. I don’t know all the three different types as I mentioned, that Marburg is supposed to be one of those, When that happens, that everybody has had the vaccine and these boosters will have this Marburg virus released and again, we know that 22 up to 90% mortality rate the best when somebody encounters it in a natural way When it when it’s inside your body already introducing that release within your body, it’s probably going to be 100% meaning that everybody that has said it’s going to be triggered is going to be released.

And when that happens, yes, obviously these people are going to die. And so we’re talking hundreds of 1000s we’re talking about millions and millions of people worldwide,  they’re going to have this effect

Here, he was interviewed by Maria Zeee.

Dr. Rashid A Buttar – Hydrogel in the COVID-19 Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation

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