Dr. Chris Busby on the coronavirus

Dr. Chris Busby on the coronavirus

Is CoVid-19 natural or man-

made? Coronavirus a Dr 

Strangelove creation? Dr 

Chris Busby on 2019-nCoV

Dr Chris Busby shares his analysis from Riga, Latvia on the January 2020 Coronavirus outbreak.

On the question as to whether or not the virus has been engineered by man Chris refers to the New Delhi University report suggesting that there may be four deliberate AIDS type insertions in the 2019-nCoV (renamed CoVid-19 by the WHO) spike glycoprotein


Dr Busby writes: I don’t think any thinking person believes that the future is secure for humanity. The future is bleak. And may well be Orange, a colour of deserts, poison, contaminated water, nuclear explosions and death. Since the realisation in the late 1950s that the earth’s environment is rapidly degrading as a result of human activity, there have been few attempts to deal with the overall problem. There has been no real new ideological analysis since Marx, whose historical class approach has not been valid for a long time. Yet such an analysis is not difficult, but is most necessary. There is no new flag that those who are watching the destruction of their future, can stand beside. The early Green Party made an effort, and indeed I was involved in that, but it tried to deal with the problem from within the problem itself, and missed some important clues to the failings of “Democracy”.


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