Dr David Martin: 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028

Dr David Martin: 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028

I wish to point attention to this very clear interview with Dr. David Martin with a rough-and-ready transcript.

“To sustain the funding beyond the crisis we need to increase the public understanding for the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan Coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process. “

— Peter Daszak



Greg, it’s great to be here. Thank you for having me

I just want to start with just a really crude question because a lot of people think they’re going to get away with this. You have the CEO of Pfizer, Bourla, just out a few weeks at work on suing people from misinformation not that cool. 

Now they are these medical companies, these vaccine companies these the FDA, the NIH, the CDC, are they gonna get rid of get away with what many people are calling a massive genocide?

No, they’re not. And and it’s interesting. I mean, one of the one of the reasons why you don’t hear companies like Pfizer or Moderna going after any of us who are actually disclosing information that is material is because to prove defamation or to prove libel, you have to actually show the evidence that what we said was not true.

And the problem is 100% of the evidence that we talked about is true.

And so the cool thing is they can threaten all they want the bad news is they they would have to disclose things that I can guarantee you they will never ever disclose and in fact, the shoe is on the other foot.

As you probably know. we filed the very first federal case against the president, against CMS and against the Department of Health and Human Services in Utah back in March. Oral arguments for that case are on July the sixth.

And we are not only not going to be sued for any libel or misinformation.

We are actually holding people criminally accountable for their domestic terrorism, their crimes against humanity and the story of the Coronavirus weaponizsation that goes back to 1998.

Greg: Oh, would you say the president you’re talking about president the United States President Trump President Biden

Well, we are talking about the actor in chief that we have Weekend at Bernie’s. None other than Joe Biden first named defendant in our case.

So these people I mean, I’m bringing all kinds of information, I mean, Dr. Pierre Cory, we could have saved 800,000 people.

Just a few months ago, if you’re just using ivermectin.

They stopped that.

The deaths and injuries in VAERS are in the 10s of 1000s, If not, millions, not just here in the United States, but in the rest of the world.

A lot of people have have died already.

A lot of people are are hurt already with this whole thing.

Tell me about the impact so far. And is it going to get worse with the CV 19 injections?

Well, it’s gonna get much worse.

You know, the fact is that when you inject mRNA into a human being, which is what the current manipulations are, that mRNA makes the human body produce a scheduled toxin, and by scheduled toxin, I mean, this spike protein modelled after the Coronavirus spike protein, and we need to be clear on the fact that by all of their own admission, the spike protein that the injection manufactures, is a computer simulation of a chimera. of the spiked protein of Coronavirus.

`It is in fact, not a Coronavirus vaccine. It is a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin.

And that toxin has been scheduled as a known biologic agent of concern with respect to biological weapons for the last, now decade and a half.

So the fact of the matter is that the injections are an act of bio weapons and bioterrorism.

They are not a public health measure and the facts are very simple.

This was premeditated.

This was actually an action taken specifically as disclosed in 2015. at the National Academy of Sciences, when Peter Daszak, who is the money launderer-in chief and the guy who sent money over to the Wuhan labs in China during the gain of function moratorium, when he made the statement as I’ve repeated many, many times, and I’ll go ahead and read it for your audience.

“To sustain the funding beyond the crisis we need to increase the public understanding for the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan Coronavirus vaccine. A key driver is the media and the economics will follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process.”

Peter Daszak, in 2015,  actually stated that this entire exercise was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon.

And that is their own words, not my interpretation.

These people that have done this, and then the people that have taken these shots, I’ve been saying this all along, that when they figure out they’ve been poisoned, they’re going to I we were talking about Antifa Black Lives don’t Matter. You’re talking about the Democrats that Clif High I said 19 of 20 gotten the Kool Aid line they got double backs and boosted they’re gonna go crazy. Are they not?

Well, if they’re if they’re  still around to do that they are going to go.

A lot of them are dying a lot more of them will die.

What we do know for example, is that both the shot as well as the treatment that Anthony Fauci promoted remdesdivir, it actually has a 53% kill rate in the trials that were done in Africa.

The fact of the matter is an enormous number of people who are injected are already carrying the seeds of their own demise because what we do know is that the instructions that are encoded in both the Pfizer and the Moderna shot include nucleic acid sequences that the human body has never seen, ever.

They are not part of nature.

They are part of a genetic engineering experiment that has never had animal trials. It has never gone through clinical trials.

And it is 100% unknown other than the fact that we know, that a lot of people are going to die, because a lot of people already have and many more will, because of blood clots because of endothelial cell lining, damage that’s being done to the cardiovascular system, to liver function to kidney function, to pulmonary function, and that says nothing about reproductive or cancer effects that we anticipate and some of which we’ve already started to see.

What is the $64,000 question? The million dollar question is how many people do you think are going to die? If I was talking about 30 or 40 million and that doesn’t go.

Based on their own 2011 estimate, Greg, I mean… this is a chilling estimate, but we just have to put it out here, in 2011, when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chinese CDC, the Wellcome Trust , the Wellcome Trust and others published the Decade of Vaccination for the World Health Organization back in 2011 their stated objective was a population reduction of 15% of the world’s population.

Put that in perspective, that’s about 700 million people dead.

How many people die here in the US of A?

Well, an enormous number.

I mean, listen, the tragedy of this particular injection, as we now can see in every day’s press releases, people who were injected including people like Anthony Fauci, including most of the people surrounding the White House, including enormous numbers of people in various public health settings and including Justin Trudeau (times 2), people who have been injected and boosted and all kinds of other things are now contracting COVID at actually quite alarming. rates.

Now, the fact of the matter is, what that means is that they are starting to show up having their bodies systemically producing a runaway biologic weapon, called the spike protein, associated with Coronavirus.

And the fact of the matter is we are going to see a very large population killed off and that was not by accident.

That was by design.

If you just look at take their numbers, (they’re never say), I don’t know cut it down to more than 200,000 Americans took at least one shot. And if you just take that raw number, wow, , what 10% would be 20 million. Right? And it’s 30 million.

What we know is that the spike protein was such a tragic error in terms of the first time it was engineered, because remember,  it’s important for your listeners and viewers to remember that in 1999, when Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, decided to start weaponising Coronavirus, they patented in 2002, – and you heard that date correctly – that’s a year before the SARS outbreak in China the first time, they patented what they called a “infectious replication defective chimera of Coronavirus”

And let’s unpack what that means.

Infectious means that it actually is more lethal to the target.

Replication-defective means its damage is primarily to the target and not to the targets family or friends or community or anything else.

And in 2000 to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill patented the replication-defective infectious Coronavirus chimera, which then became the first instance of SARS, and it was perfected in 2013 to 2016 during the gain of function moratorium, where the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill was given an exemption from the gain of function moratorium, so they could continue to weaponise the virus to the point where, in 2016, Ralph Baric published a paper in which he said “the Wuhan Institute of virology coronavirus was, “poised for human emergence”.

So, they knew this all along.

You know, they knew it was a bio weapon since 2005. They knew it was effective at taking out populations, harming populations, intimidating and coercing populations. And they did that all very intentionally for the purpose of destroying humanity.

Could you just give me an idea., a ballpark. How many millions do you think will die in what’s the time window just a ballpark?

Well, by their own estimate, they’re looking for 700 million people globally. And that would put the US participation in that, certainly as a pro rata of, injected population, somewhere between 75 and 100 million people.

That’s in the USA, or the world?

Now that’s in the United States – somewhere between 75 million and 100 million people.

And what’s the timeframe that they’ll die in?

Well, certainly there’s a lot of economic reasons why people hope that it’s between now and 2028.

Not the least of their concerns is that by 2028, we have a tiny little glitch on the horizon, which is the illiquidity of the Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid programs.

So the fewer people who are recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better.

Not surprisingly, it’s it’s probably one of the motivations that led to the recommendation that people over the age of 65 were the first ones getting injected.

How many people… if you get 75 to 100 million people who are going to die between now and 2028? How many people are going to be sick?

Well, there’s there’s two layers to that question, Greg.

And that’s a beautiful question to ask because obviously, there are enormous numbers of known, and by known we mean microvascular traumas; we mean clotting. coronary artery disease. We know there’s pulmonary function; we know there’s liver function and kidney function problems.

And so we’ve got three different pieces of your question that need to be addressed.

First of all, there’s going to be people who outright die and they are doing so right now.

There are remarkable numbers of people who are dying of sudden cardiac deaths, sudden acute deaths associated with clotting elsewhere, mostly pulmonary.

So you have that function going on.

You have the malingering and what we would consider more of a slow process of ultimate mortality, but it would be what we would call morbidity at. first, – it’s people are getting more and more sick.

The tragedy is the third piece that we don’t talk about very much are caregivers in the United States, who, in fact, were encouraged and then forced under the CMS ruling to be injected so we’re going to be taking out the population of people trained to take care of the sick and dying.

And so one of the problems that really people aren’t talking about, and you know, you start hearing rumblings of about this in the airline industry, where people are starting to go, why are there so few pilots suddenly, you know, why is it that we’re suddenly having 700 flights a day being canceled because allegedly airlines don’t have pilots?

And you know, the dirty secret as you know now, because it’s been published many times is there are a lot of pilots who are having microvascular problems, and clotting problems, and that keeps them out of the cockpit, which is a good place to not have them if they’re going to throw a clot for a stroke or a heart attack.

But the problem is we’re going to start seeing that exact same phenomenon in the healthcare industry, and at a much larger scale, which means we now have, in addition to the problem of the actual morbidity and mortality, meaning people getting sick and people dying, we actually have that targeting the health care industry writ large, which means we are going to have doctors and nurses who are going to be among the sick and the dead, and that means that the sick and the dying, also do not get care.

A friend of mine here, he’s a doctor. He’s, for the very beginning since experimental put a sign up in his office says experiment. Didn’t take it. He says, you know, I’m 70 years old. It looks like he’s 60 he says I’m 70 years old. He says I know every doctor account he says in every doctor and told him every one of them don’t get his friend of mine. He said tell everyone not to get it – and I gotta get get to all your low guide. It’s okay. It’s fine. No problem. We want to get out in front of it. He says my three months ago, he tells me he says, every single one I’m double backs boosted, they’re all sick and remember them all. And they are afraid to say anything free to do anything. Is there something that you can do? Can you back up here Cory says his baseline drug is ivermectin, because it binds to the spread protein. It is a great anti inflammatory. I don’t know of anything else. out there that will work as well as that, he says, is that what you would say to people that. wow, get rid of the spike protein and do it as soon as you can. And I will say this Dr. Michael Yeadon said eloquently said this is like a gocart and racket the throttle wide open a sticking a brick on it and let it go. There’s no off switch.

So yeah, and that’s where that’s where I would I would say… listen, I mean I have I have unbelievably high level respect for Pierre Cory- I think he has been phenomenally articulate. I think he has been wonderful and he, together with a few other of the physicians who have really been thoughtful about the way in which they’re handling this situation.

I think that my fundamental concern, because, having been the person running clinical trials for FDA submissions at the University of Virginia for many, many years, my fundamental concern is that this particular injection was put on a fast track process which was called a straight-to -humans protocol.

We have zero, and by zero, I mean, not even a hunch.

We have zero knowledge of what actually is going to happen with respect to the long effects of the mutations that were going on inside the human body with respect to this particular injection.

But it is important for every one of your listeners to know that when Moderna was started, and this goes back to 2010.

Moderna was started on the back of a 10 year National Science Foundation grant and that grant was called Darwinian Chemical Systems.

That project the project that gave rise to the Moderna company itself, was a project where they were specifically figuring out how to get mRNA to write itself into the genome of whatever target they were going after – that could be a single celled organism.

It could be a multi-celled organism or it could be a human.

And the fact of the matter is , Moderna was started on the back of having proven them RNA can be transfected and write itself into the human genome. So we may be able to make symptomatic efforts to reduce the effect of the self- produced spike protein analogue that’s inside of humans right now. – anybody who got injected is who I’m talking about.

But the problem is we have no evidence at all that we know the long or short -term effects of what is happening with respect to the alteration of each other than the certainty and by the way, this is not a hunch.- this is actually proven in their own data, that the mRNA has the capacity to write into the DNA of the human and as such the long term effects are not going to mere merely be symptomatic. The long term effects are going to be the human genome of injected individuals is going to be altered.

The very beginning is no, this doesn’t change your DNA …

Except for the fact that 10 years of their own data showed that it did.

That is published data that is an incontrovertible – it is their data, not mine – It is all (and by the way, for those people who doubt they need to go look at that project Darwinian Chemical Systems) the National stress Nation funded it and it is the company that it was the grant that gave birth to the company we now know as Moderna.

There is no question that they succeeded in getting mRNA to write into DNA. That is the reason why the company was started.

Everybody that got a shot, even one shot you changed your DNA, is that correct?

That’s correct.

And you don’t know how it’s changed?

No, and as I’ve said on numerous interviews, and as I’ve published for many years, and as discussed for even longer than that, one of the things that’s fascinating, is DNA itself, which as as you and your listeners probably know, is a model of how the nucleic acids are organised inside of chromosomes and human beings.

But DNA is a model that was developed in the 1950s by Watson and Crick.

And the problem with the model is the way nature organises nucleic acids is not a double helix.

It’s not a double-stranded, you know, anything – It’s a chromosome, and chromosomes have not only the X Y axis of the double helix, the the the entangled little, you know, pieces of tape that we see in every graphic.

Those things are folded on each other inside of chromosomes.

And what no one has been discussing is the fact that chromosomal folds actually also have information.

So when we change the way the nucleic acids are organised inside of DNA, we’re also changing what’s happening in the full dynamics of chromosomes, and that we have zero information with respect to the injection.

We have zero information about how that particular chromosomal activity changes, other than being certain that we now know that there are probably some of the effects that we’re seeing in adverse effects that are probably a result of chromosomal fold variations.

And by the way, remember I mean it’s it’s really critical for us to remember, they knew they were doing this. Anthony Fauci, in 1999 when he funded the UNC Chapel Hill weaponisation of Coronavirus (and people who have to get this), he did this because his fantasy with Coronavirus was using Coronavirus as a universal vaccine vector so that he could create an HIV vaccine.

So, all of the motivation that was the reason why NID funded the work of Ralph Baric and his colleagues at UNC Chapel Hill. All of it was based on the notion that Coronavirus, because it was such an insidiously. manipulatable virus, was a perfect candidate to use a virus as the vector to deliver another vaccine.

This whole thing started with this idea that somehow or another we could use viruses to actually deliver other vaccines.

And when Ralph Beric went to DARPA for the bio weapons conference at DARPA. he heralded the fact that the Coronavirus was ideally situated as a bio weapon candidate.

So this is not, you know, kind of a conjecture on my part, it’s actually in Ralph Baric’s own CV.

Why the the murderous deal they wanted to murder people naturally what was it you’re saying that the virus was to deliver a vaccine, okay, but really, a lot of people are calling this a genocide. I mean, isn’t.

Yeah, I mean, listen, we have had throughout human history, a number of people, throughout a lot of time, – (I mean, we can go back not that far, and we can think about the cultural revolution that Mao did in China). – and we can sit back and say “well, what Mao was trying to do was modulate the population modulate or modulate all kinds of other things.”.

And there is, by the way, an element of truth to that statement, because what Mao wanted to do was actually take China out of destitute poverty and turn it into a an economic powerhouse.

And the way he chose to do it involves, you know, inconveniently getting rid of somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 million people.

And we call it a Cultural Revolution.

We don’t call it genocide because we’re not allowed to, but it was in fact genocide.

And that is, is something that you know, we need to face.

And we could sit back and say, well, at least the motivation at the start wasn’t killing 50 million people, the motivation despite managing a population and an economic system that was out of control.

And similarly, we’re living in a situation where Ralph Baric probably falls asleep every night going “well, I did something that was laudable at its inception” , and the laudable goal was to see if we could use nature and hijack nature’s biochemistry to figure out a way to do something good for people who potentially were exposed to HIV.

So I’m sure, that somewhere in the back of Anthony Fauci and Rob Baric’s mind is some sort of justification that said, “well, at least I started off trying to do the right thing”

But in 2005.you actually start saying, “Hey, guess, we can use this as a bio weapon”. And then by 2008, you can start saying, “well, not only are we going to use it as a bio weapon, what we’re going to start doing is seeing if we can make it more deadly. And we’re going to find the deadliest version of this thing”.

 And lo and behold, in 2011 – 2013, we find a really deadly version of it in Wuhan.

So, we actually replicate, in 2013 and 2014; we replicate that deadly version at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

And then in 2016, because nobody’s watching because of the Gates function moratorium and everybody thinks that’s not happening, in 2016.

We get a publication that says the Wuhan Institute of Virology -1 is poised for human emergence.

Well, guess what?

At the same time, Ralph Baric had the patent for what’s called remdesdivir, which was the drug that is being used in hospitals to kill the people who actually didn’t get killed by the injection.

And so, you know, we could argue all the all day long that these people started off as just innocent scientists but the problem is it got away from them and got hijacked by people who actually had nefarious agendas and Ralph Baric and Anthony Fauci and Peter Daszak and Alexander Lazar, and all of the others who actually kick this ball into motion, knew very good and well, that when they got together and planned the, “accidental, or intentional release” of a respiratory pathogen, and those were words they use to publish in the summer of 2019/, (Anthony Fauci made reference to incidental or intentional release of respiratory pathogens in September 2019), so that by September 2020, the world would accept the universal vaccine.

The fact is, he KNEWS that he was actively planning the death and destruction of Americans. He knew that he was going to do that, and morally justified it because he said that by 2020, and specifically by September of 2020, the world would embrace a universal vaccine platform and he was going to own the disposition.

Let’s fast forward to the cases. These people should this is like Nuremburg. 2.0 But but makes Nuremberg look tame.

Yeah, this is so Nuremberg is it as an analogy a lot of people make and I encourage people not to make that analogy for a couple of reasons.

Nuremberg, had to do with carnage and destructive activities that was done by the Third Reich and supported by United States institutions like the Cold Spring Harbor Lab, and the United States National Utah office, which was at the Cold Spring Harbor lab and still is there to this day.

The Nuremberg trials were about inhumane treatment of human subjects in all sorts of medical experimentation that led to the death and harm of people.

And that’s true.

This is far worse.

This is organised crime.

This is an industry called the pharmaceutical industry that has decided to hide behind the diaphanous veil of immunity from prosecution by virtue of relying on the 1986 National Immunization act as well as the 2005 Prep Act.

They have hidden behind the immunity shields that absolve them a product liability by naming the delivery of a bio weapon, a vaccination program, and let’s be abundantly clear, vaccination was last statutorily defined in 1986.

There has been no alteration in the statutory definition of vaccination since 1986.

Now CDC, and the FDA can do all the handstands and all the gymnastics they want to say, well, they’ve changed the definition in 2020 – 21 to accommodate these new injections, but the fact of the matter is very simple.

This is an industry called the pharmaceutical industry that has decided to hide behind the diaphanous veil of immunity from prosecution by virtue of relying on the 1986 National Immunization act as well as the 2005 Prep act.

They have hidden behind the immunity shields that absolve them of product liability by naming the delivery of a bioweapon, a vaccination program and let’s be abundantly clear. Vaccination was last statutorily defined in 1986. There has been no alteration in the statutory definition of vaccination since 1986.

Now, CDC and the FDA can do all the handstands and all the gymnastics they want to say, well, they’ve changed the definition in 2020 and 21 to accommodate these new injections, but the fact of the matter is very simple.

Those change definitions do not constantly constitute a change statutory definition of vaccination and vaccination by statute means the disruption of infection or transmission.

These injections do neither of those things at all. These injections were designed to minimise hospitalisation and the severity of disease but they had nothing to deal with infection or transmission.

And because of that, this is actually a criminal act.

This is an act of domestic terror.

And it is an antitrust violation.

This is racketeering old school racketeering.

It is no different from the mob in the 1920s.

This is old school racketeering, for personal gain and profit at the expense of human lives and we need to call it what it is.

It’s organised crime.

In other words, you can read between the lines and I would say that the Nazis were better than the people who are doing this

Are you going to actually be successful with the court system and the FBI which is a captured institution, I think and I’ve been there, a teamfight Black Lives Matter burned everything down now. The abortion people around you kicking in doors or whatever? How are we supposed to get a hold of this? How are we supposed to bring people to justice if the Justice Department and the FBI and the the administration that we have now is lawless?

Well, that’s a great question, Greg, and you know, one of the things I remind people is that  the Little Middle Books in the in the Bible, which very few people bother reading called the Minor Prophets, are filled with stories of lawlessness, and they’re filled with stories of, you know, Israel, forgetting who their God was, and all sorts of other things, and the reason why we have so doggone many of those books in the Bible is because it happens a lot.

A lot of times we forget laws and we forget principles, and we forget values and we forget morality and we do all those kinds of horrible things. And then we are reminded in each one of those stories that at least one or two people – and you know in the Bible, it says there’s a remnant of the faithful that always seem to show up.

Well, the fact of the matter is, we are living in lawless times.

That’s true.

And we are living in times where there are enormous numbers of abuses of laws and standards and morality.

And that’s true, and our job is, as we’ve been instructed throughout human history, to make sure that we keep the message of the faithful moving forward.

And so what’s the analogy?

The analogy is really simple.

Will we be successful?

There’s no question we will.

Will we be successful in an individual case and in an individual venue?

Who knows?

You know, George Wentz and I who are actually leading this particular case in Utah, which is the first federal case against the CMS mandate. we are we are leading this case in large part because we have been successful in other cases.

Remember that the reason why people can fly without masks on their faces now is because the law group led by George Wentz funded by the Health freedom Defense Fund, run by Lesley Manoukian and supported by the research and technical engineering of my team at Mcam. We prevailed in the Florida case and you fly today because we actually got the federal government to be held accountable for the illegal promulgation of facemasks rules.

So, have we already booked a win?

Yes.  Are we going to book this win?

Who knows?

We’re gonna find out more on July 6th.

But the fact of the matter is we are scoring victories and remember that each victory that we’ve scored sets a precedent, which makes the next round of tyranny and the next plan of domestic terror more difficult for the perpetrators to go after.

You know, if somebody came up to Eliot Ness in the early days of his investigations with respect to the work of Al Capone and others in the Mafia and said, “Hey, Elliot, are you pretty pretty certain you’re going to tip over the mob? ” You know, Elliot would have probably said not probably not as a matter of fact, since I’m trying to go after the mob, the likelihood is very high that I’m going to be the one at the wrong end of a high velocity piece of copper.

But the fact of the matter is, by being persistent, by being correct, and by being precise, and in that particular case by using the right tools, which happened to be financial tools, which are among the tools that we are also using – the fact of the matter is, over time, we started having an effect in organised crime.

And this being organised crime is the right analogy for us to be using.

We need to be focused on the long game plan which is, ultimately Pfizer and Madonna and for that matter, any other pharmaceutical company needs to shoulder the wrongful death and the wilful negligent homicide death of the people that they injected under the guise of a therapy which they knowingly misbranded as a vaccine.

And the fact of the matter is, that’s the Federal Trade Commission violation.

It’s called deceptive medical practices.

That’s a class three felony in many states.

And as such, we are going to continue to prosecute until the felons are held accountable, and that may be July 6. It may be later on, but yes, so I’m absolutely certain that by keeping the pressure on we will prevail.

I wanted to bring up this and I didn’t discuss this with you in the pre- interview -why in Jack, six month old babies and kids under five years old, why inject the children?

The answer is very simple.

The goal of Pharma, and this is the professional lobbying organisation. -this is the organisation that spends more to corrupt Congress than any other lobbying organisation in the world.

But the goal of Pharma is to try to get the Coronavirus injection on to the National Childhood vaccine schedule and the reason for that is that would make permanent what under the Prep Act, and what under the emergency use authorisation is only a temporary immunity shield?

What Pharma has set out to do, (and that by the way, the reason why President Trump in September 2019 signed the executive order that put in motion what we now call Operation Warp Speed. four months before there was actually any reason to have an Operation Warp Speed because there allegedly hadn’t been any Coronavirus yet).

But forget the timing of it.

The reason why Alex Lazar forced President Trump to sign the executive order in September of 2019. before patient number one in Wuhan was because Pharma, that same organisation that put up his nomination to get him into being health and human service secretary, wanted to get genetically modified injectable on to the National Childhood Vaccine Schedule.

And the entire reason why we have been going after the six month old is because if we can put it on the childhood vaccine schedule, then the liability shield is permanent.

And we have to make sure every elected official in America knows that that is the reason why we are ignoring and now kill infants and children in this country.

And every single person who thinks that abortion is the topic we should be talking about is forgetting the fact that we are debating on whether or not abortion should or shouldn’t happen.

We are going to kill more children and these are alive and breathing children; we’re going to kill more children by injection than abortion ever touched. And unfortunately, I have not heard the moral outrage of this injection anywhere close to the same fever pitch that people have had around abortions.

And the fact of the matter is, we’re going to kill more babies, infants and children now and make sure their lives are permanently impaired.

So anybody who tells me they’re pro life and they’re not out in front on this thing, is a hypocrite.

We have to be opposed to scheduling genetic modification of our children once they are alive, once they are out of the womb, and we have to be very clear on the fact that unless we do that, we’re going to watch a genocide of our children, unlike anything any abortion clinic could have ever pulled off.

Thank you for explaining that succinctly. That’s how evil is that? They don’t care if they and they don’t they know that kids are going to die. They know that they don’t need this injection from.

There’s zero risk.

This is not a risk and reward risk benefit analysis.

There is zero risk to children and we are going to kill children anyway.

And remember, Pfizer was the one that came up with the cutting terminology of having an acceptable death rate for their injection in their own publication.

I don’t know what you think an acceptable death rate is but I can tell you what I think an acceptable acceptable death rate is.

My acceptable death rate is zero.

I want you to bring this up too. I didn’t talk to you about this. I’m trying to trip you up. I usually tell people we’ve talked about this. But they say that this virus this Corona and it has never been isolated. Oh, that’s correct. So that so what so it’s not the CV 19 virus. It’s the CV 19 SPIKE protein. Is that right?

And once again, what I love about what we allege to call the alleged scientists in this day and age is this, is this has been a campaign of the cunning misleading use of words.

This is a lexicon problem and and so, we need to set a couple things really, really straight. 

The device that Ralph Baric developed in 1999 and UNC Chapel Hill, patented in 2002, was the modification of the model of Coronavirus  so that the spike protein would be harmful and lethal to humans and human tissue.

So, this was developing a weapon.

And the reason why I use the term is because by definition, anything that is meant to target a human and make that human sick or die is a weapon.

That’s the definition of a weapon.

That’s why I call it what it is.

Now, they knew that.

Now they knew that, and they also knew that by using this cunning little term called SARS COV-2 as a virus, they would actually be able to intimidate populations into believing that there’s this boogeyman virus that’s out there trying to get to you now.

Remember this this is the first virus in human history that has never been tested.

This is the first disease allegedly created by a virus where the majority of people in the early phases of what we call this pandemic – the majority of people who tested positive for the presence of the spiked protein were not sick and the majority of people who were sick did not actually test positive for the alleged virus and ironically, every state in its declaration of a state of emergency, said SARS COVD – 2 causes COVID 19.

Tiny little problem.

The people who are getting symptoms called COVID-19 did not have the virus. And many people who allegedly tested positive for the virus didn’t have any sickness.

And as a result we came up with this nonsensical delusion called asymptomatic spreaders. These are the people that allegedly had the virus it didn’t really get sick. Well, here’s the problem.

The problem is, this has never been about a virus.

This has been about a spike protein weapon and the leading death counts, which became inflated once we started injecting people with the synthetic spike protein were allegedly COVID 19 deaths.

But the problem is they were not COVID-19 debts.

They were deaths from a biological weapon.

And unfortunately, as much as the scientists in the world would love to take issue with me, the mortality data unfortunately agrees with what I said because, it turns out – you mentioned at the top of the show, follow the money, it’s kind of an important thing to do – and it turns out that in 2020, prior to the introduction of the injection, life insurance companies had record lows.

And you heard the word I just said, record low numbers of claims, meaning that according to the money flow, people were not dying in excess numbers.

The excess number of deaths only happened after we started injecting people with the biological weapon.

And then all of a sudden, we had excess deaths.

But these were not excess deaths because people were getting sick from Coronavirus or getting sick with COVID 19.

These excess deaths were because we were injecting people with a known unscheduled toxin.

And so we need to be clear on the fact that we don’t have a disease .

COVID-19 does not exist.

There is no differential diagnosis that says COVID-19 is anything other than a set of symptoms where hospitals and care facilities are incentivised to say that you have it so that they get paid more.

There’s no there is no disease called COVID-19.

There is no disease caused by Coronavirus because most people once again who have the pathologies that lead to death do not have an isolatable double virus anywhere in their system.

And so to say it’s causal is a fallacy and there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever, by any agency at all, that says that there’s causality.

As a result, is very clear. Terminology – terms like asymptomatic spread, terms like virus, terms like vaccine – all of these things have been hijacked to confuse the public and worst of all, we have alleged China had something to do with the origins of this injection.

All the while, knowing the Wuhan Laboratory…..

I really didn’t have Corona, I had a spike protein….

Could you theoretically have been exposed somewhere to the spike protein associated with Coronavirus?


Because we all have been exposed to the spike protein associated with Coronavirus.

But did you have COVID-19?

Well, bad news for you is no you didn’t, because what you have was some subset of symptoms that was lumped by a clinician into a thing saying, “you got COVID”.

Well, the tiny little problem is that means you had one or two or three or four of 11 symptoms, most of which have nothing distinctive from the annual and seasonal influenza. symptoms.

But the likelihood is very high that you probably had a little bit of painful chest for a while you probably had aches and pains and some fever.

You probably had a bunch of things that in any other year, you would have said “Yep, it’s kind of like mostly the thing I had and a little different”.

But that’s because every time you have influenza, it’s mostly like what you had before only a little different.

You don’t have a cookie cutter version of any infection and the reason why you don’t is because your body is very wonderfully made to adapt itself to exposure to naturally-occurring pathogens and so the reason why we never have the exact same cold, the reason why we never have the exact same flu, the reason why we never have the exact same any viral model version of disease is because our body is intelligent, and our body actually change our response based on a previous infection.

So, we never have the same thing twice.

Similarly, we cannot have COVID-19 because COVID-19 is not a diagnosis of a disease.

It is a set of clinical symptoms.

And, it is a set of clinical symptoms that has been promoted. solely for the purpose of initiating a campaign of terror to get the and I’m quoting now, to get the public to accept the medical countermeasure called the Pan-coronavirus vaccine.

The whole purpose of these things in the human organism is to increase our body’s intelligence.

That’s why we get exposed to things.

Our body then gets smarter. It gets an upgrade, and you know if we called illness what it actually is, which is our body’s natural ability to upgrade its intelligence, so it knows how to handle the environment.

If we if we actually said “hey, the thing I just got over that was my upgrade”.

And it’s kind of like you know, when you get a computer and you get another, you know, Microsoft Office update and you got to restart your computer.

Well guess what, that’s happening.

When you get exposed to a normal environmental pathogen, whatever that thing is. It is an upgrade to instruct your body to navigate the environment better than it was the day before.

And if we call it what it was, which was our just it’s our downtime during the upgrade, you know, it’s inconvenient. yes – and we have to, you know, use more Kleenexes or more toilet paper or whatever, we will wind up having to use more of,

That’s all true.

And out the other side, we become a more intelligent organism. That’s what the whole model’s for.

So you’re better off , Greg, you’re smarter, your body’s smarter, your immune system is smarter.

So that the mistake that we’ve made is we’ve believed the nonsense coming out of CDC and we believe the nonsense coming out of financially-motivated and pharmaceutically-funded medicine.

We believe the nonsense that somehow viruses and bacteria are things we need to be terrified of.

The fact of the matter is, viruses and bacteria, those models of life forms our immune system upgrades into our system.

When people know, I you think that people will be fully awake and at some point, they’ll say, “oh my gosh, we were attacked”. This was a bioweapon. I got cancer. I’ve got brain disease. I mean, Justin Bieber has got a type of of shingles that severe his wife 25 years old – blood clot. You’re saying that would people wake up to this “oh, oh! look out?

Well, no question about that.

Remember that one of the one of the convenient things about the 1986 Act and one of the convenient things about the Prep Act, is the immunity shield from liability actually is only as good as the absence of fraud.

Because if there was fraud in the promulgation of the events leading to an emergency use authorisation, then ALL of the immunity shield gets wiped out.

So the reason why it is so important for conversations like the one we’re having to actually be promoted and be advanced is because the pharmaceutical companies and this includes Pfizer and Moderna and J&J because they know they are perpetuating a fraud

The great thing about this is when that fraud is established, 100% of the liability flows back to them.

And the reason I think that we had Operation Warp Speed run through a company called ATI, which most people don’t even know of, they have never heard of it.

It’s the prime contractor for Operation Warp Speed.

It’s the prime contractor that the United States government engaged for the development and the distribution of these injections.

I think the reason why we use the cover Corporation ATI is, because, as we’ve seen, time and time and time and time again, and by the way, Johnson and Johnson did this with their baby powder liability – what they’ll do is they’ll actually blame the financial loss on a company they intend to bankrupt 

I fully anticipate that ATI will be the main defendant.

All of the other companies will say:  “Hey, we weren’t the prime contractors. ATI was the prime contractor. We were just suppliers to them”.

And they will try to use the cunning Department of Defense legal opinion and the Department of Justice, legal opinion and during the Trump administration., they’ll try to use those legal opinions to say that Pfizer and Moderna and J&J and others are not liable.

Tiny little problem is when a fraud was the basis for a fraud, then we actually have a number of other legal remedies that allow you to pierce that veil.

So in the end, there’s no question, there is going to be a plaintiff’s lawyers’, feed trough feeding frenzy of sharks that are going to be more than happy to go after Pfizer and Moderna and it’s quite evident, based on the current mortality and morbidity data, that given the fact that when it comes to biological weapons and bioterror, each count comes with $100 million dollar penalty.

That’s what the federal statute gives as the penalty for corporate domestic terrorism.

When you have per count 100 million dollars a pop liabilities, that is an existential threat that takes a company like Pfizer or takes a company like Moderna out of existence – and that is what we’re working for every day.

When people realise that they’re sick, they’re sick and dying, or my kid got killed, or my wife has been killed is that they’re not going to be sued people. They’re going to they’re going to go crazy.

Well, and I think, Greg, part of the value of our conversation right now is to try our best to minimise the risk of that.

Because what leads people to acts of outrageous violence, more often than not, is a sense of absolute and abject hopelessness.

If you genuinely think there is no way that justice is going to be done, then vigilantism is not a long reach.

Part of the reason why I’ve been so explicit in making sure people know that I’m fighting every day for the cause of American citizens, part of the reason why I have been so out front in this conversation ever since I filed my first Office of Inspector General criminal complaint back in April of 2020 before most people were doing any of this stuff. 

The reasons why I’ve been doing that is in fact, because I want to contribute to a constructive accountability exercise, not a destructive vigilantism.

And that doesn’t mean by the way, that does not mean that as a father, as a husband, as, you know, a son anything else. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have outrage, and that outrage doesn’t necessarily make me feel like violence may be an option.

What I do know is that in my particular instance, I’m old school when it comes to America.

I think we have a country where a lot of our laws were good.

I think a lot of the principles that this country was founded on were good, and I am going to make sure that I’ve done everything I can within the scope of the rules that we all agreed are the rules of engagement in this country,I’m going to pursue every constructive , and I can.

Now that does not mean that I sit in judgment over somebody who in outrage decides to take revenge, but I’m going to tell you, point blank, I’ve also never seen revenge ever lead to a beneficial future.

I think revenge actually codifies what ultimately becomes a moral blight on our society.

So all I can do is everything I am doing, to try to make sure that I’ve made the constructive off opportunity as viable as possible.

And that doesn’t mean that we’re going to succeed.

It does mean that I’m going to make every effort to do so.

2 thoughts on “Dr David Martin: 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028

  1. You KNOW that politicians are exempt from NO laws in any Western nation, right? That if we had enough public support for it, we could effectively rally more public support to end these mandates than they could block or dismiss.
    Many would join such an effort 1) if such a one existed, & 2) we could get enough people to sign onto it initially to make others feel safe enough to join in. So it REALLY BECOMES a case of finding people courageous enough to be amongst those First Few.
    You’ve got me. This would be a perfectly legal, non-violent means of ending the mandates, possibly leading to other gains against whatever powers forward these harmful agendas into policy in other fields. After all, lobbying IS 100% illegal as the articles of impeachment against Trump reminded us.
    Like I said, it’s finding those First Few supporters that is the only REAL problem.
    Care to chat about the details? We don’t have to wait for those doing this to arrest themselves. We can rally support to end this WITHOUT their permission or them seeing the action coming.

  2. Once critical mass is reached in public awareness of this Super Organized Crime worldwide, but, especially in America, Citizens Arrest Teams under the umbrellas of Independent Grand Juries and Patriot Sheriffs could be formed to start to meet out Justice for the thousands of Super Criminals out there. However, it may be doubtful that such critical mass awareness, anger and forming of Arrest Teams has enough time available before looming World War ensues. It’s certainly a needed focus, though.

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