Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”

Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”

In the beginning of this interview Mike Adams does as close to a “mea culpa” as he can get to Dr. Judy Mikovits and acknowledges he was wrong about the Plandemic for an entire year.

The covid-19 FRAUD: The entire industry of viral infectious disease is based on complete FICTION

I reckon he should make an apology to David Icke, who was largely (but not entirely right).

New brain-damaging disease “Stupid-19” makes people think the coronavirus is a HOAX

The independent media has been afflicted with a dangerous new contagion that I’m calling “Stupid-19.” It’s characterized by people who believe viruses aren’t real and that, in their view, all the covid-19 deaths around the globe have been faked in order to trick the public.

Conspiracy analyst David Icke has now emerged as the poster child for Stupid-19. In a popular new interview, David Icke claims all the following bizarre things:

  • That there is no covid-19 virus.
  • That PCR gene analysis technology doesn’t work.
  • That all the deaths would have happened anyway, but are being re-categorized as covid-19 through some grand conspiracy involving tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and coroners.
  • That all healthy cells in healthy people excrete covid-19-like virus material when stressed, which is why covid-19 tests keep finding covid-19.
  • That ANYONE can “test positive” for covid-19 since the test only spots routine genetic material that’s found in the body of every living person.
  • That doctors can ramp up or ramp down the number of infections they want to find by simply altering the PCR replication of genetic material in test samples.

According to Icke, all the 100+ nations around the world have faked their own economic collapse scenarios, faked all the cremations of dead bodies and rigged lockdowns for no reason in order to pull off some sort of global prank.

Icke claims covid-19 is actually being caused by 5G cell towers alone. This is unfortunate since 5G exposure may be a co-factor in the loss of structure and function of hemoglobin molecules in red blood cells, but that’s only a co-factor. 5G alone cannot explain the exponential spread of the coronavirus which almost perfectly follows the spread pattern of a transmissible infectious pathogen.

Watch my video below, explaining the rise of #Stupid-19 across the independent media.

David Icke is now infecting the independent media with horribly wrong disinformation that defies logic and reason


4 thoughts on “Dr. Judy Mikovits interviewed by the Health Ranger: Fauci’s covid crimes aren’t his first “plandemic”

    Most of the information is above the heads of a large percentage of the people! When trying to get the message across, think Homer Simpson. You have to simplify the message so that Homer can understand.
    COVID is not “caught” by people coughing!
    COVID is given by vaccine and is killing people, sterilizing people etc!
    Do NOT allow anyone to inject you with COVID vaccine.
    Build up your immune system and get sunshine if you can, or take vitamin D3.

    1. I’m pretty sure, even though it’s a turn of phrase.
      you can “Catch the cold” when you deeply inhale/hiccup cold air, and bacteria from your upper throat, deeper into your lungs causing a “cold.”

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