Dr. Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccines Are Leaky And Have Poor Durability (VIDEO)

Dr. Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccines Are Leaky And Have Poor Durability (VIDEO)


Dr. Robert Malone, who is the inventor of mRNA technology, recently appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss Covid-19 vaccines. Malone has been an outspoken critic of the vaccine in the past.

Steve Bannon: “If you had Biden and Fauci in the room together to some morning, you had two or three minutes to walk them through… ‘Hey, guys, here’s exactly what we need to do for our nation and for our citizens,’ what would you tell them?”

Dr. Malone:  “It’s okay, it’s appropriate to continue to vaccinate the high risk individuals, and they’re starting to deploy, you know, we’re going to have to re-vaccinate them every six months now. That’s because the vaccines are leaky, and they have poor durability. We need to rapidly allow and start deploying these drug combinations, repurpose drug combinations that are already licensed, and are largely anti-inflammatories. But the Ivermectin data is coming in stronger and stronger. There’s no downside to dosing Ivermectin at 200 micrograms per kilogram, once daily, and it does seem to have efficacy.  So we need to go ahead and make those available and absolutely the CDC has got to get their act together and enable testing, widespread testing. It doesn’t have to be mandatory testing, but enable physicians offices, and ideally, individuals to get rapid tests so that they know that they’re actually infected by this virus as opposed to a rhino virus or something else, so that they can quickly avail themselves of these early agents that are exactly what Tony is saying that he needs to have, but are currently on the market in generic. Unfortunately, the big pharma can’t make money on them. But that shouldn’t stop us from saving lives.”

Steve Bannon: “Real quickly, the key to the shift that you’re saying is anti-inflammatory and not treat the virus in about a minute and a half. Why is that important for our audience to understand, and for Biden understanding.”

Dr. Malone“This is a disease, the, the virus is necessary, but not sufficient to develop the disease, the disease is your response to the virus. We have a rich library of anti-inflammatory drugs, we use them for a variety of things. And those anti-inflammatories largely provide a fantastic toolkit to allow physicians to rationally manage the hyper inflammatory response that occurs. In addition, we have anticoagulants, Apixaban, and others that are very effective in a lot of this diseases driven by the coagulation problems. So we have stuff in our kit, we just have to stop, you know, going back to the past, we have to have antivirals, like we had with HIV. It’s a very different disease. We hear what we need to do is treat your hyper inflammatory response to the virus, because that’s what kills you. That’s what puts you in the hospital. That’s what damages your lungs. That’s what damages your heart. It’s not the primary viral infection. It’s the inflammatory response to it.”

One thought on “Dr. Malone, Inventor of mRNA Technology: Vaccines Are Leaky And Have Poor Durability (VIDEO)

  1. I just heard some hearsay/second hand info. from Dr. Tenpenny.
    Apparently she and others were talking with Dr. Robert Malone, and he admitted the current ‘vaccines’ contain “Graphene.” @4:45

    Tenpenny: “Dr. Malone: “Graphene is in there and it’s used for ___.” And he said the word, and I missed it, so when we get the transcript I’ve got to get it back. Because He basically just admitted that it was there.”

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