Dr. McCullough describes white, rubbery material as “blood clots”

Dr. McCullough describes white, rubbery material as “blood clots”

This is Dr. Peter McCullough on Telegram

“I am frequently asked about the large rubbery blood clots reported by undertakers in those who have died due to the pandemic. Here is my analysis on Real America with Dan Ball. Cumulative Spike protein from respiratory infection+\/ in vascular endothelium plays a large role.”

There is controversy today from Dr. Jane Ruby and her followers because he has made these comments without approaching any of the numerous undertakers who have extracted white rubbery “clots” from the dead or from those who have examined them under a microscope.

From Dr. Jane Ruby – 

Now Peter McCullough is trying to sound like an expert in some thing he’s never contacted me, Mike Adams, or Mr. Hirschman about, he’s never asked for or received samples of his materials and he is not conducted to my knowledge any chemical analysis and should not be opining on the work Mike Adams and I are putting out.

It’s dishonest of McCullough, who was never interested in the white fibrous clots before now, to speculate on their contents, especially since he never analyzed any of them.

If he had reviewed the work Mike  and I have done, or if he had given either of us the courtesy of a phone call, he would know that the white fibrous clots have nothing to do with bodily tissues.

Speculations are intended to mislead the public.

So sick of these operatives

I am not a rude person, especially in the case that someone has done so much good, however I am not afraid of pointing out disingenuousness when I see it.

I do not believe for an instant that as a cardiologist, Dr McCullough does not know the difference between a blood clot (shown below) and what has been found.

I object to suggestions that Drs. McCullough and Malone are “operatives” but I understand the sentiments, because here is a person who could have used their position to amplify the message but chose not to.

I suspect we are seeing a version of this:

“It Is Difficult to Get a Man to Understand Something When His Salary Depends Upon His Not Understanding It

—Upton Sinclair

Perhaps they do not wish to compromise their reputation by examining something that is patently SOMETHING, even if we do not know what they are,  Whatever they are, they are real (not made up) and certainly NOT blood clots. 

Here is Dr. Ruby and Mike Adams discussing their results. They are not the only ones

Is truth determined by the messenger and what letters they have after their name?


Dr. McCullough has done wonderful service in pointing to the dangers of the spike protein but Dr. Sherry Tenpenny pointed out many months ago that there were TWENTY mechanisms of injury in the mRNA shots, NOT ONE.

She has since expanded this number from 20 to 40.

But I suspect that Dr. Tenpenny is too low in the list of credentialed medical experts and it might be below the dignity of Dr. McCullough to even acknowledge her existence.

This is what Dr. Tenpenny identified:


MOI (Mechanisms of Injury),Covid Injections: Class –  Dr Sherri Tenpenny


LIVE @7PM: White Clots Pulled From The Living

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane welcomes back South African Wellness Specialist and Covid 19 Bioweapon Naturopathic Healer, Dr. Leunie von Rooyen for a -part discussion where they will review the recent findings of his colleagues who surgically removed the white fibrous clots only found by embalmers in jabbed cadavers. And Dr. von Rooyen shares his expertise on treatment of the jabbed by using completely different evaluation and diagnostic tests than those commonly used in traditional (allopathic) medicine and the show wraps up with Dr. von Rooyen’s general treatment approaches for the jabbed. This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

But, Dr. Leunie von Rooyen is not famous like Dr. McCullough so how could he possibly be right?

Please excuse the sarcasm.

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