Dr. Rashid A Buttar – Hydrogel in the COVID-19 Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation

Dr. Rashid A Buttar – Hydrogel in the COVID-19 Injections Has Been Programmed for 5G Activation

I have provided a rough transcript below, of part of the conversation between Maria Zeee and Dr. Rashid Buttar on hydrogel in the mRNA shots and what he thinks is going to happen.

I have mispelt Dr. Buttar’s  name throughout. My apologies.

Maria: included, a lot of us don’t necessarily understand this delivery system and what it’s actually capable of. Can it be programmed?  I’ve got a lot of questions around this.

Dr. Bhuttar  Sure. So essentially, the hydrogel is a fixative, like a matrix, if you will. Think of it as something that allows for stability of whatever has been put in it. So the hydrogel is essentially a mechanism of delivery that is that creates a consistent and stable matrix to hold whatever they want to be held in there.

It just so happens that in this particular case, there’s overwhelming evidence that there are at least three pathogens we know of, probably more additional ones that we’re not aware of.

But the three that I’m aware of, for certain  Somebody said about monkeypox. Monkeypox is not one that we found in there – that that is not consistent with the information that that I’ve gotten.

Marburg is one. Marburg is the pathogen that causes hemorrhagic fever. And essentially, it causes hemorrhaging from the eyes, ears throughout the body – 88% mortality from exposure. So that means if one person is walking down the street and somebody else has encountered them, there’s an 88% chance that they will die from that exposure.

But that’s from an exposure. Here, in this case, the Marburg is in this hydrogel, so it’s already in your body.

So that’s has much higher than it’s probably like a 99% mortality.

The second one is Ebola. We all know what Ebola is. You know, the Dr. Judy Mikovits, who I don’t know whether you’ve ever interviewed her, but she’s a good friend. And you know, she was involved with a gain of function studies with Ebola at the NIH, about 20 plus years ago.

And then we’ve got a mutated form of E- coli.

So these three pathogens – there’s more than overwhelming evidence that these are three of these pathogens that are housed within the hydrogel that is used in the jobs that are being given.

Now, these three pathogens are innocuous, they’re stable, they’re inert, they don’t do anything there. You wouldn’t even know that they’re there.

But the hydrogel is the fixative that is within. Think of it also paraffin, or cryo (?), or something, something that’s preserved, okay.

It’s like a storage, it’s a vehicle to deliver whatever they’re trying to deliver, like the messenger RNA or whatever else they’re doing. But it’s also fixating these things and keeping them stable.

It’s a payload very high levels, it’s a payload of pathogens that are being held in this hydrogel almost like a sleeper cell.

Are you familiar with the term sleeper cell?

Dr.Bhuttar: So it’s like like it when they talk about terrorism, you know, sleeper cell to somebody. They program the –  they may not even be aware of what’s going on. They live in another country for six months, sometimes years, you know, decades and then they’re activated.

And they don’t even know if it’s hypnotic, or whatever the case is, they get activated.

And they’re, they’re sleeping, in the sense that they’re, they’re not doing anything covert As soon as they’re activated.

Now creating the problem that was designed, you know, previously years, decades ago before, to be able to do whatever they’re supposed to do that. So think of the these pathogens as the sleeper cells that are inside the hydrogel that’s inside the vaccine, so people jabbed with it, – you know, it’s inside their bodies, completely inert, they don’t do anything.

Now, when there is a trigger when that sleeper cell is activated, when there’s this trigger – (and we don’t know what the trigger is) … There have been a number of things that have been postulated.

The one that most likely is an 18 gigahertz pulse from the 5g towers that have gone up, that will be one minute in duration, three subsequent pulses, all minute and duration that will then cause this hydrogel to melt down this associate, D has, (?) you know, whatever it’s going to do become unstable, and now allow that sleeper cell to awaken and release these pathogens.

That Marburg is the the and the Ebola and allow them to become no longer inert. Now they’re becoming pathogenic.

Maria: Where do we get the information? Where do we get the information about these three pulses? I haven’t heard about how it’s actually possible.

Dr. Bhuttar: So it’s, it’s not certain.

It’s a postulate that there’s going to be some type of trigger.

It could be in the water. It could be in the air. It could be chemtrails but it appears that it is going to be this sequence because again, this was during the discovery process.

Look at all the towers that are going up.

It’s crazy how fast they’re going up, and then you start going looking at the way that, you know, you mentioned the transhumanism aspect.

In 2014. patents were issued and perfected, issued to AT and T and Microsoft for the transmission of data through the human vector, i.e skin, specifically skin and bones.

Now, how can you have patents that are already perfected eight years ago, so they were filed prior to 2014 that are already perfected, to allow data to be transmitted to the human body because your human body? You’re your own sovereign body.

So how can how can anybody have a patent to transmit data through me unless within my body there is technology that is already patented.

And before people start saying that doesn’t make any sense let me remind you of what Monsanto did with their corn.

Monsanto made the genetically modified corn, and then their genetically modified corn seeds would either inadvertently find their way into farmers that were not buying the genetically modified corn or the wind would blow some of the seeds over into their fields and, and set up and that corn would be growing the genetically modified corn.

Monsanto would file suit against these farmers, the farmers didn’t have the resources to fight them and they would say that we didn’t plant this corn, but Monsanto would say it was patent infringement that these farmers had, because their corn, the genetically modified corn was being grown in their fields in these farmer’s fields, and therefore they would win the suits in court, take over the farmers You know, farmers were committing suicide.

I think in India, over 300,000, farmers committed suicide, because they had no other recourse.

They didn’t know what else to do.

They just killed themselves.

I mean, this is it’s crazy. But this is exactly what Monsanto did. And this is exactly what I believe that they’re going to try to do with this transhumanism because the patents are already issued, the technology has already been introduced into the bodies of anybody who’s taken the vaccines or the boosters.

And now you’ve got the technology, our patented technology in your body, which allows them to own the data that’s being transmitted through our technology in your body.

And so this is the part of the transhumanism agenda that’s coming up.

And sure, you’ve already covered the parts, Maria, like, they can tell your thoughts they can, they can tell you, “you know, be at this ditch and dig this many hours. And if you don’t show up, you don’t get paid“.

You know, they know everything about your movements. They know everything about your habits.

So there’s a lot of sinister things going on the 5G network.

And it’s not the 5G aspect that makes it dangerous. It’s actually the communication ability.

Because with this data transmission that they’re going to be doing, they have to be able to communicate with this technology has been inoculated into people’s bodies.

And it’s a 5g network that’s going to be allowing that communicate two way communication.

Maria: Even more dangerous when when we get into the realm of 6G and then 7G where we’re talking about the Internet of Bodies Internet of Things. For anyone who hasn’t seen my most recent interview with Karen Kingston. It’s up on ZeeMedia.com, where we talk about that.  It’s an extended interview, and we talk about the RAND website that shows that they’re able to essentially manipulate human beings.

I mean, they make these statements openly. And the the RAND website actually talks about animal….

Dr. Bhuttar: Hackable animals

Maria: Yes, and being able to coerce people through this technology that’s inside of them. And I mean, when we first started speaking about this, you know, last year, we sounded like wackos. But now more and more is coming out to that effect. And I suppose as we continue to explore this, Dr. Bhuttar, because there are still so many unknowns.

But the reality is that that people have been injected with some sort of a technology. We’ve got so much evidence. 

I had a group of scientists and whistleblowers here in Australia, that came to me with the information that they were finding the nanotechnology.

An Australian senator was there and witnessed it from the fridge to the, microscope, so you can’t deny this anymore. But it’s just more what is it capable of doing and what is it going to do?

You’ve made predictions as well about we’ve only just started to see the beginning of the sudden deaths, that it’s going to get a lot worse Talk us through that.

Dr. Bhuttar: One of my presentations have been giving at the Reawakened America Conference.

I don’t have the slide here, but I’ll give the listeners a if you know if you allow it a resource where they can go and watch a presentation that was just filmed at Daystar.

Maria: Of course.

Dr. Bhuttar: It’s about an hour 45 minutes and I show 13 different news clippings where they are talking about the increased cause of death. right and this is all going to be through thrombosis, myocarditis pericarditis, myocardial infarction strokes.

And that’s because that’s the mechanism of action that is killing people from these jabs.

But what they’re trying to do now is they’re almost preparing us, okay?

So they show solar flares. They show gardening soil, this thing that people are going to die from being exposed to gardening soil.

They are talking about how if you leave your TV on at night, that’s associated with higher incidence of myocardial infarction, soil exposure, myocardial infarction. If you’re an older lonely woman, myocardial infarction, if you’re younger, help woman myocardial.

Maria: Climate change

Dr. Bhuttar: Climate change, right.  Solar flares, I’ve got somebody told me what solar flares do have an impact.

And I said, but they’re saying 5500 deaths per year.

How do they know it’s gonna be 5500 deaths?

They’ve got things like, if your house isn’t the path of an airplane, you’re gonna be at a higher chance of having a heart to heart disease, heart attacks.

And this is all rubbish.

They’re preparing us because they’re programming the masses to accept myocardial infarction, myocarditis, pericarditis, strokes, and these other associated cardiovascular conditions, to to accept them as being part of the norm.

This is what they predicted what’s going to happen. That’s what we’re seeing.

No, it’s all from vaccine induced injury.

It’s all from the people that had been vaccinated.

So when they release this, whatever it is, when they trigger this, when you start seeing people dying, like people falling down with flies.

They’re going to attribute all these weird things that literally, Maria – they are programming us to believe their BS.

Because what else would happen if people started seeing all these people dying, and then they attributed to the vaccine. There would be mass chaos, they would be revolutions, they would be wars, they would be politicians dragged out and hung in public.

So they have to right now start preparing the mind that all these things are happening, –

You know, they’re not saying it’s from cancer, or it’s not from the general joint or, you know, spiking blood sugars: they’re saying it’s from myocardial infarctions and strokes. It’s very specific.

And these are the conditions that are resulting from the vaccine-induced injury, we have been told that the problem is COVID, and the solution is these jabs, whereas in fact, that real problem, as I had said, almost three years ago, and I’m still saying two and a half years ago, and I’m still saying the same thing – the ONLY problem is the vaccine induced injury.

And if you’re worried about any kind of virus, it’s the stupidity virus The solution is powering people with knowledge, giving them the solution, so they can take matters in their own hands.

And this is the thing that the reason I’m so I’m being more aggressive than I have in the past in this last year, year and a half, because when I was the platformed, I was also, in a way, relieved that I was deplatformed because before I didn’t have the voice to tell people what was going to happen.

And I didn’t want to tell people what was gonna happen because I didn’t have a solution.

You can hear about Dr.Bhuttar’s solution in the rest of the video and in the video of the conference

Here is some additional material on this.

Todd Callender is the lawyer Dr. Bhuttar mentions in the video.

Image: The Prather Point: Disaster looms as Marburg virus may have been released through COVID-19 vaccine payloads – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Lawyer Todd Callender recently warned the public of a looming disaster as the dreaded Marburg virus may have been released through the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

“Now, we just need the actual disaster to happen. And there’s actually worse parts to it than that, including the 1p36 gene deletion that effectively will turn those poor people into zombies. As odd as that sounds, our government is preparing for that,” Callender told host Jeffrey Prather during the April 22 episode of “The Prather Point” on Brighteon.TV.

The Marburg virus disease (MVD), formerly known as Marburg hemorrhagic fever, is a severe and often fatal illness in humans with a fatality rate of up to 88 percent.

“We know that Marburg is not particularly contagious, but it has an extraordinarily high rate of fatality. And we know the mechanism by which this will be released, and that is inside of these shots that people already received inside the lipid nanoparticles. The hydrogel there exists pathogens inside of the particles that have not yet opened. Those pathogens are chimeric: They include E. coli, Marburg, Ebola, staphylococcus and Brewer’s yeast, among others,” Callender explained.

Callender said the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has already invoked the Marburg provision, which means that it is already spending money to build Marburg quarantine camps among other things throughout the United States.

“We know that when they broadcast an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute from the 5G system, three different times as a pulse, it will cause those lipid nanoparticles to swell and release these pathogenic contents – thereby causing a Marburg epidemic that they have already spent the money on.” (Related: CLAIM: Covid vaccines installed Marburg “payloads” in human victims; 5G broadcast signal will activate the bioweapon, unleashing the next raging pandemic.

The lead counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory COVID-19 vaccination of members of the U.S. Armed Services said the lipid nanoparticles are like little fat bombers.

“The various manufacturers of these shots have included three separate HIV proteins. The reason for that was to disable, to disarm people’s immune systems so that those little fat bombers could go inside of the cell and deliver their payloads in order to reprogram the person’s body to produce synthetic DNA. In this case, they call it S proteins,” Callender said. When they turn that Marburg switch on it will be M proteins, and it will cause people to produce the Marburg pathogen themselves.”

Zombie apocalypse preparedness program already in place

Prather mentioned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency had already put out zombie commercials and ConOps (Concept of Operations) before in case of a zombie apocalypse.

Callendar agreed and cited Complan 8888 Stratcom, which was put out in 2011. He said it was all about five different types of zombies and a zombie apocalypse. He added that every National Incident Management System-compliant state already had their zombie apocalypse preparedness training.

The Colorado-based lawyer noted that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a zombie apocalypse preparedness website up and running the past five years.

U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Pete Chambers, who was also one of the guests in the show along with Callender, talked about a recent incident where the police arrested a man suspected of shooting 10 commuters in a rush hour attack at a Brooklyn subway station.

The suspect allegedly donned a construction worker’s helmet, vest and a gas mask before throwing smoke grenades and opening fire. A massive 30-hour manhunt was launched in the wake of the attack. The search was complicated by malfunctioning cameras inside the subway station.

Chambers mentioned that he had received intel information a month ago that there was a plan to release some sort of a biological agent in New York. He added that the “real” suspect was a white male, fighting-age, wearing a gas mask and had some sort of settlement cylinder on his back with something sparking at the top. The man arrested by the police is an African American.

Follow Zombie.news to know more about the zombie apocalypse.

Watch the full April 22 episode of “The Prather Point” below. Catch new episodes of the program with Jeffrey Prather every Friday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV.

This was mentioned by Dr.Karen Kingston at the end of last year.

Note that hydrogel is a synonym for lipid nano particles.


Main talking points:

  • all of the COVID-19 “vaccines” are bioweapons
  • there are 4 PEGylated lipid nano particles in the COVID-19 vaccines (PEG = polyethylene glycol):
    1. a cholesterol lipid enables the vaccine ingredients to be transported by the blood
    2. the phospholipid adheres to the cell membrane to make it permeable
    3. an ionizable lipid provides a positive ionic charge so the mRNA can enter the cell
    4. a PEGylated lipid made by SINOPEG, a Chinese company
  • mRNA is very unstable, thus it needs a “biosphere” to protect it until it can enter the cell – this is provided by the lipid nano particles and graphene oxide which is 4,000 time stronger than titanium, can withstand 1,700 F temperatures, is an excellent conductor of electricity, and can host a magnetic field
  • graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because a), it is poisonous to humans and b), because it is the main ingredient in hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system, though Kingston notes that this is not possible “with this round [of vaccines]” because “they rushed this thing out” and “they’re just seeing how much they can put into people before they… die”
  • the graphene oxide in the vaccines is neutrally charged (inactive), however if/when it becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation (radio frequency, such as wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc.), it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located
  • multiple COVID-19 “vaccines” and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body
  • the COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when, during a study with mice, 80% died within 24 hours and the remainder died within the next few days

Stealth Ingredients & Concealed Knowledge: Karen Kingston and Dr. Andy Kaufman Expose the Seamy Underside of DARPA’s mRNA Vaccines–Toxic Graphene Oxide & Known Spike-Protein Shedding

This is an interview with Dr. Karen Kingston from May, 2022

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Biotech Analyst Karen Kingston joined us today to give a deeper understanding of the proposed IHR amendments, WHO Pandemic Treaty, her analysis on what Monkeypox actually is and preparing the world for what is coming if we do not wake up people quickly enough.

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