Dr Robert Malone: “We Needed to Protect the CCP, that Was Part of the Cover-Up”

Dr Robert Malone: “We Needed to Protect the CCP, that Was Part of the Cover-Up”

Dr Robert Malone joined Steve Bannon on the War Room with his best understanding of what went on behind the scenes at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Steve asks him if he believes that Fauci and others at the NIH committed crimes beyond lying to Congress and Malone replies that his contacts at the CIA tell him that as a result of a “leak”, all CIA assets in China were killed and since the US no longer had any ears or eyes in China, they agreed to finance the Wuhan lab. The “quid pro quo” was that the US would be allowed “limited oversight” of the CCP’s biowarfare program there.

He says that Fauci, himself has admitted that the CCP needed to be “protected” and this directive was germane to the COVID origins cover-up that we all witnessed every time Fauci testified before Congress.

Malone continues, “At a time when the Federal Government policy was that we were not supposed ton have Gain of Function research, clearly we had Gain of Function research. Clearly, the intelligence community is at the center of all of this. That’s the big lesson foe me. I’ve been dragged into that realization. I haven’t wanted to believe that the United States intelligence community was at the center of this whole COVID crisis but I’ve come to the conclusion that that is the case. The US intelligence community, working together with the CCP were at the center of this entire affair…

“Mutants were created. They were in the process of being characterized. It appears that there was some events that resulted in infection of human personnel within the WIV. Those are the initial index cases, they occurred sometime around November 2019. Then, we had CCP staff move in, eliminate all those viral isolates and the associated records and the cascade of events came on.”

Steve says this means the US intelligence community knew about COVID and Wuhan in November of 2019. Malone replies, “That’s what I’m hearing…Hopefully, it’ll eventually come out in the hearings but it’s going to be treated as ‘confidential information’.

“I’ve also heard that Gottlieb directly intervened in the decision of the Government to switch from Moderna to Pfizer. Gottlieb has intel ties. He is involved within advisory committees within the CIA. And apparently, he went into the CIA, interacted, and there was a switch in national policy within 24 hours, in terms of the emphasis on which vaxxine to promote.”

Malone goes on to say that Anthony Fauci used burner phones in an effort to hide what transpired and also that Fauci intervened with one of the key research groups that was assigned within the CIA to determine if SARS-CoV-2 was of laboratory origin. “He intervened to dissuade them from that conclusion.”

Malone continues, “Once upon a time, I thought we were the good guys. Once upon a time, I thought this was a CCP operation. Once upon a time, I thought it must be some other entity that was the hidden hand behind this. What I’ve learned after this whole journey is – from friends that would know – a strong case could be made that the CIA is the most powerful organization in the world right now and it’s functionally rogue.

“What we have is a bunch of operational units within the CIA that are seeking to maximize their capital, their resources within their assigned mission space. I think a case can be made that part of what’s been going on here is a failure of leadership and control; that you’ve had these functional groups that are seeking to enhance their power base and their wealth, their resource base that have grown beyond their mission, really, it’s mission creep…

“What I understand is the Agency is absolutely, at this point in time, the most important organization in the world. It is largely autonomous. As we’ve heard in so many different ways and the latest was the testimony regarding the UAPs. We’ve got these multiple lines of evidence that the CIA is largely comprised of functional groups that have assigned mission space that operate in kind of an entrepreneurial way to capture capital and to operate within their assigned mission space relatively autonomously under guidance of their internal civilian command and those administrators seek to maximize power, scope and capital resources that they can capture and with the COVID crisis and the run-up in the biodefense industry, etc, they’ve had a great opportunity to grab at a whole new pile of capital, which they’ve used to expand their mission. This is classic mission creep.”

Malone then comments about the UFO hearings that took place, saying, “The story is not aliens. The story is the interface and complete arrogance of the Administrative State over decades. This is the clearest documentation – and the behaviors that you see – the complete integration with the press, the integration of the derision, defamation, gaslighting, etc, it’s the same portfolio, it’s the same checklist that we’re seeing deployed against Bobby Kennedy right now and that we’ve seen deployed throughout the COVID crisis. It’s like they have a standard playbook…

“In terms of what’s happened here over the last 3 years, what we’ve seen, in my opinion, is the fusion of the Administrative State and the intelligence community and what’s been assimilated, the vector that comes out of that is the ethics of the entire edifice have become the ethics of the intelligence community, which are essentially no ethics, they’re entirely situational. That’s where we get this vector that comes out that’s totally utilitarian and anything goes that advances the interests of that imperial state and the Administrative State that supports it.”

Steve asks him if he believes there is a depopulation motive behind COVID and the vaxx. Malone replies that although the State Department claims on its website that depopulation is not part of its policy, that we will know them by their actions and their actions during the COVID crisis are consistent with the Kissinger Report and subsequent reports, initially implemented by President Gerald Ford.

Malone says he’s not been able to find any replacement documents, which may either mean that those policies are still in place, unless they’ve been superseded by policies that are classified.

The two agree that over classification is a huge problem and that everything about COVID must be declassified immediately.

Dr. Robert Malone: Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 1: What Did the CIA Do in Wuhan?

The CIA is ostensibly the only organization in the world capable of shaping and coordinating the agenda of global affairs. The Covid pandemic was not an exception. Working through its de-facto operational unit, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and hand-in-hand with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense (DOD), as well as Chinese scientists in the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was deeply involved in so-called Dual Use Research of Concern on coronaviruses, presumably for biodefense purposes. Using the cutting-edge technology provided by the United States, the Wuhan lab was able to engineer the virus to look natural. Engaged in a quid-pro-quo with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the United States intelligence community, along with their counterparts elsewhere in the administrative state, covered up all evidence of the nature of the work being done in the lab. 

While there is no ironclad evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered as a bioweapon, there are strong indications that it was. For example, it is well documented in scientific literature that coronaviruses provide an excellent platform for bioweapons. Given the strong ties between the CIA and the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the author of the National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 (aka the Kissinger Report) that made the case for population control as the official policy of the United States, the motivation of the CIA to utilize the novel virus for such an objective at a time when the global population was getting closer to the Kissinger-set cap of 8 billion is highly possible. 

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Dr. Robert Malone: Puppet Masters of the Pandemic. Part 2: How the CIA and Global Socialist Oligarchy Are Building the “New Normal”

Both insiders and keen outside observers regard the CIA as the most powerful organization in the world, if not in the history of humankind. The harmonious nature in which the Fifth Generation Warfare tactics were deployed on the populations in the Western world and elsewhere during the pandemic and the involvement of the military in propaganda and censorship operations would not be possible without the centralized controlling body, much like the mass vaccination campaigns. Notably, both the military and the intelligence community were intimately involved in the development of Covid “vaccines” during Operation Warp Speed, with a primary focus on novel mRNA technology. Moreover, they also had a say in public-health decisions during the pandemic, such as the endorsement of ventilation and the use of remdesivir in Covid patients. 

The CIA has fused with the U.S. administrative state—the untouchable cast of bureaucrats who de facto run the executive branch of the United States government and regard Congressmen and presidents as “temporary employees.” This alliance is ultimately rogue and does not represent the interests of the people. The evidence suggests that the politics it exercises are driven by the depopulation control agenda articulated in the National Security Study Memorandum (NSSM) 200 (aka the Kissinger Report) and the economic interests of the global oligarchy represented by the corporate members of the World Economic Forum (WEF). One of the most notable entities that had been prospering during the past couple of years was Big Pharma, which created a “perfect business model” and was able to practically bully national governments into accepting its terms. 

To build the CCP-inspired “new normal” on a global scale, where freedoms are scarce and government control is nearly absolute, the CIA controllers will continue to heavily rely on fear-based propaganda and censorship and weaponize narratives on real and imagined threats such as future disease outbreaks and “climate change.” That is why it is critically important to exercise critical thinking and recognize and resist the psyops. 

The main challenges to taming the Leviathan the CIA turned into are its hyper-compartmentalization and financial self-reliance. The latter derives from the unchecked capital flown into the CIA via its venture capital companies (such as In-Q-Tel) and its engagement in criminal yet highly lucrative schemes, including drug and human trafficking. While the issue seems insurmountable, a good starting point would be for the citizenry to acknowledge the evidence of the enormous abuses of power exercised by the intelligence community and re-establish personal sovereignty and autonomy. 

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Dr. Robert Malone’s book “Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming” is available here.

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