Dr. Simon Thornley – ‘An epidemiologist’s take on Covid-19’

Dr. Simon Thornley – ‘An epidemiologist’s take on Covid-19’

Hear from a qualified New Zealand source

Dr Simon Thornley and he does not agree at all with the lockdown approach and other aspects of NZ Government policy.

A New Zealand 

epidemiologist speaks out on 

the covi-19 lockdown

Dr Simon Thornley is an epidemiologist, lecturer, researcher and public health physician working at the University of Auckland in the section of Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

He is trained in public health medicine. His research interests include tobacco dependence, food addiction and obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, psychiatric disease, injury and environmental epidemiology. He has completed a PhD on cardiovascular risk factors. He has an interest in the health effects of sugar and low carb lifestyles. He has spoken at Low Carb Down Under meetings on Research in Dietary Studies and Dietary Saturated Fat, both of which can be viewed on this channel.

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