Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: The BioWeapon changes the whole personality

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: The BioWeapon changes the whole personality

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi – Astonishing New DataOn What The BioWeapon Does To People…

‘The Whole Personality Changes’!

Transcriptions from the video courtesy AJ Weaver



“Now, the brain is especially fascinating because the brain is full of small blood vessels going through the whole brain, keeping your brain cells alive–gray cells, white cells. And the tiniest disturbance can lead to death of nerve cells. And the death of nerve cells depending on where these cell are can produce anything, anything you want to think of. Of course, the whole thing may just start with a headache , splitting headaches which are the typical symptoms of about fifty percent of everyone getting the second shot complains of. Headaches are already the first sign that clots are forming in the brain. But, you know, if you are unlucky, you start to get, uh, palsies, nerve [–?–], the eyes start becoming un-seeing, the ears don’t hear anymore, people start getting paralysis. Why that happens, no one knows, but there are other things that are going on, dear colleagues. Many people tell me that they are seeing psychological changes in people. The whole personality changes. Now you know when you have our brain with the lymph system that is YOU, it’s your person. This is the human being–God given if there is a God, I am a Buddhist, you see. But I believe in Nature and that we are all individuals, each has developed during his lifetime to become what he is now. And this all…your whole personality, everything that is human, is here [points to his head]–starts there, it ends there. Your memory, and so people are Alzheimer’s. Some people are developing symptoms that are horribly similar to Mad Cow Disease. You know, I do not want to go into this. I am just telling you that the vision is so horrible–so horrible.”


“I told you that these vaccines must reach the lymph nodes. And it is now known that they reach the lymph nodes. It is known that the cells in the lymph nodes are going to DIE. Why they die and how they die we don’t have to discuss here, but they will die. And the cells in your lymph nodes are the cells that are keeping you alive because they are taking care of latent infections in your body: viral infections, shingles, and blah blah blah, tuberculosis, and 95% of the Third World, and I have the TB bacterium in my lung. I don’t want to get that shot. If my lymph node cells start dying, the cells that are responsible for controlling TB, this is what is going to happen, I tell you… other cells are responsible for keeping cancer cells under control, cancer cells that are arising all the time in our bodies, all the time. People that have cancer have lost control once. They may be healed now, but they are also healed because their controlling lymphocytes are also there to keep the cancer cells that come anew get eliminated. And we are hearing stories all over the world of strange cases of tumors exploding into action into people … Now we know we are looking at an agent that has no benefit whatsoever. No benefit, ZERO, but has the capacity over a million pathways to kill you, and has been killing, and is killing, and is going to kill our children. How can anyone stand to see this happen? We don’t have to talk about anything else. Look at the Nuremberg Code…If there is any suspicion that an agent in the experiment phase is causing illness and death, that experiment has to be stopped on the spot. And this has to do with consent. It has to stop.

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