Dr.Sukharit Bhakdi on New Zealand Voices for Freedom

Dr.Sukharit Bhakdi on New Zealand Voices for Freedom

Dr. Bhakdi suggests a blood test before the jab and after

This stood out in a wide-ranging discussion between NZ Voices of Freedom and Dr. Sukharit Bhakdi. 

He strongly suggests that no one has this virus but that those who have to have it get a blood test (called D-Dimmer) before and after the jab. 

This would prove a causal connection between having the “vaccine” and blood clots and support victims of vaccine injury to sue.

Unfortunately, in this country we have the state -run Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) , which has served us well in the past, which takes away the ability to sue.

Also, neither Australia or New Zealand has a constitution or human rights legislation that protect citizens.

This allows the government to make a seamless transition from public accountability to state dictatorship. 

Never more so than when this is supported by the “Fourth Estate”


Here is the entire audio. Hopefully, the video will be uploaded in a timely manner by Voices
for Freedom.

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