Dr. Tenpenny invterviews Reinette Senum

Dr. Tenpenny invterviews Reinette Senum

This Week with Dr. T Special Guest Reinette Senum

Reinette Senum is a natural born leader. She has traveled to nearly 60 countries and has an incredible ability to connect to those around her, no matter where she is or who she is speaking with.

In 1994, She crossed Alaska alone. During this isolated winter solo trek which she filmed for National Geographic, she learned lessons along the trail became the catalyst for her work later in life, namely, the power of community.

During the summer of 2020, when she chose to step down from her Third term on the city council, she saw a need for leadership at a much larger scale than she could provide in her little town. The people of California were pleading for trustworthy, common-sense leadership. She is currently running for CA governor with no party affiliation, on the country’s first child-centric campaign.

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