1. Many of the videos you post, like this one, have the sound muted and no amount of clicking on the unmute button will produce sound. If I can locate the video on YouTube sound works fine. I am using an Android phone to access the internet.
    Hope this issue can be resolved.

      1. Thanks for the response. I have managed to get sound on the older of the two phones I use.
        The sound problem is coincident with the appearance of an on screen symbol that only appears when I’m on Seemorerocks and if tapped displays lines of descriptive code.
        Disconcerting at best.

  2. It’s been close to 2 weeks (so far, longest absence from Robin’s blog), when I left a comment on my own varied experience with audio issues. Actually, hadn’t watched Dr Zelenko on above clip, not being in the right frame of mind as when viewing the earlier video, which video left me very impressed. So I said I’d be back. I really want to re-watch the earlier video, first. We’ll see.

    For now, just wanted to tell Robin the comment I left here on (Aug 25th ?) on sound problems is missing. For sure it did get posted, as I have a copy of it appearing right below Dale Chambers’ comment; confirmed perhaps the next day when I came back to check … because, like Robin, have had many a bizarre event online and elsewhere.

    Maybe today’s post will appear for a while and then disappear like the last one???

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