Dr. Zelenko, Dane Wigington and Max Igan on Maria Zeee

Dr. Zelenko, Dane Wigington and Max Igan on Maria Zeee

Maria Zeee of Australia has been quite a discovery!

Dr. Zelenko – WWIII – Civil War on the Horizon & More Viruses Coming

Dane Wigington – Geoengineering, Chemtrails & The Australian Weather

Dane Wigington of geoengineeringwatch.org joins us to discuss how governments are poisoning us through our skies, engaging in weather warfare and manufacturing a climate crisis, with a particular focus on what is happening in Australia.

To watch their latest documentary, click here:


Max Igan – Smart Cities, Weather Modification, Transhumanism, Australia & the NWO

2 thoughts on “Dr. Zelenko, Dane Wigington and Max Igan on Maria Zeee

  1. I’ve been following Dane Wigington for years now. I consider Dane Wigington the most important man of Earth. There is no hyperbole whatsoever in my opinion.

    They have been spraying badly in eastern Massachusetts lately. I think they may be ramping it up. A few days ago the spraying started just after noon. Three to four hours later the entire sky, from horizon to horizon, was featureless filthy off white canopy. Not one bit of blue sky was visible.

    Just today I mentioned the spraying passing a couple in a store parking lot. The fellow laughed and told me everyone knows it’s basic physics. Engines leave exhaust trails. Other people respond that it’s “water vapor.”

    Poisoning us all from above for years now, and no one on the ground is aware of it. Zombies all.

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