Drs. Tenpenny and Pavlevsky on the snake venum

Drs. Tenpenny and Pavlevsky on the snake venum

I have been listening to some responses to Dr.Bryan Ardis’ theory of snake venom and this is by far the most intelligent I have heard so far and corresponds pretty much to my understanding as much of what Drs.Tenpenny and Pavlevsky have to say.

For two years Dr.Pavlevsky has repeated his contention that covid-19 is not a virus but is a poison.

One example is Dr.Kevin McCairn who is well-qualified but has come out with an instant rubbushing of the theory.  Here is an example of how he thinks from late last year that covers the discovery of constructs in the mRNA vials that he contends is nothing more than contamination.

And from Jeff Rense who is not even a scientist, like Dr. McCairn

‘Watch The Water’ Actors Are Backpedaling And Into Damage Control – The REAL Source Of Snake Venom From The Covid BioWeapon –

I think they should listen to what Drs. Tenpenny and Pavlevsky have to say

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