East Palestine: American Chernobyl

East Palestine: American Chernobyl

Reporter Jeremy Loffredo joins The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal to discuss his reporting from East Palestine, Ohio, where private police and corporate-controlled environmental groups are controlling the response to a massive detonation of chemicals that has polluted the small town’s waterways and air.

EPA LIES To East Palestine Residents, REJECTS Water Filters & Testing!

The EPA is lying to the people of East Palestine about the safety of their water supply.

Nelson McIlveen is here to detail how the EPA is lying and claiming the water of East Palestine is safe to drink.

The military, via the Postmaster General, gave instructions on how to avoid DOJ entanglements while giving away free water filters to East Palestine residents!

Situation Update, Feb 27, 2023 – EPA halts toxic chemical transport after huge public outcry

Resistance Chicks (from Ohio) interview Mike Adams about toxic chemicals, dioxins and DETOX

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