Ecumenical Alliance Seeks to Declare Kiev as “New Jerusalem”

Ecumenical Alliance Seeks to Declare Kiev as “New Jerusalem”

Last week we told you about Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s odd comment that his country would become Big Israel. We continued researching the topic and found a lot of fascinating information to share with you about a movement to declare Kiev the New Jerusalem. If the main proponent of the scheme was not a billionaire, we would not pay much attention to it. The deeper we dug, the more we found. Doc Burkhart is back and ready to jump into this fascinating topic.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 4/11/22.

Has America Been Preparing for a Post-Israel Middle East Since 2021?

From a study released in 2012, the intel community concluded that Israel’s continued advancement into the West Bank was going to increasingly create problems for Israel.

One thought on “Ecumenical Alliance Seeks to Declare Kiev as “New Jerusalem”

  1. Thank you. You’ve answered my question to the universe, which was: “If Israel is SO important to the Elites and SO important to the U.S. and SO important to the world, why are they on their second booster shot, with such a high and enforced compliance?” Answer: “They’re not. Their status has changed. Israeli people are being thrown under the bus.”

    They did what they were told, in service to the State and to Church and none of it mattered. That’s it. We are seeing mass sickness there now due to the shots and I suspect that the longterm consequences of 4 shots of this gene therapy with all the toxic and unknown constituents will be devastating. And the fact that Kissinger, who is still ACTIVELY advising NATO and the US Administrations, predicted this? well I think you know who’s pulling the strings here.

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