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The dangers of following assumptions


These days, as I follow my usual routine of perusing the media I am finding more and more, but my ability to share that is getting less and less.

I am struggling with constant fatigue, dizziness and even a walk around a couple of blocks is becoming a struggle. My body is munted but my spirit is intact and my intellect is too on the main.

Yesterday, I spent the ENTIRE day going through a video from a woman from New Delhi, India and went to the effort of making extensive notes despite a terrible audio that I had to listen to through speakers and kept jumping to the beginning so I had to find my place again.

I brought this out as my main piece yesterday.

That followed from a piece I wrote giving my impressions of what was happening. 

Most of what I felt to be the case, but I expressed as questions was confirmed in that video

The crisis in India is nothing like what we are being told by the media, whether Indian or western.

But it appears to be little like what some others are assuming it is. This morning I was sent an email that said loudly, new Strain in India 15x more virulent!!


This same person said Judy Mikovits doesn’t know what she is talking about because the virus is real (did she ever say it is NOT?)

How he knows that is beyond my ken.

Can you put your hand on your heart and tell me that you know more than virologists etc., that often agree between themselves?


I have listened a little to Kevin McCairn before. He obviously has his professional knowledge behind him but he has very definite opinions and I have seen him defend someone called Shrimp Zoo (the young man in a mask) against someone who I have been following, Dr.Paul Cottrell. I have little problem with the loud opinions (although it increasingly irritates me.

It is something else.

I have been following vaccinologist, Geert vanden Bossche for a while as I have the people who are talking about what is inside the “vaccines”. In the case of vanden Bossche it all makes perfect, logical sense to me.

But that does not mean it is correct. It is a THEORY, albeit a credible one.

What we have to do is look for confirmation-on-the ground.

It might seem that India might be a case in point (hence the strain being 15 times more virulent)

But does this stack up.?

Despite what might be happening in the laboratories and what is in the medical research journals there are some facts that were clear from yesterday’s video. 

Yes, it is true that the young lady is not a medical professional but she IS a very sharp observer and is there on-the-ground so deserves to be listened to.

What came out was:

  • The shocking numbers that are coming out of India are still a MINISCULE proportion of a population of 1.3 billion.
  • The people who are being affected are the middle classes in the cities who have followed the official media narrative (like in the West) and are masked up and getting vaccinated when they can.
  • The mass of ordinary people – the people in the villages, the people in the slums and the millions attending the Kumbha Mehl, and who have little access or belief in western medicine and rely on traditional Ayurvedic medicine ARE UNTOUCHED

Instead, we have a media (like the NY Post) that have to pass off a picture of victims of a 2020 gas leak  as evidence that people are dying on the street, or photos of people being burned ourdoors (Horror-of-horrors! But that is something Hindus have done for mellenia).

Even the shortage of wood to burn the bodies might have another explanation.  A country of 1.3 million has long outgrown, like its neighbours, its resources and literally does not have “wood to burn”


The reasons that were identified as being behind this disease ripping through the small urban middle class of India have been identified as follows:

  • The start of a mass vaccination program starting in January. 


  • The use of inappropriate interventions such as the use of oxygen which approximates the problems with ventilators last year.
  • The existence of conditions such as diarrheoa and dehydration which are leading to many deaths that will, in combination with other causes of death no doubt be ascribed to covid-19.

I think that whatever is happening in India it is fairly safe to say that it has something to do with the vaccines-that-are-not a vaccine.

If one thinks this is a dangerous, virulent new strain you would have to explain why it is leaving  the majority of the population who one would think were the most susceptible are untouched.

Once again, it seems to me, incoveniently (beause their certitude also irks me), that the people who contend this is a scamdemic might be more right than wrong.

We have to be careful that while making generalisations that we also see the specific conditions in each country.It is very easy to hear something that we like and to make up our mind that that is what is true.

I am mindful of an experiment done by a university professor  whereby he delivered a lecture that was so compelling that everyone was carried along. Then he came back the following week and delivered an equally-compelling lecture that said the exact opposite.

We all have to be careful of confirmation bias (a term I have long been particularly averse to by-the-way). 

This bias is particularly strong among those who believe in near-term human extinction. I continue to think that many of the arguments are quite compelling (about heating over a short period of time outstripping our ability to grow grains on-scale.

But that is a theory and despite what I am seeing after several years of watching very closely in the Arctic I have to acknowledge we have yet to see what some are talking about.

I have also, to acknowledge that there might be other possible explanations for the melting in the Arctic despite a unmistakeable correlation between greenhouse gas levels and melting on the grounds that there is rarely a single cause for anything.

Asking questions is NOT the same as sceptical doubt. For the NTHE crowd once the premise has been reached all else follows and EVERYTHING that happens is referred back to the original premise, something that I see amongst those who identify themselves as “conspiracy thinkers”. For the overwhelming majority of them it means taking propaganda at face value, masking up and social distancing (especially from their ideological enemies). They forget their arguments with the “easy-does-it”, “catastrophe in 2100” brigade.

The have become what they once opposed.

So, if anything from being about this for ten years and progressing age (which, I hope comes with a level of wisdom), teaches me is that it behooves us to look carefully at what we are seeing, to constantly check what we think with new information and data.

The more I know the less certain I am.

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  1. Hi, I sunscribed Feedback time ago to your Telegram Channel. But I don’t find a code to join. It is closed channel now. Is it possible to add some my friends to your channel.

    Warm regards,

    Alar Tamming


  2. Thank you for all your hard work. I share a similar problem regarding what to believe. I also do see certain ways in which some theories can co-exist (regarding Covid) and some which simply cannot. Unfortunately, the opportunity cost of not looking at all of this information is to follow the masses obediently. Until a kernel of info hits out grey matter we stay closed to the possibility of it existing at all.

    Further, sometimes I wonder if NTHE is th deal or not. I do think a multi faceted massive bottle neck has arrived and that very few, if any, will make it through. Although not everything is linked back to this premise, its hard not to think this is ‘an original source of deep distrust’, that we ve been lied to about this, hence what else could be true that we re not being told.

    Just on a CO2 lag basis NTHE (5-20 years?) seems probable IMO. I be been looking at all of this stuff for a similar time frame, but in reality 10 years aint even a blip…

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