Towards making sense of 

conflicting narratives on 



I would like, after watching this for a couple of months to try and lay out some of

the conflicting narratives out there and where I stand with them and perhaps

make a weak attempt to join the dots.

 It really is a  case of “mind over matter” as I try to get my thoughts together

when I would rather be resting.

The first question is about the nature and the origin of the novel coronavirus

(aka. covid-19).

Did the coronavirus really come from a

fish market?

I wish to say from the outset that the only theory that I reject outright is that this

was a zoonotic virus that came from a fish market in Wuhan, China.

I have seen sufficient evidence to persuade me that this theory is false.

There are conflicting narratives on this and I have found it difficult to decide has

the more credibility.

One says that there are patents for the virus and that this was spread to Wuhan

China during themilitary Olympic Gameslate last year at about the same time

asEvent 201 which was an exercise that more or less described what is

happeningright now.

If I was to follow my own ideas about the nature of  US imperialism, the Deep

State I would opt for this as the proper explanation. It has what I would regard as

indirect evidence and fits in terms of motive and opportunity.

The majority of people outside the mainstream are saying that this is a

bioweapon and came from a P4 biolab in Wuhan.  I came across this idea from

various interviews with Dr.Daniel Boyle who put together US legislation against

biowarfare that was dropped after 9/11 2001.

Zero Hedge mentioned the laboratory at the end of January and was

permanently removed from Twitter the very same day.

However, this idea is becoming more popular outside the leftist and mainstream

media that will place CCP talking points over an honest discussion of the facts.

About a week ago Epoch Times, which is related to the Falun Gong movement

and is very supportive of the Trump administration produced a documentary

which is very much like propaganda but nevertheless contains facts that I have

divined from other sources.

Just a day or so ago Stefan Molyneux for whom I had previously had some

grudging admiration for but has been doing some stellar work on the covid-19

question did a video of “the case against the CCP” which I found contained a lot

of information that was in theEpoch Times documentarybut was far more

credible in my view.

Just today this video was put out by an American MD,Paul Breggin, which said

more-or-lessthe same thing.

The one thing that was missing was to factor in any involvement by the Deep

State in the West.  To his credit, Molyneux included in his report what was then

very fresh news that America had given millions of dollars as a grant to the

Wuhan laboratory to investigate a bat virus.

The latest news is that the United States has decided to actively investigate the

involvement of the Wuhan laboratory.

Based on all this I have decided to come down on the side that this was an

accidental release from the Wuhan laboratory of an extremely dangerous

bioengineered virus that contained genetic material from a bat SARS virus as

well as from the coronavirus that made the virus more infective and more

dangerous than would otherwise be the case. It also came from a project that

Bill Gates and the Faucis and many others were involved in meaning that these

people were complicit in.



This has just come out today:



The lockdowns and the Bill Gates

vaccination agenda

The other aspect of this which is being covered up by the media and painted as

bad behaviour by Trump is the role of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in

this.  People forget very quickly that governments all over the world sat on their

hands for many weeks, allowing the virus to spread until the WHO declared a

pandemic in March – something which changed the whole narrative on a dime.

Prior to that we were told it was “racist” to close borders or stop flights from

China.  The WHO put a lot of effort into telling the world to keep the world flying

and keep the borders open. 




Nancy Pelosi was admonishing people to “come ondown to Chinatown” and

people in Italy were hugging people from China


Governments that did take action (and the NZ government was one)  were

subject to criticism (and who knows what threats) by the representatives of the

Chinese communist government.

After all the governments fell into line and bought the new “Party line” from the

WHO Trump was the one major world leader who was in denial about the

pandemic and has been roundly (and correctly) condemned for his denial and

early inaction.

However, as with every 180 degree change in Party line the entirety of the media

suffers from collective amnesia and forgets the facts that point to the WHO

repeating CCP talking points and criminally allowing the virus to spread round

the world.

Once the WHO changed its tune and declared a pandemic things changed very

quickly and many governments, which had sat on their hands, started to

announce various degrees of lockdown – arguably one of the most draconian

regulations came out ofthe New Zealand governmentand I have been talking

about the iniquities of the bureaucratically-mandated rules that look set to

destroy much business (especially small business). These faceless bureaucrats

appear to have made decisions whereby they have decided which businesses

will survive (are “essential”) and those that will not – such as butchers,

greengrocers and the like.

At the same time, in other countries it is seemingly OK for people to crowd

together on mass transport but it is illegal to go for a solitary walk with one’s 

dog on the Moors. In this country people are under total lockdown while, as of a

week ago, the government had still not shut off entry through airports.

Questions are being asked about the economic costs of the shutdown

comparedto the costs of the virus ripping through the population.  I have noticed

that thevery people who have been warning of the dangers of the

virus/bioweapon) -people such as Hal Turner, the Health Ranger and the team

at TruNews – havelargely changed their tune and are now talking about the

dangers ofanti-constitutional and illegal actions of governments at imposing

draconianlockdowns in areas where the dangers of the virus are too small to

justify this.



A lot of talk which may have given many people cause to thought was

statements from Bill Gates and reflected by others that the lockdown should

remain in place until a vaccine for covid-19 has been found and those who have

had the disease and recovered should be issued with anelectronic passport

allowing them to participate in economic and other activities.

Right now, I am wondering how this squares with the latest information out today

that it is by no means clear that people are developing immunity to the virus, still

less “herd immunity”.





All of this brings me to the other arguments that have led followers to say that

this virus is a fraud.

In one sense this is true in that this is not a virus caused zoonotically from bats.

I have gone from dismissing such opinions as nonsensical to a recognition that

these people ARE bringing up valid points that have to be taken into

consideration if you want to get to the truth.

I had been aware ofDr. Shiva Ayyuaduraiwhose videos have been making

theirway around the internet. However, it was not until last night that I decided to

listen to him in the form of a discussion with Stefan Molyneux.

The result was that I was given further insights into the whole puzzle.

He talked about the nature of science and how open debate is stifled by the

atmosphere in academic institutions and scientists (yes, SCIENTISTS!) who

hold views that go against the ruling dogma are denied funding and access to

scientific publications.

He also had some very apposite comments on the nature of the immune system

and pointed out that the orthodox medical fraternity as well as those who are

pushing vaccination (the Gates’ and the Fauci’s) are coming from an outdated

understanding of the immune system.

All of this is something that I have understood from the days of my practice of

Chinese medicine and talks to medical doctors who seem to have no idea of all

of this.  Some doctors are making dangerous claims on social media that it is

IMPOSSIBLE (sic) to do anything to boost the immune system. We are all,

according to this all just sitting ducks and we have to leave it to fate or a vaccine

that is going to ‘save’ us all.

I highly recommend that you watch the video right through but I want to address

one specific point.

We hear constantly about covid-19 tests and I have wondered for a while just

what the tests were. I have asked the question and never got an answer.

So it was of special interest to me to hear David Icke talk about this near the

beginning of his censored interview with Brian Rose of London Real. I did not

totally trust his explanations because I could not find anything to back up his

claims until I came acrossDr. Ayyadurai’s comments, above.



The essence of what he was saying is that the testing we are hearing about is

not an antibody test against the actual virus but what is called a RT-PCR tests

which I understand is a qualititative, not a quantitative test and picks up

materialfrom coronavirus that could conceivably already be in our bodies.What I

take from all this is that there are questions that need to be asked and

that “top-down’ explanations from science orthodoxy are not to be taken at face


This does not imply in any way that this novel coronavirus is a ‘fraud’ but that the

whole narrative (which is a complete inversion of the previous one) needs to be

open to question.

In the meantime various people have asked if I am going to have a flu vaccine.

To those people my answer is definitive and simple –OVER MY DEAD BODY!

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