Edward Szall reports on his COVID experience

Edward Szall reports on his COVID experience

After some days of being extremely ill Tru News host, Edward Szall puts in an appearance and explains how he gives Jesus the credit for his recovery.
It made me more impatient for next week and Rick and Edward back in the saddle.
The kids have been running the show during this crisis and all credit to them. However, it is time for the adults to take charge again. We need them over this period, in my opinion – more than ever. 
How Many Shekels Would It Take?

Today on TruNews, host Edward Szall talks with Doc Burkhart about his recovery and victory over the CCP COVID attack on the ministry and gives all glory to Jesus for his recuperation. Milo and Lauren show how children are being used as lab rats in the latest Coronavirus vaccine scheme. A viewer supplies a magnetic injection site video, confirming that something is amiss in the vaccine rollout.

How many shekels would it take to sell your soul for promoting the vaccine? Ben Shapiro is exposed for his praise of Blackrock artificially inflating housing in depressed markets. A new movement of Karens are posed to speak up against today’s tyranny when men will not. Since gender reveal parties are now no longer politically correct, they are now being replaced with … race reveal parties!

Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Witzke, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 06/10/21.

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