Efratm Fenigson interviews Israeli Massacre Survivor

Efratm Fenigson interviews Israeli Massacre Survivor

Maya Alper – a Nova Festival Massacre Survivor

Diving Deeper into Inconvenient Questions on Dutch blckbx.tv Channel

A new 44 minutes interview released yesterday, and recorded on Oct. 14th, in The Netherlands on blckbx.tv

Son of Hamas leader breaks silence on decision to denounce terror group: ‘They don’t care’ about Palestinians

Mosab Hassan Yousef emphasized that civilians in Gaza needed to be evacuated

The son of a founding Hamas leader broke his silence on his decision to denounce the terrorist group after he turned on his own family and converted to Christianity, suggesting Israel “explore using gas” to get Hamas out of the tunnels in Gaza.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, who spied in favor of the Israelis and sought asylum in the U.S., spoke out on his decision to leave the life of terror behind and explained what he believes Israel should do during “FOX & Friends” on Thursday

On the other side of the ledger

CrossTalk: “IDF Killed Everyone, Even Hostages” Hamas Attack Survivor TELLS ALL

Today on CrossTalk News, Edward and Lauren translate the Israeli village survivor’s groundbreaking interview, who reveals what REALLY happened during the Hamas attack. She states that everyone was massacred by Israeli special forces, including her friends and family. Do not miss this very important episode….it changes everything.

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