Elon Musk and Twitter

Elon Musk and Twitter

Twitter, According to Elon Musk


Twitter is a disaster, and there’s no turning it around. Just ask the man buying it.

“Most of these “top” accounts tweet rarely and post very little content. Is Twitter dying?” April 9, 2022 (source)

“Twitter’s a war zone.” Musk on “60 Minutes,” December 9, 2018 (source)

“You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize.” May 14, 2022 (source)

“Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users” May 13, 2022 (source)

“So spam prevalence was shared with the board, but the board chose not disclose that to the public …” August 23, 2022 (source)

“Well, there’s definitely an ongoing challenge with Twitter with bot accounts and spam accounts. There’s quite a lot of crypto scams on Twitter. It’s gotten better, but there’s still a fair bit of that.” Musk in meeting with Twitter employees on June 16, 2022 (source)

“The bots are angry at being counted” May 13, 2022 (source)

“💩,” Musk in tweet to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, May 16, 2022 (source)

I hate advertising” October 28, 2019 (source)

And no ads. The power of corporations to dictate policy is greatly enhanced if Twitter depends on advertising money to survive.” April 9, 2022 (source)

“Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate” April 26, 2022 (source)

“Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy.” March 26, 2022 (source

“For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally” April 27, 2022 (source

“Obviously, myself and other investors are obviously overpaying for Twitter right now.” Musk in Tesla earnings call, October 19, 2022 (source

“So I mean, right now, the costs exceed the revenue. So that’s not a great situation to be in. And so there would have to be some rationalization of headcount and expenses to have revenue be greater than cost. Otherwise, Twitter is simply not viable or can’t grow,” Musk in meeting with Twitter employees on June 16, 2022 (source)

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