Elon Musk Makes Himself a Russian War Target

Elon Musk Makes Himself a Russian War Target

Today on TruNews, Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart examine the latest headlines from the current conflict in Ukraine, including announcements from the White House that America should prepare for a Russian cyber attack.

In part two, Rick shares from his book ‘Final Day’ highlights of his teaching on how the Second Coming of the Lord is a singular event, and the distraction in the church that accompanies the teaching of the Rapture.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 3/21/22

Order the second edition of Rick’s book, Final Day, here – https://tru.news/3IsELAb

Make Russia Great: 203,000 Russian Patriots Rally to Support Bible-quoting Putin

Today on TruNews, 203,000 Russians attended a patriotic rally in support of Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine; Arnold Schwarzenegger invoked his Nazi father in a message to Russians to oppose Putin; a Grand jury expected to indict Hunter Biden over corruption in Ukraine and Lara Logan unloaded on a TV news program about Deep State agenda in Ukraine.
Get ready for the news program that has been reporting uncensored news since 1999.

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