EMERGENCY Defence against WHO and a discussion of Marburgs disease

EMERGENCY Defence against WHO and a discussion of Marburgs disease

I have been watching a discussion of former WHO Executive on International Health Regulations & Human Rights, Dr. Astrid Stückelberger from Geneva, Switzerland, with Dr. Lee Vliet and Ann Vandersteel, from the United States and Pascal Najadi who is taking legal action against the president of Switzerland.

This roundtable was called urgently to discuss the possible release of a “Marburg” toxin and the creation of the next plandemic.

I have taken some excerpts from the transcript to draw out what I saw as some important points.

Note, what I have written has been somewhat edited for clarity.

Watch the discussion here.

By the way if I try to go to Dr. Stuckelberger’s website I get the following warning:

Infected by what?


Dr. Lee Vliet:  Now what the world’s second world homicide organization – as doctors Zelenko refer to the WHO is now engaging in Satan’s playground of fear by pushing a virus that simply is not out there. The virus symptoms that you’re that you might see, or the news might report, on is not coming from a Marburg virus which is extremely rare. What you’re seeing is directed energy weapon usage and being applied in local high dense population areas like subways and such. Those type of reports will surface and you will see mass media covering horrific images. But again, it’s not coming from the Marburg virus and this is what we’re here to dispel the myth from the truth

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: I’m so I’m Dr. Stuckelberger, and I’m in Geneva, Switzerland. But I can speak because I have been, I mean, setting up a training on international health regulation implementation with who for three years, and I was in charge of typology, One of the typologies, which was infectious disease was on Marburg, hemorrhagic fever

She describes how her speciality was on mental health and differential diagnosis, depending on culture. At a certain point, after Bill Gates took over the WHO and Tedros was installed as head she was told by a man who sells vaccines who has no qualification that she could not teach what had and she eventuallly resigned. 

Today, what is going on has nothing to do with the teaching we did with the top experts in the world, and of who on all those four typologies, especially infectious disease, which from the beginning, it’s impossible in real time, that you can announce to the world there is a virus and it’s the whole world has a virus and then they have a vaccine just immediately on.

I hope people understand that this is not logic, it is based on fear. And it is impossible epidemiologically scientifically, only politically, that we can announce this to the whole world and bet everybody fears no Ebola is known since a long, long time.

It is it is the most easy to maintain and contain.

And we talked about we cannot announce pandemic because pandemic has a legal consequence. If who announces a pandemic, they are liable because people buy all the medication people make with the measures. And each one and one was over.


Astrid Stuckelbeger: Well, as I said to Del Bigtree, I, you know, I’m starting to really talk from my soul.

They’re not. They’re not like us- definitely, they don’t have a heart. And I have a doubt that they are human. Because when you meet those people in the UN – I have met many people. I was like, they are really weird. You know, you shake their hands – they’re not there. Today, looking back there were very horrible people in the United Nation, at the World Economic Forum, I was even in the Club of Rome briefly.

And I resigned because I couldn’t stand what they were doing. That it’s more the feeling of my soul.


Dr. Lee Vliet: Okay, I’ve got to take me just a second. I want people listening to understand. You will hear in the media and I’m speaking as a physician now – you will hear in the media. these are the symptoms you have to watch out for. And I am telling you the symptoms they are talking about our non specific. I am going to show you a Venn diagram that shows the overlap of all of these symptoms that we are discussing.

And I want you to understand I want everybody watching this program to look at the fact that this is something I put together medically to illustrate it for my patients.

Symptoms are non specific.

They are not a diagnosis COVID-19 illness COVID vaccine injury, Marburg hemorrhagic fever, Ebola, monkeypox, all of them, have many of the same symptoms of EMF -5G radiation sickness.

We have said all along, the common sense situation here is they know they can’t control a virus, but they can create fear mongering, using old pictures of people bleeding from their nose, and eyes and ears.

And they may be pictures that are 10 years old, but you don’t know that. And it may have been from an outbreak that was in Africa and not anywhere in the Western world.

But those symptoms can be triggered if they change the frequency, If they alter the frequency, and ramp up some of the new 5G towers that have been put in all over the place when we were all locked down.

You can trigger exactly the same symptoms – fatigue, headache, fever, chills, weakness, dizziness, body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding abnormalities.

Listeners, please do not give in to fear.

A list of symptoms on a website, or a news show does not give you a diagnosis of what is actually causing it..

The cities that had the highest outbreak of COVID in 2020 – Wuhan, China, Milan, Italy, New York, and cities down the West Coast of the United States. All were areas with massive 5G rollouts at the same time.

This is more likely to be the effect of radiation illness, not a virus, but they are going to use the virus to trigger the WHO agreements and to scare you. It’s really important that you understand symptoms are not your diagnosis.


Dr. Lee Vliet:  And the other thing I want everyone to understand. It didn’t begin with Bill Gates.

The UN was the vision of Woodrow Wilson in 1910, who was the US president when the League of Nations was set up.

He was very involved with Margaret Sanger in the eugenics movement.

It was Margaret Sanger in the United States and her depopulation agenda, eugenics, exterminating negros American Indians, veterans, and disabled ,anyone undesirable.

She was the influence for Adolf Hitler. It was Margaret Sanger’s, writings and speeches that influenced Hitler, to then to do away with people to ostensibly purify the Aryan race.

But that eugenics agenda and then of course, we can track Bill Gates, his father, to his role with Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger was very clear that Planned Parenthood was the name given to hide the agenda of extermination. . And we have to understand that history in order to see the stepwise progression of all of it.


Dr. Astrid Stuckelberg: Yeah, I’m getting into something I’ve never talked about , except more privately.

But I submitted the vials, to some priests and to people who do read it. I gave it to three, there were three priests and experts of registers here in France. These priests help people to heal, exorcisms and things like that.

She describes a science within the church that everything has an energy

And they said to me, literally, “it’s horrible”. if people take that, that cut off from the, their Divine in unless they pray and are very, very committed to, to that. And they keep on saying how they’re, they’re pessimistic and wait for now, because it’s so evil.

Other people who are into healing and frequency medicine, and in magnetics, and who are experts in that, and I trust some of them, told me that when they tried to heal they the people don’t have the same energy, and it’s very difficult for them to heal them like before, and put back a balance in their energy of radio frequency.

And it was very quickly clear that it was not only about you know, synthetic, or biological stuff.

in the Muslim religion, actually, if you want to heal someone, you take a glass of water and you make prayer in it, and you give it. You know, that’s what some of the Imams do

And, you can also do the opposite. And we know with the work of Masaru Emoto of Jacques Buenviste in France . He found that water has codes and that you can biocode numerically digitally water to make and create a disease. He has a patent that has one of them – and I know the people who survived him

She talks of a Japanese professor who  he proved that the virus of AIDS is a biocode in the body.

So I’m just telling you, this is the frequency medicine has been hidden to us. It’s has. always existed.

All the hospitals in France had a scanner device to heal people electromagnetically and I mentioned always to people who don’t believe that we have an electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram that they even have in the hospital’s a scanner called electromagnetic scanner

Dr. Lee Vliet:  I strongly support what Dr. Stuckelberger has just said.

This is something not in great depth, but something I’ve studied also for many years. And she she’s correct in this wonderful summary she’s just given. And from a clinical observation, since I’m still treating patients every day,. What I’ve noticed clinically, is people that I’ve had for 20- 30 years under my care, I’m seeing the change in their energy presence, following the vaccines.

It’s something that I can tell because I’ve known them so long.

They are not as vibrant. They are more confused. They don’t track cognitively in my appointments the way they did before 2020.

I am seeing a lot of changes. A lot of people might say, “Oh, that’s not much, they’re just tired that day”.

No, it’s too pervasive. It’s happening in too many.

It’s is happening in all of the people that I currently see who have gotten the COVID shot, and especially more more so in those who’ve gotten multiple boosters ….these people seem like they’ve just sort of had a lobotomy.

Dr. Charles Morgan: psycho – neurobiology and war.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: Dr. Charles Morgan, psycho neurobiologist of DARPA, gave a talk in 2018  that’s  on YouTube.

Dr. Charles Morgan, in the video explains to the military how, with graphene oxide in the body, they can monitor a human being from the distance.

They carried out experiments, first with monkeys and then with a surgeon making a surgical operation in a place.

The movements that is the surgeon were doing were electromagnetically over internet transmitted to a person in Philippine and he made the exact same movement.

And he even said, “Oh, it’s strange, I’m moving and I don’t do anything. I can’t control it.”

And you thought it was funny for surgery. So it’s always for the good that actually what they’re doing now – this is the zombie world is that you know with this 5G Internet and this you can transmit by your codes and transmit our behavior can be scanned as an electromagnetic movement.

…  Philippe Vanderberg (sp?) – He’s a lawyer in Belgium, I met him in Brussels, and we keep contact that he made a very interesting study with the coroner.

The identity code is what Bluetooth is from the person and not from his phone, not from anything else, it’s in the body (She seems to be talking about the Mac address – ed) 

If he dies, it is still in the body.

And if they take out the blood, it is still in the body, because they do that in the autopsy sometimes.

And then in the cemetery. It is still in the body.

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