End Times Headline News April 15 2022

End Times Headline News April 15 2022

Russia claims Ukrainian helicopters carried out strikes on its territory

Two attack helicopters reportedly entered Russian airspace and delivered at least six strikes on residential buildings

Russia has claimed that two Ukrainian helicopters were responsible for an attack on the border village of Klimovo in Bryansk Region on Thursday, which left seven people injured. The incident had earlier been attributed to the Ukrainian military by the region’s governor.

An update on the attack was given by the national Investigative Committee, which said it was treating the incident as a criminal conspiracy. Its statement outlined that two Ukrainian military attack helicopters crossed into Russian airspace at around midday local time, flying at a low altitude

Russian Defense Ministry: Damaged Moskva Cruiser Sunk After Entering Stormy Waters

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday that the missile cruiser Moskva had sunk in the Black Sea.

“During the towing of the Moskva cruiser to the port of destination, the ship lost its balance due to damage to the hull received during the fire following the detonation of ammunition. The ship sank in a stormy sea,” the ministry said in a statement.

The Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that Moskva had been hit by heavy fire, which partially detonated its ammunition stores. The crew was evacuated successfully and the fire was contained by late Wednesday, averting the risk of further ammunition detonation. Ukraine has claimedthat Moskva was hit by two R-360 Neptune anti-ship missiles.

Syria accuses Israel of attack

Air defenses intercepted some missiles, Damascus said, but those that got through caused property damage

Israeli missiles targeted the countryside around Damascus late Thursday, the Syrian military said, adding that some of the projectiles were intercepted by the country’s air defenses. The rockets allegedly came from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights, and caused material damage but no casualties.

Videos: Clashes Erupt After Israeli Forces Storm Grounds of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Clashes broke out in the area come shortly after three Jews were arrested on Thursday by the Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guards while attempting to conduct a Passover sacrifice at the holy site.

Clashes erupted at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the Old City of Jerusalem early Friday after Israeli forces stormed what is the third holiest site in Islam.

Video footage shared by Twitter user @SuleimanMas1 shows flash bangs being ignited, effectively prompting any nearby individuals to leave the area. As Israeli police appear to be using stun grenades, others are seen responding to Israeli forces by throwing random, found objects like stones.

Ukraine War Reveals Possible U.S. Preparations for Biological Warfare

War in Ukraine turns people’s lives and affairs upside down. Dirty laundry, previously hidden, is on display. A Russian communication on March 6 mentions “evidence of an emergency clean-up performed by the Kyiv regime was found—aimed at eradicating traces of the military-biological program in Ukraine, financed by @DeptofDefense.”

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson two days later spoke of “26 [U.S.] bio-labs and other related facilities in Ukraine.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded, saying that the United States “does not develop or possess such weapons anywhere.” Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland indicated “Ukraine has biological research facilities …[and] so we are working with the Ukrainians [to] prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of Russian forces.”

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reported that, as of February 25, “a network of U.S.-linked labs [existed] in Ukraine that work with dangerous pathogens.” Those 26 such facilities are “public and animal health labs.”

“The West Needs WWIII” – Martin Armstrong Warns “There’s No Return To Normal Here”

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong thinks the New World Order’s so-called “Great Reset” plan for humanity now needs war to try and make it work. 

t could happen in the next few weeks. 

Armstrong explains, “What they are trying to do is deliberately poke the bear…”

They are increasing the pressure on just about everything under the sun.  The West needs World War III.  They just need it.  The real problem here is they went to negative interest rates in 2014 in Europe.  They have been unable to stimulate the economy, and Keynesian economics have completely failed…

I would say this is mismanagement of government on a global scale.  The problem is that central banks have no control over the economy. 

Whitehead: “We, The People” Are The New, Permanent Underclass In America

“We are now speeding down the road of wasteful spending and debt, and unless we can escape we will be smashed in inflation.”

– Herbert Hoover

This is financial tyranny.

The U.S. government—and that includes the current administration—is spending money it doesn’t have on programs it can’t afford, and “we the taxpayers” are the ones who must foot the bill for the government’s fiscal insanity.

We’ve been sold a bill of goods by politicians promising to pay down the national debt, jumpstart the economy, rebuild our infrastructure, secure our borders, ensure our security, and make us all healthy, wealthy and happy.

None of that has come to pass, and yet we’re still being loaded down with debt not of our own making.

Shanghai Police Telling Citizens Protesting Lockdown “We are going to have a war with America”

Sometimes, real facts pop-up in the strangest places.  This one is a doozy!

The City of Shanghai China has been in a new “COVID Lockdown” for a couple weeks.  23 Million people can’t even leave their homes.   No work.  No food shopping. Nothing.   

Protests are erupting.  People want this to end.   

Shanghai police inadvertently slipped-up while on-camera, and provided the __real__ reason for what’s going on:  This isn’t a COVID lockdown, it is economic warfare being waged by China, against the United States. 

Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion

eports coming out of Shanghai show riots now breaking out among desperate people fighting back against police forcing people into quarantine concentration camps, and horrible side effects from the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines where people are reportedly dropping dead soon after the shots.

In nearby Taiwan, the military is taking unprecedented measures by distributing a 28-page public emergency handbook to prepare their citizens to handle an imminent Chinese invasion. (Source.)

Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the corporate media continues to focus on Ukraine, while many in the Alternative Media have been distracted for the past few days on “snake venom” that is allegedly infecting municipal water supplies.

Many people have emailed me asking me to cover this story, but not only am I not going to cover that story, I am not even going to bother watching the videos because it is nothing more than a huge distraction right now, as everyone should be stocking up on food and preparing for what comes next in the implementation of the Great Reset and New World Order that is unfolding before our very eyes in China.

Disney takes WOKE to the extreme as CEO demands 50% of all movie characters must be gay, trans, lesbians or racial minorities

(Natural News) The top executives of ‘children’s entertainment’ king Disney have completely lost their minds as evidenced by leaked transcripts and videos of recent meetings in which they are discussing the kind of content they want in films and programming moving forward.

Culture warrior and researcher Chris F. Rufo of the Manhattan Institute has posted a series of videos in which CEO Karey Burke, who admits that she has “two queer children,” supports having those kinds of characters in more Disney films and projects, demanding that at least 50 percent of all movie characters are gay, transgender or racial minorities.

Izabella – 11 Year Old Girl Coerced By School To Get Vaccinated, Dies 4 Days After Being Vaccinated

Izabella, was a healthy girl, without any comorbidities, in perfect health, and her parents did not want to vaccinate her. But the school’s management pressured her, threatening to make a complaint to the guardianship council, as directed by the Parana Public Ministry, that she could be removed from her parents care”, said the deputy during a speech to the Legislative Assembly of Parana’.

COVID-19 vaccines have over 3x the total adverse events of all vaccines administered in Ontario from 2012 to 2019, with less than half the total doses.

DOCTORS don’t even know! MILLIONS of people are swallowing VENOM-derived pharmaceuticals made from pit vipers, Gila monsters, leeches, rattlesnakes and DEATHSTALKER scorpions

(Natural News) Millions of Americans (and many more around the world) are swallowing pharmaceuticals made from venom peptides that come from pit vipers, rattlesnakes, toxic cone snails, leeches, Gila monster lizards and more. Drugs in development have been made from creatures like the Deathstalker scorpion or even vampire bats.

This realization is just hitting the consciousness of humanity and spreading like wildfire, initiated by Dr. Bryan Ardis and his controversial claim that covid-19 vaccines and treatments may be deliberately exposing people to venom-like peptides, whose toxic effects seem to strongly align with “vaccine” side effects and covid-19 treatment deaths.

Regardless of what people think about Ardis’ claims, his courage to step forward has set off a wave of journalistic research (in the indy media, anyway) about reptile venoms used in pharmaceuticals.

Israel Achieves Historic First With Successful Interception Of Moving Targets Using An Energy-Based Laser Weapons System Much Like ‘Star Wars’

This is a historical moment for weapons systems. For the first time, an energy-based weapons system actually works. I am not talking about ideas, but a system that works,” said Brig.-Gen. Yaniv Rotem, Head of Military R&D in the Defense Ministry. “No one in the world has shown such capabilities. The State of Israel is the first to carry out a live firing attempt. We are in an age of new types of weapons – energy-based weapons. We are there,” he said.

WEF: ‘Total Biometric Surveillance… We Need To Monitor What’s Happening Under The Skin’ [VIDEO]

There have been numerous theories circulating around the COVID-19 agenda and what the true purpose behind it is. While numerous governments promote the COVID-19 drug, science and data has shown it to do very little at protecting people. Still, that hasn’t remotely stopped the Biden administration from not only promoting it, but pushing it on the general public. Although people debate and theorize, over at the World Economic Forum, key members like Yuval Noah Harari detailed the entire process of COVID-19 and merging people and machines as one. 

California start-up sends tiny robots on voyage into brains

Sending miniature robots deep inside the human skull to treat brain disorders has long been the stuff of science fiction—but it could soon become reality, according to a California start-up.

Bionaut Labs plans its first clinical trials on humans in just two years for its tiny injectable robots, which can be carefully guided through the brain using magnets.

“The idea of the micro robot came about way before I was born,” said co-founder and CEO Michael Shpigelmacher.

“One of the most famous examples is a book by Isaac Asimov and a film called ‘Fantastic Voyage,’ where a crew of scientists goes inside a miniaturized spaceship into the brain, to treat a blood clot.”

Accounts of Suffering, Starvation Mount in Locked-Down Shanghai

Beijing’s hardline COVID-19 response pushes city’s residents to the brink

After four days of trying to order food online to no avail, a man of about age 30 from Shanghai’s Yangpu District called the police. The sealed-in resident wanted to know if he would get fed if he charged out of his residential compound and got arrested for breaking quarantine rules.

His food purchase placed through the local neighborhood committee six days earlier had never arrived, and the hunger was giving him stomach cramps, he said.

“The neighborhood committee told me to ‘endure,’ I have endured four days. All that’s edible is gone except for water,” he told the police in a call, the recording of which he later posted online. “Every evening, when I tune in to the news at 7 p.m., all is portrayed as peaceful and well and brimming with a sense of security. I don’t know about this security.”

Trudeau Trying to Shut Down Independent Journalism in Canada, Says Rebel News Founder

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to silence journalists who challenge his policies while giving special privileges to those who toe the line, an independent Canadian journalist told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tuesday.

Ezra Levant, founder and CEO of Rebel News, said the Trudeau government has instituted a “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization license” that gives licensed journalists tax subsidies and other favorable treatment.

“It’s not yet illegal to do journalism without the license,” Levant said, but he fears that “the worst is yet to come.”

Will Passover 2022 Have Major End Times Implications?

Passover is nearly upon us, and most people around the globe understand that this time of the year has deep significance for both Christians and Jews. But this year I will be on particularly high alert throughout Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and all the way to Pentecost.

All throughout the Bible, big events often happened during God’s appointed times, and I believe that will also be true during this period of history. Of course, I am not saying that any particular event will happen on any particular day, but what I am saying is that as we get deeper into the end times we should be watchful during the special days that God has specifically designated on His calendar.

(WATCH) Tech company implanting $300 payment chips into hands for “cashless convenience’

nstead of carrying a wallet in a back pocket or purse, a tech company wants people to carry it under their skin. The British-Polish company Walletmor is selling microchips as alternate payment options.

The company says the chip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and costs around $300. Since it does not come inside a credit card, the chip must be implanted into the body, with the company recommending the hand. Right now, the chips are only being sold to citizens of the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and countries in the European Union.

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