Energy Healers: NO Energy Fields, No Auras Left in the vaxxed

Energy Healers: NO Energy Fields, No Auras Left in the vaxxed

I have heard similar testimony from various sources, including two personally

Energy Healers And Reflexologists See ‘Death’ Signatures In Their Vaxed Patients – NO Energy Fields, No Auras Left,

1 May, 2022

From Mary

Mr. Rense,

Here’s a variation on the observations of professionals working with human physiology.

A 80 year old native herbal practitioner and intuitive needed advice as she was very troubled by recent experiences with three clients. She thought her lifelong training was failing. She was worried that she was losing her God-given ability to help people and that she should retire.

She receives energy field readings from her clients. She does tests with formulations, herbs, and muscle testing, etc. She was getting NO energy responses. She ‘sees’ conditions like cancers and tumors – all the catastrophes…but with these clients, she is not receiving ANY energy. She sees NO energy fields and gets no readings. There are the polarities in the body… + and – ….one is living and the other one is dead. She said all 3 of these clients had no life energy left. She exclaimed “they’re dead!” Each of these clients indicated they had taken the shots.

So, then I contacted a 70 year old intuitive massage therapist and related the above story. He gasped and said “Oh my God, I thought it was me. I thought I was losing my abilities after I had been sick. It’s been happening to me, too, with clients.” He said “there’s nothing there…there is no energy field…there is NOTHING!”

Then I talked to a practitioner’s family member who is a steady lady of faith and is happily married. Both spouses had decided not to get jabbed but the husband capitulated at work. When he came home he greeted her but then shielded his eyes. He continued to avert her eyes for nearly a week until she demanded to know what was going on. His response “I can’t look at you as my brain is now disconnected from my heart” (because of the shot he took). He sought spiritual help…but at last report, the man was still ‘disconnected’…he is energetically broken.

No doubt these subtle kinds of anomalies are occurring worldwide…and worth noting. Thanks for all of your continuing efforts and Erica’s research is also greatly valued.

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  1. The world has never been more in need of God’s miraculous healing for these poor people. They have no other hope left. Come Lord Jesus and rescue these perishing!

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