Environmental destruction in the name of green energy

Environmental destruction in the name of green energy

Germany Fells Forest, Popular Hiking Trail To Build Massive Wind Turbines

German environmental destruction: 200-meter tall industrial wind turbines less than 1000-meters from a residential area get approved, the forest gets cleared, popular hiking route gets converted into an access road.

The German city of Hagen, located in North-Rhine Westphalia, approved the construction of three wind turbines near Brechtefeld.

The forest-clearing works for the expansion of the path network to the approved locations of the three wind turbines of the type Enercon E-138 EP 3 (height 199 meters/229 meters) has already begun.

Marcel Krombusch of the Westfalen Post reports here that the city of Hagen approved the construction of a second turbine, less than 1,000 meters away from a residential area! … Moreover, the third 199-meter tall turbine will be built in the popular hiking and recreation area in the future.

A photo shows the massive forest clear-cutting that has been done …”

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