Epstein whistleblower, Maria Farmer fights for her life

Epstein whistleblower, Maria Farmer fights for her life

This is the beautiful Maria Farmer who has been brave enough to take on some of the most evil people on the planet, including Alan Dershowitz who has just written an attack piece, accusing her of being “anti-semitic” when she is at her weakest and fighting for her life.

The central witness in the Jeffrey Epstein investigation — the person relied on by Netflix in its documentary series “Filthy Rich” — is a 50-year-old woman named Maria Farmer.

It now turns out that she may have been motivated by the anti-Semitic attitudes she has long harbored, to falsely accuse prominent Jews of sexual misconduct. This is some of the bigotry Maria Farmer spewed during a recorded two-hour interview that can be heard online, such as:

“I had a hard time with all Jewish people.”

“I think it’s all the Jews.”


Here she is taking to Whitney Webb. She wanted to get her story out while she had the strength. She put her cancer down to sitting on the question – where are all the girls who disappeared?

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