Evacuation of Kherson announced

Evacuation of Kherson announced

Announcement of the evacuation of Kherson – Interview – warning S.Surovikin to Zelensky: “I will make difficult decisions” – Nuclear in sight?

Surovikin interviewed shortly before the storm broke out in Ukraine

Διάγγελμα εκκένωσης της Χερσώνας – Συνέντευξη-προειδοποίηση Σ.Σουροβίκιν στον Ζελένσκι: “Θα πάρω δύσκολες αποφάσεις” – Πυρηνικά ενόψει

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    1. @proudhon100. Yes, maybe I should have put an “!” or a period. But I had only heard it from one source so… It was additional news, that wasn’t in this article.
      Now there is an entire article. Thanks Robin!

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