Evacuation of ZAPOROZHYE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT and other news

Evacuation of ZAPOROZHYE NUCLEAR POWER PLANT and other news

This is all I am doing for now.

It is from Hal Turner who has irritated me massively because of his coverage of last weekend’s attempted coup.

He said things at the time, which was fair enough, but never offered any corrective.  Quite clearly, Lukashenko never flew into exile; Shoigu still seems to be minister and there was no corrective to the ludicrous suggestion that the Kremlin was going to run things from Uruguay.


Last night, written materials were urgently distributed in several towns within about 16km of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant ordering their PERMANENT EVACUIATION.  Apparently, Ukraine “knows” the plant is going to soon be leaking radiation — perhaps because UKRAINE is going to attack it?

The notices, pictured above, ALLEGEDLY say, in sum and in substance, the following:

“By order of the head of the RVA, Yevhen Yevtushenko, in connection with the difficult and unfavorable epidemiological situation in the area, from June 30, 2023, the irreversible evacuation of the civilian population living in the following territories of the Nikopol district of the Dnipropetrovsk region was announced:

  • Nikopol city Territorial community
  • Marganetska urban territorial community
  • Chervonogrihorivska settlement territorial community
  • Pokrovky rural territorial community
  • Vyshchetarasiv Starostyn district
  • Myrivsk rural territorial community

Why is Ukraine already ordering the “irreversible evacuation” of these areas when, at present, there is no radiation threat?   

The only logical answer is that Ukraine knows there is going to be a deadly radiation threat, and the only way they could know that is if THEY are going to cause it.

Readers are reminded that just last week, US Senators Lindsay Graham and Richard Blumenthal, introduced a very specific resolution in the US Senate which holds that, a radiation emission from Ukraine either from a tactical nuclear detonation OR FROM A NUCLEAR POWER PLANT will be considered an “attack upon NATO” for which Article 5 of the NATO Treaty, calling for collective self defense, would be invoked.

What this means simply is that if a nuclear power plant inside Ukraine starts suddenly leaking, NATO will use that leak as an excuse to enter the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the side of Ukraine.

Russia has already made clear that if Article 5 is declared against Russia, they will have no choice but to use their nuclear weapons against NATO countries.


As shown on the satellite image below, as of this hour, prevailing winds around the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant are all blowing directly into RUSSIA.

Given this reality, if the ZNPP is attacked and begins leaking, WHO SUFFERS?   Russia.   Ergo, who BENEFITS?  Ukraine.

Yet they will blame the attack upon Russia and use that blame to justify NATO entry into the war.

This whole thing is a clown show.  Except a whole slew of people are already dead from it, and if these folks cause a radiation leak, a whole slew more will die as well from radiation and from the nuclear war that develops once NATO enters the fray.

Get right with God.

Big Ukrainian Action in Kherson – Russia issues EVACUATION Order

It appears the much vaunted but almost never seen Ukraine “Counter-Offensive” is making its presence felt.  Pontoon bridges across the Dnieper River, heavy artillery barrages, and now, a very large EVACUATION ORDER issued by *Russian* officials.

This morning, Russian officials in the Kherson Region have issued evacuation orders for everyone within a 15km distance of the Dnieper River as shown on the map above in the red area along the river.

Here’s an auto-translated ORDER from the Acting Governor of the Kherson Region:

Poland Requests Nuclear Bombs from USA

The Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki stated today that he has requested for the United States to begin the Deployment of Nuclear Weapons into Poland due to the recent transfer of Russian Tactical-Nuclear Weapons onto the Territory of Belarus.

Polish President, Andrzej Duda stated in October of 2022 that he had also spoken to U.S. Officials about the possible Deployment of Nuclear Weapons to Poland but this was before the transfer of Russian Nukes to Belarus.

What does Poland want with US Nuclear Bombs on its territory?  What do they think it might accomplish?

If such devices were placed in Poland, the Polish government could NOT use them; they don’t have the Permissive Action Link needed to arm the bomb. 

Moreover, having US Nuclear weapons on their territory only guarantees that Russia will target Poland with VERY MANY nuclear bombs to make certain Poland cannot achieve anything with any bombs they might get.

So what is Poland actually thinking?   Unless they want to get our bombs, disassemble them, take out the enriched nuclear cores, install those cores in Polish-made bombs, then use them . . .

The following is what Hal Turner is reporting

Ukraine demands membership in NATO or some firm commitment on or before the July 11-12 NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania.

NATO made clear to Ukraine that unless their “Counter-offensive” produces tangible results before the NATO Summit, additional military aid is not likely.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister publicly stated the main Counter-Offensive” has not yet taken place, but will soon.

Ukraine has formed at least a dozen brigades for the counter-offensive attack against Russia, some sources say up to 18. 

A brigade is a military unit that consists of a few battalions and anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers.  For the purposes of this article, we will use the maximum of 5,000.

Nine of these brigades have been armed and supplied by Western allies. That would total 45,000 soldiers.

According to a report by Reuters, Ukraine is training eight new military units called ‘storm brigades’ comprised of 40,000 soldiers for the planned counter-offensive attack against Russia in the near future.

Between the Western Trained and Ukraine Trained brigades, there would be 85,000 soldiers.

Russia has committed more than 100,000 troops into Ukraine.

In military history, an attacking force must outnumber a defending force by at least three-to-one, but is much better if five-to-one in order to succeed.

If the numbers above are accurate, Ukraine doesn’t even come close to a 1:1 ratio.  

So unless something ELSE takes place, prior to the NATO Summit, which would provide a reason for NATO to enter the fight, it appears to many military experts that Ukraine’s counter-offensive stands no chance at all.

Based upon a Resolution introduced last week in the US Senate by Senators Lindsay Graham (R-SC) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) the US Senate has told NATO that the detonation by Russia of a Tactical nuclear device in Ukraine, ***** or an attack upon a nuclear power station which releases radiation ***** can be considered “an attack upon NATO” and allow the invocation of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty “Collective Self Defense.” (Story HERE)

Last night, Ukraine distributed Letters telling residents of certain areas they must evacuate permanently due to Epidemiological reasons (Story HERE)

Today, Russia began evacuating a 15km deep area of their side of the Dnieper River; in the same area as Ukraine is now evacuating on THEIR side of that river. (Story HERE)

Last week, Ukraine began telling its citizens to secure Potassium Iodate/iodide or just Iodine to protect themselves from radiation.

TODAY, Russia instructed its personnel at the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant they need to leave and to be OUT “by July 5.”

From the London INDEPENDENT:

The number of military patrols around the site of the largest nuclear power plant in Europe and in the nearby city of Enerhodar have gradually been decreasing, according to the Main Directorate of Intelligence at the Ministry of Defence (GUR). Meanwhile, personnel remaining at the plant – which is occupied by Moscow’s forces – have been told to blame Ukraine “in case of any emergency situations”

The GUR said that among the first to leave the nuclear power station were three employees of Russian state nuclear firm Rosatom who had been “in charge of the Russians’ activities”. It said Ukrainian employees who have signed a contract with Rosatom had also been advised to depart.

Employees should leave by 5 July, it said, and preferably head for the Crimea peninsula.

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  1. I used to set my PC up to record Hal Turner’s broadcasts. Whatever day of the week it was. Tuesday? Thursday?
    It was usually 1 hour, (Truncated with Audacity. He pauses so much. and drags his sentences out. It’s really only 40 minutes+ commercial breaks, 35 mins of him talking. Not fast/or hastened, just removing the pauses.) Maybe an extra 20-40 mins for Online listeners, depending on the topic/situation.

    I stopped wasting my time setting up the recording software, so I could sleep. Because we’re in different time zones. Hal Turner has been “right” sometimes. Often overblown, exaggerating or plain guessing. (“It’s the end of the world!” Again…)
    His “Sources” are often trash. His radio show has very little substance. Lot’s of conjecture and speculation. Fear mongering and blah. If he’s wrong, or provides false info. Next week he might… Might correct it. Usually not. He also harps about God. But doesn’t display the fruit’s I would expect from a Christian. Though we all grow. And I have heard him quote scripture accurately. He’s also twisted it a few times. I can’t reference when…

    I prefer Gerald Celente for any “forecasting.” His track record is excellent and he is still holding “rally’s for peace.” He even mention’s Jesus as Christ. Though he can be “colourful” with his language and statements. But we’re all human.

    Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”

      1. At the time, it was once a week. For free/online. This was before 2020. Has it changed? I haven’t kept up with him. Perhaps I am misremembering, and I only recorded the end of the week broadcast.
        I remember 10PM EST. I remember the radio “doodle-dooping” him saying “we’re off radio now. Online only.” And he would continue for 20-40 minutes.

        Truncated! I don’t like dead air, while he’s sighing/thinking/drinking/pausing/whatever he does. It’s a waste of time so I always edited the programs. Initially I was shocked at the amount of dead air. Hal “pauses for effect.” but I’m already listening intently, so he leaves me “hanging on a word” every broadcast. or did.

        Though I read thing’s he says here. He’s very sensational, I think we can agree on that. Thanks for telling me the weekly hours. Maybe I’ll tune-in/set-up the recording software.

      2. Thanks ProudHon. I remember you from YouTube. You were always kind to me. Even if we disagreed. Which was actually about 50% of the time!

        I wonder if you can guess who I am/was? I could give some hints. I know you would remember me. If I mention any of the videos I posted. (It could give you a hint! A big one.)

        But Since my account was given strikes 3 times, in 1 day.
        I haven’t bothered with/find youtube to be a propaganda provider. Giving me results and suggestions that I might click, but are not related to what I am looking for at all.

        Autoplay is junk and the suggestion/related bar is clearly tailored. Even when I am not signed-in/ on 2 proxies and EpicPrivacy browser, which has built-in cookie blockers. Doesn’t save history, exc.

        Only issue is I am often thought of as a robot, and have to do re-captcha’s constantly. Kill’s me when it asks about stairs or motorcycles. What? The rails too? The rider or just the MO-ped? (Not motorcycle) Man I could rant on about those.

        Forgive me, for rambling. I see your comments, and you see mine.
        I remember you, but unless you’re a linguist/knew/know me well. Can you guess who I was on youtube? I’ll give you 1 bombshell hint if you want.

        No matter, It’s just nice to see people from YT, on SeeMore’s Blog. Because YT is a cesspool of tailored/filtered/sieved/programming. Where as here, you have to read the article. There’s not many total rubes, or goof-balls rambling on. And no links to something completely unrelated!!

        Pride month, It’s all over the net and it’s July now! I’m starting another month. “Remembrance month” Oct 12th-Nov 12th, “Never again.” A rally for peace. Halloween can shoot the breeze.
        Or “Humble month” Nov/December after thanksgiving. (Though I’m Canadian and Thanksgiving is in Oct. for us… Remembrance day to Christmas or Jan 12th. A new year, to be humble.

        Thanks SeeMore! Bless you ProudHon!

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