Evaluating climate change and the UN Agenda 2030 agenda

Evaluating climate change and the UN Agenda 2030 agenda


I wish to review my position on climate change because it is important to me. I have been concerned about this since I read an article about the Greenhouse Effect in 1988 and much of the past 12 years on this blog has been devoted to this much of it to monitoring the Arctic with my friend Margo.

I have been exposing disinformation on climate change, especially in the NZ media, in particular, our national broadcaster, RNZ. In past years, it was always around denial of the reality – the portrayal of a problem that might lead to some problems, probably by the year 2100. 

I remember clearly an interview with NIWA’ s Chris Brandalino on TV3 where he talked about the dire effects of the el-Nino of the time. By the next week when he appeared on RNZ  he must have been given a talking-to by his bosses and to pull in his horns for he gave a very careful, bureaucratic response compared with the week before.

That was NIWA (New Zealand’s equivalent of NOAA) and that was Radio NZ.

Since then the narrative has been flipped.

In 2021, Jacinda Adern who gave us the covid lockdowhs and introduced extreme vaccine mandates which is now being denied (“never happened”, says our current PM, declared a state of climate emergency.

Ardern says climate crisis is ‘life or death’ as New Zealand landmark report calls for sweeping changes

Climate Commission recommends shift to electric cars, large-scale agricultural reform and an end to reliance on gas in homes

All of a sudden it was life and death and we have to switch to driving electric vehicles, even if it means we don’t have the electricity to power them without burning coal, which we are told is the leading culprit for producing carbon dioxide emissions. 

All of a sudden, we find ourselves following a WEF agenda and Jacinda Adern declares that New Zealand is going to be the first country to adopt the Agenda 2030 sustainability goals (at the top of which is universal vaccination).

Watch this video with Molly Melhuish, social critic and expert on the electricity market to discover more details of the insanity

Hear Jacinda Ardern, NZ’s PM, in her speeches at the Agenda 2030, WEF meetings.

Do not pay attention to the source – this material is being wiped from the internet

Listen at the link HERE:

The government was lying about this then and they are (across-the-board), lying about it now.

I have had to completely reassess my view of things since the covid pandemic and the lies that are now being told. I have always thought that changes to our climate are going to be faster and more catastrophic than thought but never at any stage have I bought into any of the touted “solutions”.  This makes it easier to reassess the whole thing.

It is not too difficult to find the truth about carbon dioxide emissions and New Zealand. This was what came up in a AI search:

According to the latest available data from the Global Carbon Atlas, New Zealand’s total CO2 emissions in 2019 were approximately 34.4 million metric tons. To put this into perspective, global CO2 emissions in the same year were around 36.44 billion metric tons.

To calculate New Zealand’s CO2 emissions as a fraction of the whole, we can divide New Zealand’s emissions by global emissions:

34.4 million metric tons / 36.44 billion metric tons

Simplifying this fraction gives us

0.000943 or approximately 0.0943%

Back a couple of years ago Arctic Ice expert, Peter Wadhams gave his response to an item that came through RNZ on the climate emergency.

Here is the relevant part of his comment as a  response to the report: 

“The two bizarre aspects of this are:
1. The politicians talk about taking big bold actions (in a New Zealand context). But compared with what China is doing to destroy the world, even the biggest boldest action by New Zealand will have an infinitesimal impact.
2. IPCC are doing what they have always done – willed the result without describing the means of getting there.
They talk only of reducing emissions – real climate scientists are well beyond that dead-end and into CO2 removal methods like direct air capture – nothing else can stop us from continuing to heat up.
I felt my heart sink when I saw this worthless report.”

My attitude throughout has been somewhat similar. 

That puts New Zealand emissions into context.

Let’s now unpack this further.

We are now being told, all of a sudden, that we have to intensify housing and live in 15-minute cities (that if you mention it is a ‘conspiracy theory’), to get rid of your car for an electric one and all the talk is of ‘managed retreats’ from the coast despite the elite who tell us what to do (not only flying to their conferences in private jets) actually buying properties on coastlines that are supposed to disappear.

None of this has anything to do with a warming planet, it is hypocrisy on an epic scale.  In previous years we were told that we had to plant trees to “offset” the carbon emissions encouraging farmers to take productive farmland out of production and turn it into pine plantations.

The latest is now the psychopath Bill Gates is now telling us there is “no evidence” trees are “good for the environment”.  

I wonder how long that toxic drivel will take to reach us down in the Antipodes. 

Already in Scotland millions of  trees are being cut down to make way for wind farms and in Glasgow trees to allow 5G to be introduced.  I will not be at all.surprised to here the Gates argument used to justify deforestation. 

Indeed, I would say it’s inevitable.

While we are being constantly hectored about the changes we all have to make to “make a difference” to our 0.0943% contribution to a global problem China, the country whose emissions now exceed the rest of the developed world combined gets a free pass. We are told how bad we are and what a contribution China is making to solving the crisis by manufacturing electric cars.

And yet, this is the reality 

Report: China emissions exceed all developed nations combined

China emits more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combined, a new report has claimed.

Greenhouse gas emissions (%). . .

China is producing coal like there’s no tomorrow.

Now, this is the strange logic of those who are telling us we have to sacrifice our … lifestyles to “save the planet“.

Yet it gets weirder than that. New Zealand that we are told is “doing its bit” to “save the planet” is making its small contribution by EXPORTING our coal to China!

The following comes from an AI search:

Yes, New Zealand does export coal to China. According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) of New Zealand, coal exports to China have been increasing in recent years.

Coal is one of New Zealand’s significant mineral resources, and the country has a long history of coal mining. The majority of New Zealand’s coal production comes from the West Coast region of the South Island, where there are several active coal mines. These mines produce both thermal coal, used for electricity generation, and metallurgical coal, used in steelmaking.

China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of coal. Despite being a major coal producer itself, China still imports significant amounts of coal to meet its growing energy demands. According to data from the General Administration of Customs of China, New Zealand has been exporting coal to China since at least 2010.

The exact volume of New Zealand’s coal exports to China varies from year to year. According to MBIE, in 2019, New Zealand exported approximately 1.3 million tonnes of coal to China, which was a significant increase compared to previous years. This increase can be attributed to various factors such as changes in market demand and fluctuations in global coal prices.

We are also importing coal which we are told is the biggest contributor to global warming.

It is worth noting that while New Zealand exports coal to China, it also imports coal from other countries for its own domestic consumption. According to MBIE, New Zealand imported approximately 1 million tonnes of coal in 2019, mainly from Indonesia and Australia.

In order to hide the huge contribution China to global emissions Reuters resorts to the strangest “logic” to justify China’s burning of coal in this article:

China’s huge coal plant building has weird climate logic

This article from a sceptic site puts it in context

China Coal: Reuters’ “weird climate logic”

They say:

We are constantly told that burning coal must be eliminated because it contributes to climate change. Coal is so bad that the EPA has proposed rules that will force the closure of all U.S. coal-burning power plants, as well as natural gas generators by 2040, if not sooner. U.S. power grids are showing the effects of the early retirement of coal power generation plants, meanwhile, and grid operators are demanding that the EPA stop their proposed regulations. But the war on coal is unabated.

Apparently, the war on coal plants does not apply to China. According to an article this week in Reuters by Clyde Russell, “China’s Huge Coal Plant Building Has Weird Climate Logic,” China’s CO2 emissions from its massive coal-burning power plant program pose little problem on the road to solving “climate change.”

The large coal-fired construction programme can be seen in the wider context of China’s rapid shift to electric vehicles (EVs) and away from internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and trucks.

While it would obviously be better for the environment for China to stop building coal-fired power plants and instead accelerate the deployment of renewables, there is some logic to the current policy.

Using mainly domestic coal and some relatively low-cost imports will allow China to lower crude oil imports over time, increase the penetration of EVs and have a lower emissions profile than if it carried on with a predominantly ICE vehicle fleet.

There you have it. According to Reuters, China is justified in burning massive amounts of coal because it uses some of that electricity to charge EVs, enabling it to reduce its crude oil imports, which is even more evil than coal. The world, in other words, can continue to ignore the fact that China and the other countries in Asia emit more CO2 than the rest of the world combined:

Insane, eh?

Now let’s turn our attention to methane because that is where some of the biggest changes to New Zealanders will be.

While the Ai search engine was straightforward it was very evasive when I asked the same question about how much New Zealand’s contribution towards global emissions. 

Instead it said the following;

“In 2018, New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions were approximately 78.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (Mt CO2-e). Of this total, methane accounted for around 43.1 Mt CO2-e, which represents approximately 54.6% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, methane emissions make up more than half of New Zealand’s overall greenhouse gas inventory”

In addition, they pretend that most emissions come from agriculture in addition to wetlands, landfills (even termites!).

No mention of the huge elephant in the room – the melting permafrost and subsea clathrates, something Margo demonstrates in her reports every day of the year.

You can see in the following where all the methane comes from – China!


Here is the map from China:

Compare that to New Zealand’s “gigantic” contribution. We figure,  but only just

These days New Zealand’s economy is kept afloat by agriculture in addition to tourism, relying on long haul flights. Both of these areas are problematical. Tourism, which was largely destroyed by Jacinda Adern with her covid lockdowns is completely reliant on aviation, one of the greatest (and most-ignored) contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. 

Agriculture is dominated by the dairy industry, which is a monoculture and a problem, not so much because cows fart but because of a huge problem of pollution of waterways through intensive agriculture in places which are not designed to take it.

This Paradise Nation Actually Has Some of the World’s Most Polluted Water

Never mind that.

The pollution side goes completely unaddressed while our government (with precious little understanding of or sympathy for the farming community) follows WEF and UN Agenda 21 agendas and can be the first country in the world to tax New Zealand farmers for livestock emissions.

New Zealand farmers to face livestock emissions charges under new plan

The New Zealand government on Tuesday confirmed plans to price agricultural long-lived gases and biogenic methane that mainly comes from cow and sheep burps separately, in a plan that farm groups have raised concerns about.

The government on Tuesday released its proposed plan on agricultural emissions pricing, which when introduced in 2025 will make New Zealand, a large agricultural exporter, the first country to have farmers pay for emissions from livestock.


You could scarcely do more to destroy the New Zealand economy needlessly than this!

Just like in the Netherlands, farmers are striking back and being treated in a very similar way.

From our resident communist, Martyn Bradbury

Whining Groundswell complain while planet burns

People like Bradbury hate the very people that feed them and keep the shirt on their back

New Zealand farmers protest agricultural emissions plan


I have had 3 years to re-evaluate my response to climate change and have come a long way from uncritically accepting what Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith and others say. I am much more likely to just pose questions and rest with the question.

I have come across information that has made me much more questioning of what we are being told, especially by governments and mass media. I have discovered that there is so much cherrypicking, so many distortions and misrepresentations and, dare I say it, lies that, like the covid narrative, I cannot take anything for granted any more.

It seems that much of what is being forced on us is,indeed, a scam.

Much of this realisation has come from the thoughtful writings New Zealand investigative journalist, Ian Wishart, which I wrote up in this long essay.


He has shown that far from the present weather chaos we are seeing we’ve been there before. I wrote this up in the following:


Wishart showed me that we have had previous periods of heating in our history when CO2 levels were low and vice versa and got me to consider that, while the correlation between warming and higher  CO2 levels is undeniable it may well be a response to warming that may be cycular and due to a variety of possible reasons other than (but not excluding) human activities.

In a recent interview Dr David Martin suggested (at approximately the 1 hour point) a possibility that warming, especially of the oceans may come from the core of the earth.

He also suggests that the psychopathic elite recognise that we can’t all have the standard of living they do, so in their minds to maintain what they have the rest of us hoy-polloy (the 7 billion) are dispensible and will have to go.

Where I part from Dr Martin and countless others is the contention that there is plenty of everything to go around and enough to support 8 billion people.

I still contend that we as a species have reached our limits. What I object to is the idea that elite humans can play God in the manner of Yuval Harari and maintain a status quo through eugenics and murder. 

I will fight against that with every fibre of my body, mind and soul.

I stand with the Divine Spark that is within us all.

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