Even if Russia had sunk British warship, it wouldn’t have started WW3 because US & UK know they can’t win such a conflict – Putin

Even if Russia had sunk British warship, it wouldn’t have started WW3 because US & UK know they can’t win such a conflict – Putin

Even if Russia had sunk British warship, it wouldn’t have started WW3 because US & UK know they can't win such a conflict - Putin

President Vladimir Putin has slammed the violation of Russian territorial waters by British warship HMS Defender as a “provocation,” He also claimed that London’s American allies had a hand in last week’s incident, near Crimea.

However, apparently casting doubt on NATO’s Article V collective defense pact, the Russian leader claimed that even if Moscow had sunk the vessel, it wouldn’t have led to World War III.

President Vladimir Putin has slammed the violation of Russian territorial waters by British warship HMS Defender as a “provocation.” He also claimed that London’s American allies had a hand in last week’s incident near Crimea.

However, apparently casting doubt on NATO’s ‘Article V’ collective defense pact, the Russian leader claimed that, even if Moscow had sunk the vessel, it wouldn’t have led to World War III, because the “provocateurs” know they wouldn’t be able to win.

Last week, the British naval ship HMS Defender entered the country’s territorial waters and traveled three kilometers (almost two miles) inside the frontier, near Cape Fiolent, in Crimea. According to Russia’s Ministry of Defense, the coastguard targeted warning shots at the boat. This has been disputed by the British, but video evidence suggests the Russian version of events is more accurate.

Secret British military docs allegedly found near BUS STOP reveal UK foresaw furious Russian reaction to Crimea incursion – mediaAccording to London, the destroyer was making a peaceful passage through the territorial waters of Ukraine in accordance with international law. The UK does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

Speaking at his annual ‘Direct Line’ call-in show, Putin revealed that a US strategic airplane took off from an airfield on the island of Crete and flew towards Russia on the morning before HMS Defender entered Russian waters.

However, despite the provocation, the two NATO members do not want a conflict, and it is not true to say that the world is now standing on the brink of a world war, he said.
“Even if we had sunk that ship, it would still be hard to imagine that the world would be on the brink of World War III,” the president said. “Because those who are doing this know that they can’t get out of this war victorious. That’s a very important thing.”

The president also pondered the exact reasons for the British provocation, noting that matters discussed at his recent summit with his American counterpart, Joe Biden, in Geneva might offer an explanation.

“Why was it necessary to make such a provocation? For what?” he asked. “To show that they have no respect for the choice of the Crimeans to join Russia?”

Putin also slammed the West for its hypocrisy, noting that Moscow had ordered its troops to move away from Ukraine’s border earlier this year, after Russia had received complaints.

“We did it. But instead of reacting to it positively and saying: ‘OK, we understand your reaction to our indignation,’ instead, what did they do? They have come to our borders,” Putin said.

Fast approaching a crisis: The B. Putin denies Article 5 on Collective Defence, the NATO – Charging involvement of Greece in the episode with the HMS Defender! (video)

Towards a new crisis between NATO and Russia

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

For the first time, Russia, through President Putin, is challenging NATO Article 5 on Collective Defense, saying that “even if we were to sink the British destroyer, NATO would do nothing. “There would be no Third World War.”

Russian media report that Putin deliberately made a special reference to the “sinking of the HMS Defender” in order to show that he is not worried about NATO Article 5, neither now nor in the future. Obviously something is coming…

This move by Russia is added to the offensive actions of the Russian Fleet against the British destroyer HMS Defender, the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen but also the exercises in the Central Pacific and Eastern Mediterranean.

All the facts confirm that Russia has decided to escalate its actions against NATO and this is worth investigating. Is the change of strategy purely due to the equipment of the Russian Armed Forces or something else? For example in the Alliance with China?

In addition, this move becomes particularly important as the US Arleigh Burke USS Ross (DDG-71) class destroyer is in Odessa for a “breath” in Crimea to take part in the SEA BREEZE 21 exercise νέα A new crisis between NATO and Russia is very possible if the destroyer decides to follow the same route as the HMS Defender.

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“Even if we sank NATO, it would do nothing”

Asked if the world was on the brink of such a war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

“Even if we sank this ship, it would be difficult to imagine that the world would reach the brink of a third world war, because those who do so know that there can be no winners in this war. This is a very important thing (he is talking about MAD “mutual destruction”) “ , said the Russian president, noting that his country would not be happy with the start of a new war, ” although at least we know what we are fighting for, we are fighting for ourselves in our territory, for our future “.

For the first time, the Russian president says in essence publicly that “even if the British destroyer were sunk, NATO would do absolutely nothing”!

“There was US-British and Greek involvement in the episode with HMS Defender”

Referring to the June 23 incident off the coast of Crimea, in which a Russian fighter and a plane fired warning shots in the course of the Defender, the Russian president called it “obvious provocations” and even “combined, carried out not only by the British but also Americans.

The Russian president asked rhetorically ” why did this provocation take place” and even 24 hours after the summit he had with US President Joe Biden in Geneva, and he answered ” to emphasize that these people ( in NATO) treat with disrespect the choice of the Crimean people for their union with the Russian Federation “, adding” well, do not recognize it further, why carry out provocations of this nature? “.

According to the President of Russia, his country is not responsible for the tension in the Black Sea, “we did not go to those thousands of kilometers away, they came flying and sailing. “They approached our borders and violated our territorial waters and that is an essential element in all this construction . 

He even revealed that after the international reactions to the Russian military high schools in southern Russia, he asked the Russian military to complete them, “we did this, but instead of reacting positively to it and saying” Well, we understand your reaction to our dissatisfaction ”, what did they do instead? “They ‘stuck’ at our borders,” Putin said sharply.

“Change course – We open fire”: Russian corvette fires against HMS Defender – New video from the war episode

What V. Putin said about Greece

“What did they want to show and what goals did they want to achieve? First of all (the challenge) had several elements.

It was not only by the British but also by the Americans, because the British destroyer entered our territorial waters during the day and early in the morning, at 7.30, I think an American strategic reconnaissance aircraft flew from a NATO military base in Greece, in Crete.

The aircraft had the number 63-9792.

This was reported to me; we saw it well, we noticed it .

“It was clear that the destroyer entered our waters first of all for military purposes, trying with the help of the reconnaissance aircraft from Greece to reveal the actions of our armed forces,” said the Russian president.

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“They stuck to our borders”

In a four-hour interview, Putin referred to Russia’s troubled relations with Ukraine, saying he was ready to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky as long as “it is clear what we are going to talk about.”

Earlier, the Russian president claimed that the Ukrainian president “put Ukraine under full external direction, key issues of Ukrainian life are resolved not in Kiev, but in Washington.” Partly in Berlin and Paris “ and wondered ” what should we talk about? “.

Putin added that he was most concerned about the “fundamental” fact of the “beginning of military assimilation of Ukrainian territory” , noting that “according to the Ukrainian Constitution, foreign military bases can operate there , except for training centers or other forms of military cooperation.

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“The military development of the region, which borders us directly, creates significant security problems, ” Putin said.

“The military assimilation of the land, which borders directly with us, causes us real problems in the field of security. This concerns already really vital interests of the Russian Federation and the people of Russia “ , said B. Putin, who once again claimed that ” Ukrainians and Russians are generally a people “ called ” notoriously unfriendly “ to Russia the current Ukrainian leadership and likened to a “weapon of mass extermination” against the Russian population in Ukraine the “inconceivable”, in his opinion, bill, according to which “ for centuries lived here (in the territory of Ukraine) Russians and now they are declared non-natives “.

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